Folksonomies, memes and misunderstanding

Learning with e's

I responded (as you do) with my own version: "A folksonomist: one who organises information in ways that make sense to his/her own community of practice or interest." Taxonomies are imposed, but folksonomies are democratic. In a folksonomy the content defines the community.

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Learning with e's

I hope to explore some of the possibilities and potential of tools such as blogs, wikis, microblogs and aggregators, and will also explore mashups, social tagging, and concepts such as 'wisdom of crowds' and folksonomies. Tags: Manish Malik Folksonomy blog Web 2.0

The architecture of learning

Learning with 'e's

Social tagging for example, is becomes increasingly stronger as people populate it with content and links. This content is generated not only by the experts, but also increasingly by the learners themselves, and tends to be organised by the community rather than by the experts. The emergent properties of content organisation are folksonomies, and are the product of loose organised that is bottom-up rather than top-down. One of the characteristics of Web 2.0,

Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

Schultz and Leonard discuss how Premier achieves its mission, “to analyze and share knowledge nationwide to improve the health of communities,” by sharing clinical knowledge and experience across 1,700 not-for-profit member hospitals and health services experts.

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