Industry News: elearning Company Purchase

Kapp Notes

Here is the big announcement: Kaplan, Inc., one of the world's leading providers of educational services, has signed an agreement to acquire EduNeering Holdings, Inc., a top provider of knowledge management solutions that assure regulatory compliance and improve business performance. EduNeering designs and deploys knowledge management solutions for organizations in the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, energy and manufacturing sectors.

Summits, Conferences and Some Relaxation

Kapp Notes

Here are some photographs from the panel discussion. We considered switching seats to have some fun with the audience:) Susan makes a point to Karl and Mark about Social Media. Kaplan-EduNeering Knowledge Summit Last week I attended the Kaplan-EduNeering Knowledge Summit and once again had a great time. It was the Seventh Annual Summit and I believe I have attended all seven. Having fish dinner among the sharks.


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Crowd source your corporate knowledge

Challenge to Learn

I’m investigating crowd sourcing of corporate knowledge. You can also call it the use of user generated content if you want. Over the past few weeks I have spoken to dozens of training managers all over the world. I started this process by talking to three companies (Nielsen, Akzo Nobel and Kaplan) who have already implemented crowd sourcing. We have recorded the outcomes of these conversations in a white paper, which you can download here.

Information, Press Releases and Industry Happenings

Kapp Notes

A great deal seems to be happening in the e-learning space and I've been getting a number of press releases and information about product, events and other great happenings so I thought I'd share some of that information in this post. Jane Bozarth's latest book, Social Media for Trainers is in the middle of a highly successful blog book tour, check it out.

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