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LearnTrends: Microlearning

Experiencing eLearning

Microlearning – the learning that results from “micro” content published in short form and limited by the software and devices used to view it – offers alternatives to traditional development methods for workers who deal with web-based information as part of their job. Let’s discuss how microlearning might address the realities of learning in a digital age. Microcontent is little bits of digital information in a permanent state of flux and circulation.

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The Learning Circuits

i just had the experience that i'm sure happens to many of us. the collaborative learning environments sourcebook was one of the first resources i use when i began learning about communities of practice. thus the power of bookmarking services like blinklist , , and the like.) back in the barbaric dark ages of web 1.0 but thousands of people left notes.) am i the only one still practicing this ancient craft?

Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

Looking through the program, I’m delighted to see that many of the sessions could easily play at DevLearn and vice-versa. Andrew McAfee , Principal Research Scientist , Center for Digital Business – MIT Sloan School of Management and Author, Enterprise 2.0.

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