Making the most of mentoring partnerships: Mentors share their thoughts


As part of our “Ask me Anything” series that poses questions from our user community to our mentor community, we recently asked three Everwise Mentors to share their experiences about how to make the most of mentoring partnerships. How can mentors support them?

Mentoring Without Barriers

CLO Magazine

Traditional mentoring was one older expert grooming a younger one for a specific role. Today’s version is more of a collaboration and learning strategy that can help people gain skills and information they need in real time to do their jobs better Whether it’s called modern, social, online or e-mentoring, mentoring as practiced in companies today is not the same as what was used a generation ago. The company uses mentoring and social learning software to achieve this.

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4 BIG business problems you can solve with adaptive learning


We’re in different communities. The perfect training strategy would be to provide every employee with a mentor who can personally help them with their development. Think of it like a personal digital mentor—at the scale of a global organization. Adaptive learning can make sure every employee is ready to handle any problem, regardless of when it arises. You can also use this knowledge data to identify the experts on your team and leverage them as coaches and mentors.

Mentors on Creating a Sustainable Work- life Balance


Everwise fosters one of the largest networks of professional mentors online, who regularly share their insights on work experiences and challenges. Going to work has become more than a place we spend our days, so we dug further into our communities’ professional development goals.

Discover the benefits of a successful mentoring program


With the world’s largest community of mentors, Everwise can help companies fill this gap. We’ve helped companies of all sizes create successful mentoring programs that can lead to stronger employee retention and engagement and help win over millennials. Why offer Everwise mentoring to your employees? Mentoring is associated with numerous positive career outcomes for protégés using the Everwise platform. Each mentee is paired with the perfect mentor.

Paying It Forward: Niroop Srivatsa’s Approach to Mentoring Emerging Leaders


As a seasoned city planner and mentor, Niroop Srivatsa believes in paying forward what she’s learned. “I’m I’m at a place in my life where I want to give back,” she said of mentoring others. And, of late, Srivatsa has devoted time to mentoring others through Everwise.

Creating a Vibrant Learning Community

Kapp Notes

Today I am presenting at Immaculata University on the topic of Creating a Vibrant Learning Community as part of a faculty workshop. Communities Of Practice View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. tags: academic community ) My presentation notes: Faculty today are confronted with a very heterogeneous population of traditional and non-traditional students. A Learning Community is a group whose members regularly engage in sharing and learning, based on common interests.

Communities of Practice in your LMS: A hidden KM tool


Extend this to the Subject Matter Experts and popular spokes-person through a defined communication framework and you have a community of practice in action! Knowledge in this wiki is “community managed and owned”. Communities of practice are created by developing explicit knowledge.

KM 65

Mastering the Skills Supply Chain Problem

CLO Magazine

TechACE is designed to build technical, project management and professional skills through a series of online learning, classroom, facilitated on-the-job experiences and mentoring. Competition for talent requires a long-term view of capabilities development. Capability development is a never-ending challenge. Every organization has a combination of new hire, technical, systems and technology training, project management and professional development, and leadership development challenges.

eLearning Content Development: 6 Steps to Create a Learning Problem Statement


Before plunging into an eLearning course development process with your team, spend some time developing a formal problem statement. Let’s determine the research-worthiness of a problem and the steps to create a clear learning problem statement.

7 Strategies to Facilitate “Working Out Loud”


The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me that it is one of the fundamental blocks of building a community of practice. A community grows around a domain where practitioners share their insights, knowledge and doubts, the work processes.

Helping Women Get Their Groove Back by Building Communities and Strong Support Networks from Rural Areas with Rebecca Undem


Helping women get their groove back by building communities and strong support networks from rural areas with Rebecca Undem in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Rebecca grew up in a small farming community in North Dakota with a population of 1,800 people.

Starting Out With a Challenging Manager


When asked for tips on how to start off on the right foot with a manager who is known to micromanage and distrust their team, here’s what our community had to say: Walk into the new relationship with an open mind. Your colleagues may have been a part of the problem.

Trust 78

How to Launch a Successful Online Course MVP, Generate Multiple Income Streams, and Build a Team with Divi Community Leader David Blackmon of Aspen Grove Studios


How to launch a successful online course MVP, generate multiple income streams, and build a team with Divi community leader David Blackmon of Aspen Grove Studios in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. James who is also another leader in the Divi community.

How to Positively Impact Team Culture


When asked how a leader can help create a healthy work environment, here’s what our mentors had to say: Motivate through empowerment. Overcommunication (repeating yourself) ensures everyone understands what needs to be done and avoids the problem of miscommunications.

e-Learning Acupuncture: Technology, Colleges and Community Online Conference

E-Learning Acupuncture

Thursday, December 20, 2007 Technology, Colleges and Community Online Conference I live in Canada and these days everywhere I look, I see snow. The Technology, Colleges and Community (TCC) Conference is hosted by Kapiolani Community College, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

How to Offer Private Tutoring and Mentorship on LearnDash


Learner drop-out is a consistent problem across the field, and the causes behind it are well-known. This connection can come in various forms: through a private lesson, a learning buddy, or a mentor. What does this have to do with mentorship and community support?

