What role will technology play with compliance training in a post-COVID world?

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We can get the same learning outcomes through something a little bit more lo-fi, and cost-effective. Mike holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. . Erin Riva’s passion for learning and safety can be traced back to her days on the playground as she “educated” her classmates on the best ways to safely line up for a turn on the slide.

Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Crisis

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Adler's recent article - Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0 The article is definitely worth a read, and it got me to finally write about what I see as a crisis in corporate learning. Impact How does this impact the world of learning organizations and corporate learning functions (training organizations)? Consider the following: Corporate learning functions today act like a publisher / distributor.

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Emerging Role of Corporate LMS Software as Performance Management Systems


Meeting the Personalized Training Needs on Onboarding, Compliance, Sales, and More. With technological advancement, the scope of using learning management systems is increasing. Organizations are actively adopting e-learning solutions to boost employee performance, knowledge retention, and the bottom line. Therefore, it becomes imperative to deploy corporate LMS software to deliver training on compliance, onboarding, sales enablement, and other topics.

How to Increase Learner Retention from Compliance Training… and Reduce Boredom

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No one wants to take compliance training, yet a huge percentage of corporate learning is centered around compliance. Help learners acquire compliance-related information they must know “cold.” ” Help learners find and locate relevant compliance information as needed. Make compliance training as engaging and effective as possible within a limited budget. The best compliance training will connect these two extremes. HazComm.

Enabling Medical Reps for Pharma Sales through eLearning Software


To enable a remote work culture that is immune to such disruptions, organizations are deploying eLearning software like Corporate LMSs. A robust corporate learning management software aids pharma companies to stay compliant and foster client relationships in ample ways that include-. 1- Delivering compliance training. Modern learning management platforms deliver relevant training content as per the diverse job roles and learning suggestions.

Using Heuristic Evaluation to Craft the Perfect Learner Journey

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This is the definition of the term from their website – Heuristic evaluation is a usability engineering method for finding the usability problems in a user interface design so that they can be attended to as part of an iterative design process. Heuristic evaluation involves having a small set of evaluators examine the interface and judge its compliance with recognized usability principles (the “heuristics”). Learning from Errors.

2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

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And today’s learning systems market definitely gives us plenty to consider. Based on my work as an independent advisor to learning tech buyers and sellers , I’ve outlined 16 key extended enterprise learning trends and related predictions. Ever since cloud technology burst onto the scene a decade ago, hundreds of new learning solutions have entered the market. Absorb Software Acquires Cloud-Based Learning Tech Company, ePath Learning.

Training & Development: How sensible is it to outsource?

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A leading and fast-growing global provider of security and compliance management solutions chose Origin Learning Solutions as its e-learning partner to partially outsource its training and development activity in order to march ahead with its scaling-up operations.As you read, you will understand the rationale behind choosing an external learning partner. It was keen to shift from a predominantly instructor-led training approach to an online and blended learning mode.

Addressing Training Challenges of the BFSI Sector through Robust Learning and Performance Management Systems

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By utilizing the new-age learning management systems, small as well as large companies, ensure improving overall levels of employee engagement, knowledge retention, and workplace performance. Most of the industries face challenges when it comes to corporate workforce training, and the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector is no exception. To address these challenges, banks and finance companies leverage the benefits of LMSs as learning and performance platforms.

The Corporate University Shift: Why Great Companies Invest in Custom Learning


The term “corporate university” might conjure images of boring training and hours of video, but don’t sell them short: When executed well, corporate universities can be a major play for employee productivity and retention. While you hope that your employees come prepped and ready to tackle their jobs, the truth is that what they learned in their university and college programs might not be enough to prep them for life in a high-level organization.

Key Features and Business Benefits of E Learning System for Modern Corporates


Corporate learning is shifting from a traditional classroom-based approach to online training delivery. With the utilization of the latest e-learning tools, modern corporates ensure to provide an experience that is more engaging, self-paced, and effective. A robust e learning system holds the potential to bridge skill-gaps, drive workforce performance, increase ROIs, and meet personalized goals. Adaptive learning. KPI-linked learning.

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Exploring the Benefits of Performance Management System for Modern Corporates


In today’s fast-paced world, organizations consider delivering performance-based learning solutions through corporate training. With the increasing scope of technology-aided learning, the role of corporate learning management systems is moving closer to performance management platforms. Performance management platforms support a continuous learning process which helps to attain desired outcomes.

