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Maximizing Your Learning Experience with Social Learning Apps


Creating Communities of Practice Instancy’s social learning tools help learners to create communities of practice based on their interests. Each learning community may have its own unique site containing a content library, discussion forums, wiki knowledge base, polls, and more.

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7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

E-Learning Provocateur

In terms of supporting the moocers in the organisation, I envisage L&D pro’s undertaking activities such as facilitating communities of practice, setting up buddy programs, and organising external meetups. This will involve an analysis of the curriculum pre-study, and an evaluation of the learning experience post-study.

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Recommended Reading Summary: A Chapter of “Emerging Technologies for the Classroom”

Adobe Captivate

Teaching and learning practices benefit from the collective knowledge that social technology provides. Social media practices can facilitate new forms of collaborative knowledge construction. It encourages civic engagement in broader communities of practice. Administrative vision and planning are critical.

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Will chat replace email? Slack thinks so.

Obsidian Learning

As Manjoo notes, some have expressed privacy concerns over Slack’s ability to archive employee chats. Here at Obsidian, we use both email and messaging ( Skype ) for inter-office communication, a combination that works just fine for us as a small, woman-owned business. That sounds good. And maybe (sometimes) not.

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Top of Mind: Experimenting with Social Physics

CLO Magazine

Social physics may prove incredibly powerful for both classroom and virtual channels, and potentially even for communities of practice, digital coaching, mentorship initiatives, longer-term/cross-channel leadership development programs and more. We won’t know for sure until we try, but all signs point to meaningful impact.

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Jay Cross

If you’re assembling a far-flung collaborative team or bringing together a community of practice, here’s a way to help people stay connected. The privacy of each network is ensured by limiting access to those with a valid company email address. Yammer is like a private Twitter. The basic Yammer service is free.

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Top 3 Questions (we get) about xAPI

Yet Analytics

Communities of Practice were built up and they began defining lists of verbs relevant to their field. Early in the development of xAPI, it was recognized that it would be important to provide a way to differentiate between verbs. After all, shooting a basketball and shooting a rifle are two very different things.

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