What did 100 blog posts bring me?

Challenge to Learn

When I started my blog in December 2009 I was curious what it would be like to blog and I wanted to improve my English (I’m still working on that). My blog now has an average of almost a 100 views per day. The fact that you have an audience makes a big difference, it turns your blog from a diary into a publication and most important: you get feedback. I use my blog to try out ideas. Writing on demand.

Analysts and Blogging

Janet Clarey

I write an analyst blog and contribute to a group blog for my employer, Brandon Hall Research. The blogs are on the company’s URL. I also have this blog on my own URL here. So it was interesting to read of Forrester Research’s directive to analysts using their own personally branded research blogs: take them down or re-direct them to the Forrester site. Read my analyst blog and you’ll know I am curious, innovative, and ambitious.


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A great business story starts with you


Of course, not everyone relishes the limelight; on the contrary, most entrepreneurs start a business because they’re passionate about the product or service they intend to offer, not because they like self-promotion. . A company blog.

Customer Education: The Complete Guide For Your Business


When a customer buys or signs up for your product or service, you both want the same outcome – for them to be successful. Customer education is providing your customers with the tools and resources they need to be successful with your product or service. Its aim is to guide your customers through your product from their initial interaction to continued usage with the end goal being to increase adoption, reduce friction, and strengthen retention. Blog How To LMS

Guide 73

The Ultimate eLearning Resources Guide (2020 Update)


Company Blogs. The Degreed at Work blog is jam-packed with the latest insights, research, trends, and events. Elucidat is a great authoring tool with an equally awesome blog. LearnUpon Blog. We couldn’t make a list of blogs without including our own.

LearnDash Spotlight: Major Spanish University


His company has implemented LearnDash at the Spanish university UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia). I am enrolled in a variety of tasks in connection with our business, and I enjoy writing on our company blog. SinLios Soluciones Digitales (SinLios.com) is a small but growing company located at Cercedilla, a nice village in the mountains near Madrid, the capital of Spain. The product integrates on WordPress seamlessly.

Digital Learning Library Exceeds Expectations

Fort Hill Company

The primary challenge that our company faces is that, like many organizations, we need to react to our environment quickly. If a student completes the terminal objective – which is usually a work product – they can submit it for review and certification from a member of the Global Learning team. We have learned a lot about script writing, on-screen delivery, and facilitation of videos. 70-20 Conversation with Glenn Hughes, Senior Director of Global Learning.

Challenge: Make Informal Learning Visible & Valuable

Fort Hill Company

We were struck that a handful of individuals in this sample group were the most productive in documenting their informal and social learning. Conversation led to informal learning application at her company. 7020learningatd (L – R, Debra McKinney, Director, Ecopetrol University; Kathy Granger, President, Fort Hill Company; Charles Jennings, Founder, 70:20:10 Institute). The post Challenge: Make Informal Learning Visible & Valuable appeared first on Fort Hill Company.

Why companies should consider the gamification of work


Many companies have to deal with high employee turnover rates — and the costs that come along. The problem is that people job-hop now more than companies were used to a few years ago. Keeping these ideas in mind, what can companies do to fight low employee retention rates? What if a web developer could try the “game” of Sales and work to convince customers to buy the product he’s coding? Could this work for every company?

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Emerging Technologies for Online Learning 2015 Presenter Profile – Dr. Ulanda Forbess

TechSmith Camtasia

That style of feedback is not engaging or productive. I teach a technical writing course, and have changed the curriculum to include writing for social media. Because one of my former students came back to me after graduation asking for help on how to build a company blog. Technology adds spice to a subject where most students struggle – writing!

70-20-10 : No longer applicable to online learning – and here’s why

eLearning 24-7

They show reports from various research firms, companies and grab info off the internet – “See this verifies that it is still in play. I know of a great product that I would use in my LMS, that is designed, IMO to deliver a great coaching experience (albeit they do not use it – product in that fashion). I should note that the company (I recall it was a F500), yanked the blog after seeing what was happening.

The Ultimate eLearning Resources Guide


Recommended: How To Plan, Design and Write Tests. eLearning Professionals’ Blogs. Cathy Moore’s blog aims to do just that. Topics include ‘How to really involve learners’ and ‘How to get everyone to write like Ernest Hemingway’ featuring examples of these tips in action so they’re super easy for you to implement. From overviews of industry events to the future of eLearning, David Kelly’s blog has lots to delve into. The Rapid E-learning Blog.