LearnUpon Closes $56 Million Growth Equity Investment from Summit Partners


This funding represents LearnUpon’s first major capital raise and will be used to drive the continued investment in our team and our platform as we progress on our journey of helping businesses worldwide unlock the power of learning. .

Best Workplace Blended Learning Providers

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If you are building a corporate training program for your employees, you’ll want to explore all of the strategies and modalities available to you, including the ultimate of all worlds: Blended Learning Programs. Read More: Why You Should Consider A Blended Learning Program.

Kicking Off 2019 Strong: Introducing Docebo 7.6


product release elevates AI, social learning, privacy and course management functionalities. product release , which unveiled our first steps towards becoming an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for learning, Docebo is kicking off 2019 with a set of new and carefully-thought-out features, including a few borne from customer feedback via our Ideas Portal. Updates to both Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions versioning designed to reduce compliance risks. Docebo’s 7.6

6 Impactful Learning and Development Trends

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To stay ahead of the competitors and other companies, HR managers and organizations are promoting emerging and impactful learning and development trends. It is essential for human resource professionals and managers to design learning and development strategy in such a way that it can help their workforce in developing skills and remain productive at work. Following are some of the most impactful learning and development trends that you must choose in 2019.

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How Do Serious Games Work in a Large Enterprise?

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Organizations of all sizes are turning to game-based learning , serious games , and gamification to solve a range of learning and development challenges. For others, it’s about retention ; learners do not remember what they learned after completing training, therefore wasting its value. The majority of corporate learning content involves Bloom’s verbs like identify, remember, understand, etc. Are people learning what we need them to learn?

Learning Management System Basics (LMS)

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A Learning Management System (LMS) can provide tremendous benefits both for the training department and for the organization in general. First, the management system consists of the tracking and reporting of the organization and individual learning activities. Second, the content authoring system (or LCMS) allows the training department to create and or upload its own in-house or purchased learning content and courses, and the third part is the content and courses themselves.

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When is Self-Directed Learning Right for Corporate Training and Development?

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Self-directed learning is any process or system that allows individual learners to direct their own learning, depending on their individual needs and interests. Self-directed learning can include tools for learners to discover their learning needs, set goals, find content to meet those goals, get feedback, and discover new topics. So why on earth would a company want to allow self-directed learning for its own corporate training?

Skills and Content Are Our Best Assets. (And Yours, Too.)


We’ve been pushing skill development hard for the last several years because as a company, we’ve seen that traditional learning and development tools don’t actually translate to useful skills. That’s why we’ve developed a world-class, award-winning learning and upskilling platform that empowers workers to take learning into their own hands and actually upskill themselves. Degreed Named a Leader For Learning and Skill Development.

6 Steps to Align L&D with Your Business


Learning technology is like a powerful vehicle — a racecar, Nolen said, adding that you need to really understand how to drive it, or you’re going to crash and burn. These more accessible and popular learning modalities need to be factored into a modern content strategy.

Free learning & development webinars for September 2020

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 9AM – 10AM PT: Learn How to Create Assessments for Your Video Training and Publish to an LMS You’ve shot an awesome video for the upcoming training initiative, but what’s the best way to get your video into an elearning course on your LMS?

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Five Key Trends to Watch Out in LXPs for 2020

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In 2019, Team Origin participated in multiple eLearning events in the USA and what we observed was the big buzz around – “Learning Experience Platforms” and “Learning in the Flow of Work”. Learning in the Flow of Work. A youngster joins a specific trade and he is guided by a mentor to learn the ropes of the trade. Learning therefore ends up being relegated — consciously and subconsciously.” Recommendation Engines.

LinkedIn Becomes A Serious Open Learning Experience Platform

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LinkedIn has become quite a juggernaut in the corporate learning market. Last time I checked the company had more than 17 million users, 14,000 corporate customers, more than 3,000 courses and was growing at high double-digit rates. And the company just threw down the gauntlet; it’s now announcing it has completely opened up its learning platform to external content partners. The company wants to become a single place for all organizational learning content.

