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Communities of Practice Need Some Practice

Nick Leffler

Defining Communities of Practice (CoP). It’s hard to define a Community of Practice, but I think a good start would be to quote a Tweet I recently saw from another MSLOC430 participant. It sums up what happens when you’re in a Community of Practice and it’s a summary of none other than Harold Jarche who seems to have something relevant to each category I’m writing about. What’s your take on Communities of Practice?

The Top Six Things Organizations Must Do to Enable Emergent Learning


Social learning via an enterprise collaboration platform. MOOCs which straddle the line between social learning and e-learning with learner communities. This is leading to a shift in the role of the L&D department – from managers and disseminators of formally designed programs to facilitators and enablers of collaboration and communities. Shift from networks to communities. It is in communities that knowledge is exchanged and challenges solved.

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The Top Six Things Organizations Must Do to Enable Emergent Learning

ID Reflections

Social learning via an enterprise collaboration platform Mobile enabled learning accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device of the user’s choice MOOCs which straddle the line between social learning and e-learning with learner communities While an organization can facilitate these, the onus lies with the users/learners. Shift from networks to communities. However, facilitating networks is not enough albeit it’s the necessary precursor to building communities.

Looking Back On 2015

Nick Leffler

Social Learning Has Never Been About a Single Tool — The original article I had written this about has since been moved/removed/retired (not sure which one) but it was rightfully done because it was off on pretty much everything. I do know it talked about social learning being a flop (but in what regard that gets a bit murky). Social learning can’t flop, in fact it can only make a bigger come back because it’s always been the way humans learn.

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Most awesome revelations in Working Smarter Daily for June 2011

Jay Cross

7 objections to social media in learning (and answers) - Donald Clark Plan B , June 11, 2011. Connecting with Communities of Practice - Harold Jarche , June 2, 2011. Social media & learning – note taking on steroids - Donald Clark Plan B , June 20, 2011. PKM Updated - Harold Jarche , June 7, 2011. Social Media Revolution 2011 Video - Jane Hart , June 20, 2011. Why Social? Social learning in action at #elnil - Jane Hart , June 22, 2011.

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Top 68 eLearning Posts from April - Hot Topics iPad Google Buzz

eLearning Learning Posts

The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. Key Social Learning Roles - Daretoshare , April 4, 2010 Premise : Learning communities or networks thrive because its members possess certain skills and capabilities. Community members should be able to perform one or more of the five roles described in the table that follows. Jane Hart shows in this Table; Social Learning = New Toolset + New Mindset + New Skillset New Mindset: Agility.

35 Top eLearning Articles and 6 Hot Topics for March

eLearning Learning Posts

PKM in a nutshell - Learning and Working on the Web , March 22, 2010 Personal Knowledge Management: A way to deal with ever-increasing digital information. Social Media for Knowledge Workers - eLearning Technology , March 30, 2010 Lot s of information on different social media tools that knowledge workers should know about. PKM (10). PKM in a nutshell , March 22, 2010. Social Media Workshop Notes , March 26, 2010. Social Media (55).