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Customer Education: The Complete Guide For Your Business


When a customer buys or signs up for your product or service, you both want the same outcome – for them to be successful. Your customer has a problem, and you want to be the solution. How do you help your customers discover you are the solution for them? The answer: customer education. While not exactly a revolutionary concept (it’s a practice that’s been around for years), how we educate our customers has changed dramatically. Blog How To LMS

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Why This? Why Now? “Working Out Loud”

Learning Rebels

Organizations have long struggled with breaking down knowledge silos that create information hoarding. Working in silo’s is what has created the destructive workplace we have right now. Even just the idea of putting all the projects on the table will lead to discussions, “Hey, I didn’t know you were working on customer service – Sales just asked me for customer behavior data!” Create a Skype group and present your project.

The Role of the Blog on the Company’s Website


Is your company growing? You have a certain group of regular customers? Customers who reach it have the opportunity to get to know your company and the products or services you offer. One of the most effective ways to promote a brand or company on the Internet is to enrich the website with a company blog. It can be seen that more and more entrepreneurs base their marketing strategies on blogs or microblogs.

Performance Management Tools and Techniques to Motivate Employees


Taking the time to grow and recognize your staff will go a long way to achieving their goals and those of the company. What is the best direction for your company? This translates to less employee turnover and more revenue for the company. Several companies offer virtual coaching through a learning management system. When sitting down and judging company performance, most likely you will look at goals being met versus missed. Create timelines.

Why companies should consider the gamification of work


Many companies have to deal with high employee turnover rates — and the costs that come along. The problem is that people job-hop now more than companies were used to a few years ago. Keeping these ideas in mind, what can companies do to fight low employee retention rates? What if a web developer could try the “game” of Sales and work to convince customers to buy the product he’s coding? Could this work for every company?

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