6 Ways to Encourage Informal Learning in the Workplace


How to help build informal learning habits in your office. While many organizations turn to various formal learning courses, they should also consider the benefits of informal learning. Blog about it. Some people enjoy blogs, others prefer presentations.

Challenge: Make Informal Learning Visible & Valuable

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At the 2016 Association for Talent Development (ATD) International Conference and Expo (ICE) in Denver, Kathy Granger and I presented a session titled, Learning Anytime, Anywhere: How to Activate Informal Learning at Work. Informal and social learning are valuable and the source of most innovation and performance improvement in organizations. There are recent advances in how informal and social learning can be activated and made visible and intentional.

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Making 70-20 Learning Visible

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It is harder to see the “70” (Learning by doing) and the “20” (Social learning) because 70-20 learning is a lot like gravity: It is always turned on and largely invisible. There appears to be real interest in Informal Learning and Activating the Learning Side of Work as Kathy Granger and I spoke last week at the 2016 ATD International Conference in a standing-room-only session titled, “ Learning Anytime, Anywhere: How to Activate Informal Learning at Work.”

Let the 70-20 Blog Begin!

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Fort Hill Company. Welcome to the new 70-20® Blog , curated by the Fort Hill Company team. Since 1999, we have benefited from years of collaboration and friendship with some of the industry’s most innovative learning leaders and consultants. We will combine Blog posts from members of the Fort Hill team featuring our research and observations from client work with 70-20 and our legacy system, ResultsEngine® , with posts from members of our diverse community.

High Performance Learning with 70-20®

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70-20 Conversation with Sarah Yamagata, Head of Learning & Development. Question 1: Describe an innovation you or your team have recently implemented involving experiential and/or social learning. We did not have an effective way to measure ROI and support the learning application phase once participants returned to their offices in different countries. Question 3: What was your team’s greatest insight or learning from the experience?

70-20-10: Origin, Research, Purpose

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The 70-20-10 model has been part of the corporate learning and development lexicon for decades. Some people find implementing 70-20-10 brings transformational change to their corporate learning cultures. One of the study’s objectives was to find out where today’s leaders learned the skills and competencies they were good at when they got into leadership positions. The interviewers collected 616 key learning events which the research staff coded into 16 categories.

Where Social Learning Thrives

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Read this inspiring Fast Company blog post by Marcia Conner. A social learning culture requires design, training, guidance, leadership, monitoring and celebrating successes, large and small. Some will think it impossible for a whole culture to shift from fear-based fixes to joy-based learning, from coercion to inspiration. Tags: Informal Learning She nails what I have been calling learnscaping.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Thursday, August 02, 2007 31 Days to A Better Blog I mentioned to Michele Martin that I was interested in participating in the 31 Days to a Better Blog Exercise being led by problogger Daren Rowse. Im not blogging for the money or the fame, but I am in it for the community, networking and learning opportunities. Search for and join forums on your blogs topics.

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