Give Learners a Voice by Incorporating Social Learning

Adobe Captivate

Here are some ways we can do that: Create communities of practice that either meet in person or virtually. Create a mentorship program and provide a framework for mentors and mentees to collaborate effectively.

Voice 63

Becoming a Manager: An Interview on Career Development with Erin Lynn


Everwise has done so much and my mentor Robert is wonderful. When I first signed up, I chose time management / delegation and executive presence as my two main goals to focus on with my mentor. I love seeing the community and the information that’s available through Everwise.

Mentorship and the Changing Nature of Work: An interview with Lyft’s Alyssa Schwartz


Today is Thank Your Mentor Day and to celebrate, we’re sharing mentor and protégé stories to thank our community. . Given the recent explosion of both ridesharing and the gig economy, Schwartz and her team are solving problems no one has encountered before. “We’re At most companies when you come across a problem you ask, ‘Okay how did someone solve this problem in the past?’ But here the answer is, ‘hmm, no one’s ever had this problem before.”.

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Learning

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For instance, an Intelligent Tutoring system called “SHERLOCK” is being used to teach Airforce technicians to diagnose electrical system problems in aircraft. But there are already virtual human mentors and facilitators that can think and act like humans. Blog eLearning eLearning Community Artificial Intelligence blog custom eLearning content development elearning community

Roles 40

Becoming a Manager: An Interview on Career Development with Erin Lynn


Everwise has done so much and my mentor Robert is wonderful. When I first signed up, I chose time management / delegation and executive presence as my two main goals to focus on with my mentor. I love seeing the community and the information that’s available through Everwise. Seeing all the questions [that proteges pose] and the response from mentors in the program — getting that outside perspective is so helpful.

Roles 40

Securing Buy-In For Your Own Ideas


When asked how to get organizational buy-in for your ideas, here’s what our community had to say: Establish trust and credibility first. They’ll already have trust in your work ethic, your ideas, and your dedication to solving problems. Leadership community everwise answers Management

At the edge

Clark Quinn

Communities of Practice served as a model for this thinking. The problem was too much hierarchy. The issue was solving workplace problems. Instead of courses, the solution connected those with demonstrable skills to mentor those who could benefit.

The Smart Worker : learns best with and from others

Jane Hart

One–to-one coaching and mentoring has been high on the agenda of some organisations for some time now. But with social media it is now much easier to support this more widely and more effectively, and there are now many external providers that provide coaching and mentoring in this way.

Piecing together collaboration and cooperation

Clark Quinn

In an insightful piece , Harold Jarche puts together how collaboration and cooperation are needed to make organizations work ‘smarter’, integrating workgroups with the broader social network by using communities of practice as the intermediary.

Social Cognition

Clark Quinn

It works the same way when we are problem-solving: working together (under constraints) increases the likelihood of the best outcome. There’re also benefits to mentoring and coaching, helping people in the moment.

7 Strategies to Facilitate "Working Out Loud"

ID Reflections

The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me that it is one of the fundamental blocks of building a community of practice. A community grows around a domain where practitioners share their insights, knowledge and doubts, the work processes.

xAPI conceptualized

Clark Quinn

I think one of the problems people have is that they think xAPI is a solution all in itself, but it is just a syntax for reporting. We can look to see if those more active in the community perform better, or any other question tied to a much richer picture than we get other ways.

xapi 164

Are Managers Too Busy to Learn?

The Performance Improvement Blog

Managers resist attending formal training events and participating in other kinds of learning activities (elearning, mentoring, coaching, action-learning, communities of practice, internal wikis, etc.) The problem is that managers don’t make learning a high priority.

What Kind of Learning Makes Professionals from Students?

Your Training Edge

Let’s break it up: Evaluate information on its value, aimed at solutions to problems. This is the only way to solve problems and stay productive. Chose a mentor. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your instructors in case of problems or clarity-issues.

The Health Benefits of Continued Learning


The heightened self-awareness and the resulting chances to mentor others boosts emotional health and enhances interpersonal relationships. Learning these exercises and practicing them will additionally keep off lifestyle diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart problems.

Detailing the Coherent Organization

Clark Quinn

I had, as Harold’s original model provided the basis for, separate groups for Work Teams, Communities of Practice, and Social Networks. As excited as I am about the Coherent Organization as a framework, it’s not done by any means.

Time for a New Look at Learning: Or What I Learned from Reading “Informal Learning at Work”

Combine traditional classes with mentoring, coaching, and follow-up activities. Communities of practice. Flash mentoring <short duration with specific focus> Teams of new and experienced employees. Action learning groups that solve business problems collaboratively.

Benefits of the 70 20 10 model: how to include social and experiential learning in your online training

Plume - e-learning & learning management systems

A key problem with a lot of online training is the limited capacity for continuous learning. Mentors act as support for more junior students – becoming the go-to person. As well as learning online, students and mentors can meet through online messaging and video calling platforms.