The differences between social professional networks and communities of practice


The meaning ofcommunity’ has changed drastically with the spread of the internet and the rise of all the social networks. No longer confined by geography, people who share the same interests can connect, share and grow as a community online. Organizational value of online communities. Main difference between social and professional communities. Figuring out new ways of doing things and addressing issues are always in high demand.

A Brief Introduction – Communities of Practice Manager

The Learning Circuits

As Ryann mentioned in a previous post, I’m the Community of Practice Manager for Learning Technologies at ASTD. In this role, I engage with the community and help build ASTD’s portfolio of content—from T+D articles to books to educational programs to conferences and beyond. I also help foster discussion and debate within the community. Indeed, no area in world of learning is more exciting than Learning Technologies.


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Organizations as Communities - Part 1

ID Reflections

Today, the very definition of organizations has changed. The impact of digitization is going far beyond a few collaboration tools and platforms. Today’s organizations are no longer defined by fixed workplaces, nine-to-five working hours or even a set of homogeneous employees. Organizations have become boundary-less and often, location agnostic and virtual. It requires a complete re-imagining of how business gets done. The power of technology is immense.

MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 5: Skills Learners Need Today


While the title of the post specifies MOOCs, the skills and mindsets I have explored in the post are, IMHO, required by all to survive and thrive in the digital and connected world. And participating in MOOCs could well be one of the ways to inculcate and hone the skills. I have been writing about MOOCs in the context of workplace learning from different perspectives for some time now. A MOOC is an intrinsically participative, collaborative mode of learning.



While the title of the post specifies MOOCs, the skills and mindsets I have explored in the post are, IMHO, required by all to survive and thrive in the digital and connected world. And participating in MOOCs could well be one of the ways to inculcate and hone the skills. I have been writing about MOOCs in the context of workplace learning from different perspectives for some time now. A MOOC is an intrinsically participative, collaborative mode of learning.

Personal Learning Networks: For Ongoing Learning in a Connected World

ID Reflections

I have recently joined the open section of #MSLOC 430 - a graduate course in the Master''s Program in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University. The four topics we are planning to deep dive into in the first two weeks are: a) Networked learning, b) Personal Learning Networks, c) MOOCs, and d) Communities of Inquiry. These are all areas of interest for me, and my hope and plan is to find (make) sufficient time to explore each of these in depth.

Re-imagining Work & Learning in a Networked World

ID Reflections

"The nature of work is changing. The changes to society will be vast" by @gapingvoid We are on the eve of 2015! Most of us do a retrospection of the year gone by, and a future-spection of the year to come. These are The Shift: The Future of Work is Already Here by Dr. Lynda Gratton (a book review coming up soon), and The Second Machine Age by Andrew Mcafee and Erik Brynjolfsson. This has wide-ranging implication on learning and the future of work.

9 Strategies to Make Your Peer Learning Program Thrive

CLO Magazine

If you’re sponsoring or developing a peer learning program, you know that professional communities of practice are a cost-effective way to leverage the collective wisdom and experience of a group of leaders with similar roles, challenges or interest areas. However, an intentional design of the structure, facilitation and tools is more likely to yield the results you want. Align around the peer learning community’s purpose.

CLO 42



It’s the understatement of the century to say that the sales landscape looks a lot different now than it did a year ago. Here are three strategies that can help you to lead your team to virtual sales success. Out of sight, out of mind” is not a strategy built for remote sales success.

5 long-lasting lessons from 2021 to speed up workforce competitiveness in an accelerated world

CLO Magazine

Businesses have faced many drastic changes during the times of the pandemic. On one hand, it slowed down businesses in certain areas, but on the other, it caused an over-acceleration of the adoption of unimaginable levels of changes and technologies.

18 Key Trends to Realign Remote Workforce Training Strategy in the Post Pandemic World

EI Design

So, I re-examined my original list against these pressing needs of today. Even though the overall impact of the crisis is still unfolding, it has clearly redefined the workplace in the future. Trends that help you assess the impact of remote training and aid you in maximizing the ROI.

Presence Pedagogy: Needs Some More Dimensions

Kapp Notes

The other day, I discovered an interesting article, Presence Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning in a 3D Virtual Immersive World , which describes an educational approach for conducting a learning event in a virtual immersive environment. Flying around in VirtualU: Sense of space is important in virtual learning environments. Read more about my take (and Tony O’Driscoll’s) on the concept and value of 3D in Learning in 3D.

