Top 5 Success Tips for eBook Publishers


eBook publishers need to create their digital content for multi-channel delivery. They need to have a distribution strategy in place to succeed and ensure their eBooks reach their target audience. A Statista report states that the eBook market amounts to $15.7

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How to Choose the Right eBook Distribution Platform


What is eBook distribution? eBook distribution is a complex and ever-evolving process with new players constantly entering the market as some existing ones closing shop. As the eBook publishing business grows, it is important to keep abreast with the changing business demands. It is not enough to have high quality eBooks. Here, in this blogpost we compile everything you need to know to choose the right eBook distribution platform.

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What is eBook DRM and Why Do Publishers Need it?


Every time someone downloads an eBook and shares it with others, the copyright owner of the book loses revenue because instead of buying the physical book, people are actually sharing it for free. Here are some of the advantages of eBook DRM: 1. Adds an extra layer of protection: For digital publishers, the main benefit of DRM is that it adds an extra layer of protection to their eBooks and other copyrighted content. Ensure Regulatory Compliance.

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Top 5 Success Tips for eBook Publishers


eBook publishers need to create their digital content for multi-channel delivery. They need to have a distribution strategy in place to succeed and ensure their eBooks reach their target audience. A Statista report states that the eBook market amounts to $15.7

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Out of Your Authoring Tool @gomolearning eBook 1 11Index: Table of contents What should you look for and expect. this ebook to help you cut through the. organization and shared them in video format to help managers understand success. ebook.

How to Select the Best eBook Publishing Platform


Publishers who have been a witness to the digital transformation would probably agree that digitization with tools like ebook publishing platforms has been one of the best things to have happened to the publishing industry. Today everyone is familiar with the concept of online learning and eBooks. There is no dearth of eBook publishing platforms today. The process of eBook creation is much simpler than the traditional publishing method.

Creating Compelling Compliance Training with Scenario Based Training

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Compliance Training is one of the most challenging aspects of employee development. What Makes Compliance Trainings So Problematic? Unlike other trainings that help learners perform better and motivate them to take them, this is not the case with Compliance Trainings.

4 Must-see Examples of Gamification of Compliance Training

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Compliance trainings have been a significant part of corporate trainings for a long time now, they have been in the online format for the last 25 years. And, compliance trainings have not yet used any new strategies to enhance the experiences of the learner. Usually, compliance trainings are mandatory programs, and learners are never enthusiastic about taking them up. most compliance trainings also tend to be dreary, making it harder for learners to remain engaged.

Blended Learning for Compliance Training in the Automobile Industry

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For years, US automotive firms imparted compliance training to their people only in classrooms. A blend of ILT and online learning formats helps impart the best training because it helps companies provide a high degree of flexibility to learners. How to use blended learning to impart compliance training to automobile workforce ? Here are a few tips to deliver effective training on compliance matters through a blend of learning formats.

4 Amazing Ways To Uplift Boring Compliance Training With Microlearning

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If you are looking for ways to make your compliance training compelling and interesting, read on! In this article, I show you how you can uplift your compliance training with microlearning and, successfully, meet your mandate. How To Uplift Boring Compliance Training With Microlearning. Compliance training is crucial training for organizations that are mandated to comply with the policies and procedures from Govt or Regulatory bodies.

Free eBook: Video Based Learning For Corporate Training—14 Examples—Including Interactive & Microlearning Videos

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This free eBook, Video Based Learning For Corporate Training—14 Examples—Including Interactive & Microlearning Videos, shows you how you can use video-based learning to enhance the impact of your eLearning programs. Traditionally, it has been used to offer scenario-based learning, and it continues to be a popular choice for soft skills and compliance training. How Will The eBook Help You? I have structured the eBook as follows: An introduction to video-based learning.

Close Healthcare Compliance Gaps with Online Training

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According to a joint survey by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) and the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), human error is the main cause of data breaches. While the threat from hackers is ever present, the survey highlights the need for organizations to train their employees on compliance risks and set up adequate controls (Source: SCCE Press Release ). Compliance Gaps in the Healthcare Industry. Training Solutions Compliance Training

Free eBook: Microlearning in Action – Tips, Techniques, and Examples on How to Use It to Drive Employee Performance

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My free eBook , Microlearning in Action – Tips, Techniques, and Examples on How to Use It to Drive Employee Performance , is designed to help you understand its strengths and how you can use it to offset several challenges that L&D teams face today. How Will the eBook Help You? In this eBook , I outline how you can practically adopt Microlearning to drive employee performance. 4 Amazing Ways to Uplift Boring Compliance Training with Microlearning.

