What to Ask — and Not to Ask — in Employee Surveys

TLNT: Training and L&D

And of course, one of the most functional ways to receive this feedback is through employee surveys. Core Values Culture HR Communications Organizational Leadership Surveys Featured feedback

Survey: What will the training industry look like post-COVID?

Arlo Training & Events Software

In March, we surveyed training providers to get an understanding of how COVID affected their business and how they were adapting. Six months on we surveyed our training providers again to see what’s changed, and how they’re building out their long-term strategies for delivering training in a post-COVID world. Only 21% of respondents in our March survey had a solid eLearning offering as part of their training programme at the time, which has jumped up to 55% in September.


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20 Training survey questions

Ed App

Out of eight different categories, Survey Templates are geared to gather feedback from learners about your lessons to gather feedback, ratings, suggestions, and more to ensure you’re delivering the best training to your teams. . It is using the Free Text Survey Template.

The Challenges of Communicating with Direct Sellers

Mobile Coach

Communication Challenges. Direct selling companies rely on being able to effectively communicate with their field. This is when maintaining effective communications becomes a formidable challenge. Priority of Communication. Channels of Communication.

5 Reasons Leaders Invest in Language Training

Communication is the lifeforce of any company. Without it, productivity, employee happiness, and ultimately your business suffers. Investing in language learning better positions global business leaders to see gains in organizational effectiveness as a result.

Breaking Down Communication Barriers in Deskless Workforces


Many deskless employees feel that there are communication barriers in their organisations and a lack of tools in place to connect the workforce. So how can organisations break down these communication barriers and help their distributed workforces feel more connected?

What is a ‘Pulse Survey’?


There are a number of conventional methods such as employee engagement surveys but in recent times, pulse surveys have risen steadily. The best leaders are savvy to the power of the pulse survey, and know they are the key to unlocking higher employee participation.

Why Mastering Asynchronous Communication is Key for Productive Hybrid Workforces


New research shows communication tools need to evolve in tandem with remote and in-office workers. >> Flexibility is great for workers, but a hybrid approach introduces unique challenges into how, when, and most importantly, how well employees communicate. .

Employee Engagement Survey Questions: The Best 100 to Maximize Productivity


Maybe employee engagement survey questions are more of an afterthought for your company. businesses with 50-500 employees were surveyed and 63.3 Companies today are using employee surveys to look for issues long before they escalate into losing key team members.

Communicate Knowledge


Knowledge communication is rare and valuable. Before you map out a training program, consider the idea of communicating knowledge. Instead of training for short-term outcomes, design a program that revolves around knowledge communication and prepares your people for long-term success. Communicating knowledge to that employee will more likely seal it. This is where knowledge communication can be invaluable. Finally, knowledge communication is continuous.

The role of communication in a hybrid workplace

CLO Magazine

According to a recent report by Envoy , nearly half of employees surveyed said they’d likely leave their jobs after the pandemic if their employers don’t offer a hybrid model that combines work-from-home and in-person work.

Improving the Adoption of Communication Solutions for Deskless Workers


Poor communication can be costly for any organization. In fact, a survey-backed article on SHRM.org shows that companies with at least 100,000 employees stand to lose an average of $64.2 million each year due to inefficient communication practices.

101 onboarding survey questions to get new hire feedback


An onboarding survey is your chance to quiz new hires about their onboarding experience. To help, we’ve prepared 101 onboarding survey questions that cover every stage of the onboarding process , from sending out your offer letter to an engagement health check a few months into the role.

How Asynchronous Sales Communication Connects Hybrid Teams


Virtual teams are here to stay—and that means finding the right balance between live and asynchronous sales communication. Synchronous : Communication that happens in real-time. Asynchronous : Communication that is not simultaneous or time bound.

Safe surveys for evidence-based decision making


Surveys are one powerful tool. Anyone, these days, can generate a survey. Which means we’re at risk of two things: too many, and badly written surveys. We can’t necessarily stop the prevalence of surveys (though we’ll address that too), but we can do something about the quality of some. Here we overview good survey principles, dig into principles about questions, and discuss some things to avoid and precautions. That’s an agenda, not a survey.