The 5 Most Important Capabilities for Your Learning Ecosystem


Spending a lot of time with organizations, at conferences, and reading industry research and blogs, I see the phrases “out of sync” and “learning revolution” being thrown around a lot in reference to the current state of corporate learning. But a more accurate statement is that there is a massive shift happening in the way people are learning in their jobs. We call this a learning ecosystem. Technology Learning Ecosystem

Learning Leaders, Get Used to Disruption

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Over the past several years, we have seen a continuous disruption in the corporate learning market, and it threatens some of the more traditional tech tools like the learning management system. Traditional e-learning, which was pioneered only 10 years ago, is now often considered boring and commodity-like. Video-learning, which was expensive and difficult to author for years, is now ubiquitous. So, where do we go to actually learn?

The Role of xAPI in Creating Powerful Learning Experiences for the Modern Workforce

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eLearning as a training medium to foster learning at the workplace has been in existence for over two decades now. From early adopters who used archaic systems to set up a lesson that could be shared on one computer with an instructor to guide employees, to modern workplace learning that’s focused on xAPI -enabled mobile learning; eLearning at the workplace has traveled a long way. The Learning Record Store or LRS is the heart of the xAPI system.

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Why Personalization is the Best Way to Re-Engage the Corporate Learner


Personalization is an especially critical issue in corporate learning. Traditional learning solutions have been corporate-centric, focused on mandatory training and compliance which has resulted in low employee engagement. Workers are more likely to turn to a colleague or Google to satisfy their on-demand learning needs [ Degreed ]. Personalization and Corporate Learning. The result is a learning solution that employees actually want to use.

Getting Started With Learning Data and Analytics

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You’re ready to get started with learning data and analytics, but where do you begin? Do you have a learning system that is already producing data? Some of the greatest value in learning analytics comes from incorporating data into your daily routine. When launching a new program, take time to understand the business need behind it and find metrics that will suggest whether the learning program is having its intended impact.

5 Reasons Why the ‘Netflix of Learning’ May Be a Bad Idea


A key theme in Instilled’s current team discussions has been ‘Learning Like We Live’. We recently caught up with Steve Goldberg, the principal Human Capital Management Industry Analyst and Advisor at Ventana Research to discuss the idea of ‘the Netflix of Learning’, a concept that demonstrates the limitations of ‘Learning Like We Live’ (while illustrating some of that theme’s strengths as well). However, we’re not convinced that you actually need the ‘Netflix of Learning’.

‘The Netflix of Learning’: An Appealing But Flawed Analogy for the LXP


As buzzwords go, who wouldn’t want to be thought of as offering the Netflix of Learning. There’s a belief that the trend and the greatest potential gains in learning technology involve ‘learning like you live’. There is value in having the presentation and structure of learning platforms replicate ideas established by the technologies in our everyday lives. As many before us have asked, invoking the current category leader, where is ‘The Netflix of Learning’?

Top Learning Trends for 2017 (according to the experts)


It’s the beginning of the new year—the perfect time to evolve corporate learning within your organization. So, to help you kick-start your thinking, and maybe even inspire you to try something new, we thought we’d give you the inside scoop on the top learning trends expected to surface in 2017. As an analyst who has studied this space for almost 20 years, I’ve never seen corporate L&D go through so much stress. Chief Learning Evangelist at APPLY Synergies.

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How to Unlock the Expertise Economy with Upskilling


Former LinkedIn Chief Learning Officer, Kelly Palmer, and David Blake, co-founder of Degreed, think they know why. In their much-publicized book, The Expertise Economy: How the Smartest Companies Use Learning to Engage, Compete and Succeed , the pair depicts a future of work that is more about diverse and unique skill sets —transforming their employees into experts and ultimately, creating their biggest competitive advantage — than about knowledge, roles, and job hierarchies.

Free L&D webinars for February 2019

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Well, the world of learning and development is loving showing you some love, with a bouquet of free webinars on everything from instructional design to performance consulting , plus tons more. You’ll have an opportunity to explore the latest industry research on coaching and change management, and learn how high-performing organizations are leveraging various coaching modalities to ensure that their employees not only survive change, but become change leaders for their organizations.

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How an LMS Serves the Purpose for the L&D Industry


E-learning, namely the use of LMS is growing rapidly. However, despite the fact that e-learning is catching pace, the lack of a proper learning management system punches hole in the e-learning mesh. It’s through these, the e-learning drips out, leaving in a leaking ROI for the organization. Dealing with changes due to mergers, acquisitions, technology, budgets, and staffing is the top challenge cited by Learning and Development (L&D) professionals.