Three Project Management Communication Pitfalls to Avoid

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A good project manager needs to know that they are communicating well with their team - that he/she is hearing them and being heard. It is said that “the greatest enemy of communication is the illusion of it.” Communication

Building geographically diverse teams

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Geographically diverse teams are not a recent phenomenon. are other interesting examples of geographically diverse teams, which have survived into this age of instant communication and shrinking distances. People communicate but information is not understood as it is meant to be.

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10 Things Your Team Needs To Work Well Together

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The following are the top 10 things your team needs to work well together. Effective communication. Group members should be comfortable when they communicate with others with the aim of successfully implement the project. Teamwork is both simple and challenging.

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Technical Communications: Writer Challenges in Agile and Traditional Development Teams

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Technical communicators have historically faced several challenges when working on development teams. From not receiving the information needed to do their jobs, to ensuring their work estimates are included in the overall team's estimates, to showing their value to stakeholders, writers on project teams can feel like they are facing an uphill battle to create good documentation. Being an Equal Part of the Team. by Alyssa Fox.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organizations: • Value personal development among their teams • Create curated learning experiences • Use learning technologies to achieve their goals As leading analysts Fosway Group point out, learning technology deserves a much more strategic. Imagine a member of your team is delivering an.

Collaboration, Communication, and Cooperation

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And I find myself talking about collaboration and communication. So why do I talk about communication and collaboration? Because the vehicle for cooperation is communication, and so we not only need the impetus to contribute, but the skills.

Improving Communication in High Performance Organizations

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My colleagues, Leslie Stambaugh and Jim Stilwell, and I have published an ebook to illustrate principles and best practices of effective communication in organizations. Leaders in every organization in which we have worked have told us that their organizaion had a "communication problem."

10 Effective Communication Techniques


Effective communication in the workplace leads to positive workflow and higher productivity. It provides clear direction, so each member of your teams is aware of expectations and can consciously deliver on them. 10 Techniques for Effective Communication.

How To Keep Up Employee Communication During Coronavirus


In these uncertain times, companies must consider employee communication as a crucial part of their daily communication routine. That’s why keeping up internal communication is more important now than ever before. Helper Coronavirus Employee Communication Communication

Business Skills Training for Improved Team Projects


In the United States alone, $122 million out of every $1 billion invested goes to waste, due to lackluster project performance. That’s a staggering amount of money, but it might not surprise you if you’ve ever tried to lead a team project. Communication.

Technical Communications: Writer Challenges in Agile and Traditional Development Teams, Part II

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This week I'm going to cover how agile helps you get more thorough and timely reviews of your documentation from the team. When the Information Development team in my organization used the waterfall process , we used a review cycle that included three drafts of each book: a first draft, an approval draft, and a quality edit draft. For additional information about agile concepts, see Fiona Hanington's article, Can I Be an Agile Technical Communicator When My Team Is Not?

Failing to communicate.

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“ The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. ” How important do you think continuous communication is for a team working on a project? Eager to get started, the team grabs the specs and gets to work on their individual piece.

Technical Communication: Applying Lean Principles to Documentation

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" The planning and assessment phase for my unit started with the team receiving Lean education and concluded with a list of probable projects and action items needed for the week. by Megan Pitkin.

How to Build Trust in Your Agency’s Remote Team

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Are you struggling with your remote working team? In the era of digitization, a large number of companies are moving towards remote working teams. Unfortunately, having a remote team can have its disadvantages as well. Define SOPs for Communication. Communication Tools.

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Breaking Down Communication Silos

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This post is adapted from, Communication in High Performance Organizations: Principles and Best Practices , a Kindle e-book. The book presents scenarios that exemplify common communication problems in organizations and offers potential solutions to those problems.

Communications for an LMS Implementation


These include an organized implementation plan, communication, and management buy-in. This blog will focus on strategic communications. We recommend three communication releases at minimum to cover the inception of the project, the midway point, and the blackout / go-live phase.

Tips on Leading Your Team Campaign Right

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Leading your team campaign right requires from you excellent leadership skills. Sitting down with your campaign team and coming up with strategy is necessary. As a leader, avoid dictating your ideas to your team. This creates a team that lacks motivation. Team Two.