How to Use Feedback From Employee Surveys to Change Organizations

The Performance Improvement Blog

The typical scenario involves a few leaders identifying a problem and then deciding that gathering data would be a good thing to do by using an old survey instrument or hiring a consultant to create a new questionnaire, sending it to all of the employees, looking at some resulting data, often in the form of charts and graphs, and then either continuing with business as usual or making changes that they deem warranted by the survey results.

Survey 141

eLearning and PowerPoint: Usage Survey

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Please take a moment to fill out  our short survey.   About the author:  AJ George is IconLogic's lead Technical Communicator and author of both " PowerPoint 2007: The Essentials " and " PowerPoint 2008 for the Macintosh: The Essentials."

Unifying Communication Between Departments

CLO Magazine

First, however, it’s important to understand some interpersonal communication points in play. By surveying people about their tech favorites, you might discover some solutions you’ve never heard of and would like to add to your suite of options. Fortunately, this is also an opportunity to bank on your team’s knowledge base and improve cross-departmental communication at the same time. They must also help bridge the divide between skills and communication styles.

The Role of Internal Communications in the Digital Workplace


In a blog post written by Sam Marshall for CMS Wire on “ The Digital Workplace Defined” the digital workplace can provide organisations with capabilities across multiple dimensions such as: Communication and Engagement. The importance of Internal Communications. Download the Whitepaper.

The Best Ways to Encourage Open Communication in the Workplace


The Best Ways to Encourage Open Communication in the Workplace. Open and honest communication in the workplace is a non-negotiable for high-performing teams. Without open communication, tasks can go uncompleted, team members can become disengaged, and company culture can get lost.

2 communication pitfalls (and how to avoid them)

CLO Magazine

In a time where racial tensions are high, and everyone is on edge due to a global pandemic, communication remains a relevant competency to master. . Discussing the importance of communication is not new or groundbreaking. How does the communicator relate to the audience? .

How to Transform Your Remote Communication With Visuals

TechSmith Camtasia

Transform your remote communication. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in remote work, my old way of communicating seemed so easy. . We put together a list of our best articles to help incorporate visuals into your communication workflows.

The Importance of Corporate Communication: Putting Your Plan into Action


You know communication is important in your personal life. However, the importance of corporate communication in the business world is equally as important. Bad communication leads to unhappy employees, turned off customers, and in the end bad profit margins. So what exactly is corporate communications? Corporate communication is all written and spoken interactions both internally and externally. You may ask what’s the importance of corporate communication?

Your Change Efforts Will Likely Fail If You Can’t Answer This Question

TLNT: Training and L&D

Change Management HR Communications HR Insights Leadership Organizational Leadership Surveys FeaturedIt’s a truism that leading change is hard, but the risks of mismanaging change are even more severe than most executives realize.

Critical Business Communication Setbacks – Challenges and Remedies


According to a statistical survey, 28% of business houses reported poor communication as the primary cause behind failing to deliver a project on time. As a student, working on business communication homework help you to develop nitty-gritty concepts of its theoretical aspects.

The Power of eLearning

Engage in Learning

To understand just how much eLearning has changed the L&D space, we surveyed over 1,000 UK workers earlier this year to learn just how much the pandemic impacted their learning. According to our survey, self-led learning is on the rise. Download the Learner Survey 2021 report.

Non-verbal communication for online facilitators

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

At the University I did communication studies as one of my subjects and I always liked non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication can by via posture, eyecontact, gestures, but also movement or appearance - for instance having long hair as a man - what message does that convey? In my communications book it is stated that 70% of all communication is non-verbal and that non-verbal signals are 5 times stronger than verbal.

Giving the modern workforce a Voice: Introducing Surveys in EduMe


EduMe was conceived of as a learning and communication tool, that’s how it began life. So we are thrilled to announce the first step in this direction, which also marks a significant addition to our product proposition by introducing Surveys in EduMe ! ?? How did we get to surveys?

