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MOOCs: Building Personal Learning Networks

Your Training Edge

We live in a world where there is simply too much to learn – whether in a history class or a management training program, it has become nearly impossible for a person to absorb all there is to know. that represents an individual’s learning community. A PLN represents the pinnacle of informal learning. They are ways for employees, trainers, educators, and students to access virtual communities of practice.

The 3 Ps For Effective Courses!


An indifferent trainer will have fewer registrations and active members in the online community. On the flip side, an enthusiastic trainer has a vibrant learning community that evolves according to the learner and training needs. The online trainer functions have been the pinnacle of debate for the past two decades. Manageable groups of learners experience a greater sense of community and binding with distant peers and their trainer.

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A Vital View on Learning

CLO Magazine

While moving up the ranks at McCain, she attended the CLO executive doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania, where she first met Steier in 2007. “We McNevin joined the program to advance her career as a global CLO while Steier wanted to understand how to create a learning organization. Among the first programs she implemented at Signature was the CNA training requirement for all top management, which lead to another innovation for the company.

The Best of Both Worlds: Learning Through a Marketer’s Lens

CLO Magazine

In this role, it’s all about our brand as an employer, how we attract people to the company, and then retain them through our development program.”. Today, at least a third of the company’s sales success comes from innovations created in the past five years — and clever marketing has helped to ensure the public knows how relevant the company still is. The program has four levels: Spark, Ignite, Amplify and Catalyst.