Introducing WorkLearnMobile– it’s all about mobile

Allison Rossett

The very global, San Diego-based company is the leading patent holder on 3G and 4G mobile technologies. On the resource rich site, Geoff Stead, who leads the mobile learning/support effort for the company, blogs about technology implications for learning and performance. In my 25 minute session, I use examples to encourage mobile for many important purposes, including sales, leadership, wine selection, and the detection of bad breath.

Mobile 110

70-20-10: Origin, Research, Purpose

Fort Hill Company

I’m one of the creators, along with the research staff of the Center for Creative Leadership, of the 70-20-10 meme [the dictionary defines a meme as an “idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person”]. Note: see The Leadership Machine , Michael M. One of the study’s objectives was to find out where today’s leaders learned the skills and competencies they were good at when they got into leadership positions. Where It All Began.

High Performance Learning with 70-20®

Fort Hill Company

RGF Group (short for Recruit Global Family) is Asia’s leading recruitment services provider, with more than 1,300 employees in 46 offices across Asia. Areas of focus include developing market mastery and specialization across the board, as well as building a strong leadership and management pipeline to support rapid growth. The first two challenges focused on Client Mastery/Business Development and the final two challenges related to Leadership, Coaching and Time Management.

Learning Campaigns: Driving Engagement and Performance Improvement – Part 2

Fort Hill Company

In Part 1 of our Learning Campaigns Blog series, we highlighted data from a number of clients using Fort Hill’s 70-20 learning activation platform to support their learning initiatives. The table below shows the results from the five learning campaigns that were discussed in Part 1 of this Blog series: Importance of Validation. The post Learning Campaigns: Driving Engagement and Performance Improvement – Part 2 appeared first on Fort Hill Company.

Challenge: Make Informal Learning Visible & Valuable

Fort Hill Company

We took our cue from the seminal book, Lessons of Experience research from the Center for Creative Leadership in the 1980s when CCL sought to identify the sources of learning used by executives. Conversation led to informal learning application at her company. Tweet: Gathering at Global Village #7020learningatd. The post Challenge: Make Informal Learning Visible & Valuable appeared first on Fort Hill Company. A Research Report from the 2016 ATD ICE.

Blog scraping at HCI? How would you have handled this?

Janet Clarey

Anyway… I followed the link from the alert to HCI and noticed several blog posts (in their entirety) from this very blog. I fired off this via a contact form (and I’m not proud of it…questioned even putting it here): I object to you taking content directly from MY COMPANY blog and placing it on YOUR site. not scrape the entire blog post) and directs you to the authors site to comment. Share and Enjoy: Tags: Brandon Hall blog scraping