Voice 55

The Unintended Consequences of Employee Surveys


Employee surveys can be an excellent tool for discovering what employees want from the organization in order for them to feel engaged and productive. However, organizations can actually do more harm than good if the organization is not prepared to act on the results of the survey, and share every detail about the feedback received, actions taken, and the reasons why actions were take and why actions were not taken. Beware the unintended consequences of employee surveys.

The Great Survey Completion Rate Dilemma Solved (Maybe)

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS The Great Survey Completion Rate Dilemma Solved (Maybe) by Jim on December 22, 2010 in feedback , marketing The holidays are upon us, which means gifts, family, services… and the end of the fiscal year. For many, that sparks a flood of surveys from companies looking for a little feedback on “how they did” (there may even be a few from Dashe & Thomson to watch for).

Survey 100

The Great Survey Completion Rate Dilemma Solved (Maybe) | Social.

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS The Great Survey Completion Rate Dilemma Solved (Maybe) by Jim on December 22, 2010 in feedback , marketing The holidays are upon us, which means gifts, family, services… and the end of the fiscal year. For many, that sparks a flood of surveys from companies looking for a little feedback on “how they did” (there may even be a few from Dashe & Thomson to watch for).

Survey 100

Is Poor Communication Damaging Your Organizations Health

Training Industry

Communication is a skill that you can learn. In my role, I often meet with both senior managers and frontline staff, and poor communication tends to be at the top of their frustration lists: People on the same teams forgetting to tell one another about an important change Managers failing to remember to tell their teams about a certain process change Senior leaders making assumptions that their fellow executive colleagues are “on the same page” Sound familiar?

eBook Student Survey

Moodle Journal

So I was more than an little fascinated by report from edudemic.com '10 Surprising Facts About Students Using E-Textbooks’ From a survey by eCampus.com. It would seem that not surprisingly some 98% of students own a digital device, but maybe that’s a bit too general, but putting this aside a surprising 73% of those students surveyed said ‘ they would not be able to study without technology !’

Survey 126

How To Overcome the Challenges of Communicating Digitally With Jay Baer

TechSmith Camtasia

Digital communication can often straddle the space between problem and solution. In March, we surveyed people in industries, from leadership and coaching to equality and social change. Why video is the first choice for digital communication.

Onboarding and Communication - Critical to Retention and Engagement


New hire orientation programs often focus on communicating information about pay and benefits, reviewing company rules and procedures, and completing paperwork.

Why You Need To Become an Effective eLearning Communicator

Ed App

eLearning is all about communication. Communication in eLearning begins when the L&D manager communicates with the eLearning designer to tell them what the eLearning course should be about, and ends with the learners telling the L&D manager what they think about the eLearning course in the form of feedback. Even the eLearning course itself is a form of communication which allows learners to develop skills and knowledge. EdApp eLearning communication elearning

Organizational Learning & Improvement Challenges

The Performance Improvement Blog

Take this survey to identify the most serious ones, the ones you want to work on now. Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world''s leading questionnaire tool. Communication Employee Engagement Evaluation Leadership Management Organization Culture Organizational Learning challenges improvement learning performance survey What challenges do you face in your organization?

Allego WFH Survey Reveals What Employers are Getting Right (and Wrong) During the Pandemic


Allego commissioned two surveys, each with more than 400 respondents. The first survey sampled employees who primarily work in offices but were required to work remotely starting in March 2020. Our research surfaced six key findings from a survey of over 800 respondents.



Dr. Rajini is a people-oriented, passionate facilitator and a competent communicator who has created robust development programs that led to sustainable people and organizational transformations. RAJINI SRIRAMAN WALKS THE POSH TALK WITH LEARNNOVATORS.

Learner Marketing: Why You Need an Effective 360° Communications Plan

Learning Wire

Find out when to advertise your training courses and how to put an effective communications strategy in place that will enrich the learner experience. How should you define your 360° communications strategy? You have to make them want to invest in themselves and champion change using a dedicated communications strategy. Your communications plan is a key support tool for your training strategy. Communication milestones for training programs.