Situated Cognition In eLearning: What eLearning Professionals Should Know


Learners must be able to put their knowledge to use outside the virtual classroom, and simulating real world challenges is one of the best ways to achieve this. The Situation Cognition Theory was first introduced by Brown, Collins, and Duguid in 1989, who suggest that learners should be immersed in eLearning activities and content that mimics real world situations. Cognitive Apprenticeships and communities of practice also go hand-in-hand with situated cognition.

Possible obstacles in implementing blended learning and how to deal with them


Blended learning has proved it’s not an L&D fad but an organic development in the business world. The most obvious benefit of blended learning is that it allows learners to actively engage with content in various ways. Read more: When it’s time to let go of an LMS.

Invest in Your Development with The eLearning Guild by Jennifer Neibert

Learning Solutions Magazine

As a community of practice, The eLearning Guild is based on the idea that members share with, and. virtual. events, real-world research reports chock-full of practical insights, and thought-provoking content. learn. from, other members. And 2014 is shaping up to be another exciting year! With face-to-face and. Learning Solutions Magazine, the Guild truly offers something for everyone. Emerging Topics Getting Started Professional Development

Do your leaders have the skills needed to successfully manage teams remotely?


It’s always been important for leaders to hone their management skills to keep up with organizational priorities, leadership best practices, and workforce trends. Recently, employers have been eliminating the college degree requirement for many of their jobs. Communities of practice.

Teams 74

Educational Locations in Second Life And the 3D Aids Quilt

Kapp Notes

Often I am asked for a list of interesting and educational locations within Second Life, the 3D virtual world software, here is a rather lengthy list of some of the more educational places within Second Life. Of especially keen interest is the Aids Quilt: The 3D AIDS Quilt , debut was in two virtual worlds and across the web on Worlds AIDS Day, (December 1, 2010) – is attracted and continues to attract a wide range of high profile contributors.

2021 and Done!

Yukon Learning

In 2021, we teamed up with oodles of remarkable friends (both new and old), comprising so many awe-inspiring organizations. Alongside you all, our e-Learning development and Articulate 360 training teams were able to soar to some of our highest heights yet. Oh, wow!

The future of learning: Co-creating skills development strategies with employee preferences

CLO Magazine

I believe the future of learning will be a system where employees and learning teams co-create experiences. Gone will be the days of conducting exhaustive needs analysis that can add layers of complexity for program delivery. Taking charge of one’s learning process.

CLO 56

Connecting a Disconnected Workforce through Storytelling

Training Industry

Virtual hangouts now count as “hanging out” and connections on social networks are valid additions to a digital rolodex. Technology grants us greater access to people, essentially challenging the six degrees of separation theory – the idea that any two people in the world are separated by only six connections. Facebook has managed to shrink the six degrees of separation to just four. We need to ‘dive deep’ into getting the story which resides in each of us.”

Maximize Your Professional Development with Industry Memberships

eLearning Brothers

Association for Talent and Development (ATD): ATD is an organization that helps employers, HR representatives, and almost everybody who is in charge of the development of employees. They do this mainly by providing information in the form of research, webinars, conferences, and even educational programs online, on demand and face-to-face. TD at Work (4 digital issues/yr): 16-24 page resource that help in gaining proficiency in a variety of practical topics.

Top 3 Questions (we get) about xAPI

Yet Analytics

If you are like most of the people who reach out to the Yet Analytics team, you need advice about xAPI. But did you know that the Yet team provides consulting, advising, and R&D prototyping for some of the more interesting xAPI use cases across government and industry?

xapi 87

LearnTrends: Extending Learning to the Edges of Organizations

Experiencing eLearning

Live blogged notes from Extending Learning to the Edges of Organizations with Charles Jennings & Andy McGovern. Official description: Thomson Reuters meets the challenge of supporting the learning and development of its employees across the world through the innovative use of technology and a strategy based on the 70:20:10 model. Aspects of learning. Practice. Hands on practice with actual tools, but in a safe environment.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | November 20, 2020

Mike Taylor

One of the highlights was all the texts, emails and other notes that make me smile as I reflect on the people sending them and how our paths have crossed over the years. It is a neat trip down memory lane of lots of really great people from literally around the world.

MOOCs in Workplace Learning - Part 5: Skills Learners Need Today

ID Reflections

While the title of the post specifies MOOCs, the skills and mindsets I have explored in the post are, IMHO, required by all to survive and thrive in the digital and connected world. And participating in MOOCs could well be one of the ways to inculcate and hone the skills. I have been writing about MOOCs in the context of workplace learning from different perspectives for some time now. A MOOC is an intrinsically participative, collaborative mode of learning.