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Work-from-home skills for leaders of team development

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For talented team members, learning and development is an important aspect of work. In-person mentoring, team trainings, special projects, presentation practice and travel are all professional development opportunities that prepare team members for new potential and career growth.

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3 Elements of Effective Communication for Your Next eLearning Course

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Unless you’re stranded on a desert island somewhere—and given that you’re reading this, the chances of that are slim—you communicate with other people every day. In the workplace, effective communication is paramount.

How To Use Software To Automate Large Scale Project Management

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Over the past few years, the business world has witnessed a rapid rise in technological advancements designed to enhance and revolutionize project management. Below are 5 ways in which you can use software and other related tools to simplify common large-scale project management tasks.

Don’t Underestimate the Effects of Poor Communication

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The study “Communication Barriers in the Modern Workplace,” conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Lucidchart , has taken stock of communication in the workplace today, and the results suggest leaders have some work to do.

Team Q&A: 7 questions with our Head of Engineering, Matt


Matt is constantly pushing the boundaries of what the engineering team at Coassemble can do. Mat fields our communications for the engineering team to ensure projects are on schedule and updates to the platform are successfully delivered. About Matt.

Educational Game Project Manager

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Educational Game Project Manager. This individual will focus on one or more projects at a time and ensure that they are moving on time, on quality, and on budget. Be the point person on projects for clients and team members.

Top Project Management Online Platforms For Distributed eLearning Teams

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But nowadays, there are hundreds of Project Management online platforms that team members can use to work together, a lot of which are free. Here are 6 notable Project Management online platforms that you may want to consider for your next eLearning project.

The Importance of Corporate Communication: Putting Your Plan into Action


You know communication is important in your personal life. However, the importance of corporate communication in the business world is equally as important. Bad communication leads to unhappy employees, turned off customers, and in the end bad profit margins.

How to Transform Your Remote Communication With Visuals

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Transform your remote communication. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in remote work, my old way of communicating seemed so easy. . We put together a list of our best articles to help incorporate visuals into your communication workflows.

Communicating with Subject Matter Experts

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Many eLearning writers and developers struggle with communicating with experts to acquire the knowledge necessary to develop highly interactive online learning activities. Experts are busy, in demand, and rarely are compensated for their work and advice on your eLearning project.

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6 Great Project Management Tools for Custom eLearning Development

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We are often asked what project management tools we use for our Custom eLearning Development. DropBox – DropBox is where we collect and store project information, source files, development files, etc. Google Docs – We use Google Spreadsheets for project reviews.

Technical Communications: Small Steps to a Giant Leap.

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How does Neil Armstrong's journey into space relate to technical communication? The Apollo 11 story can provide another lesson for technical communicators. Big projects only reach their goals if they come with a comprehensive plan. Like many projects, there can be hurdles and disasters. For large documentation or training projects, an Apollo approach is a good model. Encourage your team. TechComm Technical Communications Technical Writing Technology

Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our Head of Strategy, Alastair


Adaptive and quick on his feet, Alastair makes sure all the moving parts across each team works in tandem to deliver the best customer experience possible. Last week I was in Denver, Colorado, breaking down our sales model with our team there. Team q&a strategy team

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How leaders are managing remote teams


Pressure to make sure your team is meeting deadlines. Most of all, pressure to keep calm and collected in the face of any obstacle you and your team faces. However, how can any leader do so when they’re working remotely and managing remote teams?

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How to Motivate Employees: How Productive Is Your Team?

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Before you add resources to a team, learn to identify the leaks in your productivity. Learning about organizational and team goals can focus employees. According to the Project Management Institute , just 52% of organizational projects finish within time estimates.

9 Strategies to Keep Your Virtual Team Productive During the COVID-19 Pandemic


We will also explore nine key ways to maintain your team’s productivity so that your organization can gain a competitive edge even in this uncertain market. There are challenges that come specifically from teams going remote as well.

On designing a great L&D communication plan


A good communication plan that is carefully built and followed through can help with a lot of the issues. Continual and consistent communication from the L&D team helps it become more visible and credible to everyone in the business.


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In part one of my Learning Management System (LMS) implementation strategies series I went over the importance of defining LMS and project expectations. This week, I’d like to go over the people you’ll need on your team before moving forward with implementation.  by Ann Crane.