Skills 145

In Delhi: EDGEX2012

ID Reflections

I am sure Viplav Baxi has already started his day and the folks are already meeting at the Habitat Center, the location of the conference. I am looking forward to 3 days of insights, learning and most importantly, getting to meet others similarly passionate about education. I was introduced to the work, ideas and blogs of most of the speakers via Twitter. I am a part of a huge global network of educators and learned, a virtual community of practice.

Building a culture of DEIB with L&D

CLO Magazine

The role of learning and development has changed substantially, as they now lend themselves to culture, return to work, change management, compliance, learning delivery and operations, and instructional design. Appreciate the importance of DEIB.

CLO 64

MOOCs: Building Personal Learning Networks

Your Training Edge

For the past year or so, massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been busy upending all kinds of assumptions about education: content is king, quality education is expensive, and instructor-led training is the gold standard, to name just a few. One major change that MOOCs have greatly contributed to is the gaining recognition of learning as a primarily social activity, where the networks created are just as important (if not more important) as the content learned.

L&D's New Hatrack

ID Reflections

This article appeared in Inside Learning Technologies & Skills Magazine, January 2015 Our professional, personal, and private lives are being heavily impacted by a world that has become Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (a.k.a. Sahana Chattopadhyay looks at this changing world -- and defines the new roles required by L&D departments everywhere. The future of work is going to be radically different from what we have experienced so far.

PKM 109

Learning & Development Conferences for 2020

Limestone Learning

For many L&D/T&D professionals, a conference is an opportunity to delve into a community of practice where you can see how other professionals are incorporating new innovations and tools into their work. Knowledge meets the world.

DevLearn 2016: Must see sessions to spark your creativity

Sponge UK

This year the tagline for the show is Sparking Creativity, and the keynote sessions back that up with a variety of speakers who will inspire and excite. The Magic of Storytelling and Learning. Best known as part of the magician duo Penn and Teller, Penn Jillette’s stage show is about explaining the magical performance whilst still amazing audiences. Karen co-hosts the responsive web design podcast with Ethan Marcote, a pioneer of the concept.

Blended Learning For Better Results

Actio Learning

[updated from the original publication of February 2019} We find the challenge of designing, and engineering, effective blended learning experiences exciting and compelling. sources of information ( resource repositories , job aids, etc.),

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | June 7, 2019

Mike Taylor

Here are a few exciting things from the learning, design and technology world this week. Build Communities—Invite Those on the Edges. In Jane Bozarth’s ( @JaneBozarth ) latest Nuts & Bolts article on Communities of Practice, she talks about trajectories and the life of groups including some good points on why most struggle to survive beyond the initial launch and tips for making them better. The 7 Illusions of Knowing.

Don’t Create, When You Can Curate

Harbinger Interactive Learning

This blog post transcribes my conversation with a Learning Leader who believes that ‘Content Curation’ and technology are imperatives to deliver continuous value enhancement in today’s world. You too are a strong advocate of it. Have loads of empathy for your audience while curating.

Meet the CLO Advisory Board: David Vance

CLO Magazine

Vance is the founding and former president of Caterpillar University and the author of “The Business of Learning.” In 2006, he was awarded CLO of the Year. I grew up in South Bend, Indiana, not far from the campus of Notre Dame.

CLO 63


Clark Quinn

Sorry for the dearth of postings, but what with last week’s DevLearn conference and this week’s (free, online) Corporate Learning Trends (CLT) conference, and background kitchen remodel, client work, etc, I’ve been wiped out by the end of every day. Today was no different, but… Tonite I went from my son’s soccer end-of-season party to our first of the year YGuides meeting.

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Free L&D webinars for April 2020

Limestone Learning

Many of us are getting a crash course in remote work as we quickly get up to speed on teleconferencing, videoconferencing and the vast array of tools and hacks for virtual teams. The coronavirus may have robbed us of face-to-face interaction, but it can’t rob us of learning.

Free 68

Learning organization

Ed App

Without this skill, an organization is destined to fall behind as it can’t keep up with the changing world around it. Many successful companies out there that act as an example of learning organizations. There are a lot of advantages to learning collaboratively.

Immersive learning environments may become the norm in training


Evolution has been the main motor of mankind since the beginning of time. Lately, this motor has been running faster than ever before, as we have the resources and technology to innovate in all aspects of our lives. If we experience an emotional reaction to something – fear, anger, laughter or love – that emotion becomes part of the memory and strengthens it dramatically.

Moodle VS Paradiso LMS: Who is Leading the Race


Today’s business world is highly crowded and competitive. Let’s Begin with the Comparison of Moodle and Paradiso . Moodle is a feasible Learning Management System (LMS) that supports learning and training requirements for a broad scope of foundations and associations worldwide. .