How to Select the Best Digital Publishing Platform


There are companies which offer end-to-end ePublishing services , right from the conversion of the manuscript to the distribution of eBooks. Publishers must be able to create and publish their eBooks themselves, without any technical difficulty. So, one must look for a tool which has an easy to use interface, allowing smooth creation and publishing of eBook. If you want to publish only novels, then you would have to go for a platform which supports the reflowable format.

Blended Learning: The Solution for your Boring Compliance Training

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Compliance training programs are infamous for their boring nature. But how can you deliver the content of a compliance training program, which deals with laws and regulatory norms, in an interesting manner? Before we proceed further, it is important to remember a successful compliance training program involves three important phases. Instructor-led training and m-learning formats to help learners understand the importance of being compliant.

5 Ways To Use Microlearning In Compliance Training

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Compliance training is mandatory and crucial for organizations. In this article, I showcase how you can use microlearning to make your compliance training engaging. Microlearning In Compliance Training: 5 Possible Approaches With Examples. Policies, procedures, and guidelines (from government and regulatory bodies) are typically the reasons to have compliance training. How Can Usage Of Microlearning In Compliance Training Add Value To The Compliance Mandate?

How To Use Gamification To Enhance Compliance Training – Featuring 4 Examples

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Gamification is used extensively to create sticky learning experiences, and compliance trainings too can use it to influence user behavior and create higher conformance. In this article, I share 4 examples of gamification for compliance training. 4 Ways You Can Use Gamification To Enhance Compliance Training. To meet the mandates of the government or regulators, compliance trainings continue to be a significant part of any corporate training.

5 Innovative Compliance Training Strategies That Will Get You the Desired Results

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The Best Compliance Training Strategies That Offer The Desired Results. Compliance training is a crucial training for organizations who must comply with the policies and procedures from Government or Regulatory bodies. As an extension, the Compliance training requires 100% conformance, and it must be completed a certain number of times during the year. At EI Design, we have been working with Compliance teams of our customers spread across the world for over 17 years now.

How to Deal with Those Pesky Compliance Courses

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Most likely you’ve also had to take similar types of compliance courses. In an ideal world all elearning would be completely relevant to your job and compliance courses like this wouldn’t exist. Recognize that a compliance course isn’t usually a performance-based course. Typically compliance courses are more like certification programs. Many times the compliance courses share information that is already available in other formats in the organization.

Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Print Books


With the rise of the digital era, the format, design and structure of age-old books have begun to undergo a significant change. Their previously dominant paperback and hardcover versions have started to be replaced by the highly customizable, convenient, accessible and shareable eBooks. . Being virtual in nature, extent and origin, eBooks are primarily designed to be read on a variety of electronic devices like desktops, laptops, iPads and even mobile phones. eBook solution

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Understanding Readium – Features, Architecture and Alternatives


Related Read: How to Choose the Best SDK for your Custom eBook Platform. Create a platform, which is able to support a variety of digital publishing formats such as ePUB 2.x Standards Compliance – Readium makes use of regression testing to ensure strict compliance and compatibility with the latest ePUB3 specifications. Readium ensures that their compatibility with the ePUB reading systems does not come at the cost of standards compliance. What is Readium?

XML Workflow: The New Content Process Publishers Need

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As digital technology speeds forward, companies and publishers must keep pace with delivering content through multiple channels, in different formats, and to be consumed on a variety of different devices. XML is the leading digital publishing format used to display and store information online. It is used to tag and structure content in a portable and open format that prepares the information to be easily displayed and reused.

How Can Publishers Benefit From PDF to ePUB Conversion


eBooks have slowly but steadily gained traction in the past few years. And while there might be several formats, PDF and ePUB are, by far, the most common of the lot. Authors and publishers typically make use of either format for their eBooks. First, let’s review both the e-publishing formats individually, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF generation is easy, with several tools supporting the format.

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eLearning Trends And Predictions For 2018

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This article draws pointers from my eBook on the same subject, and I have created it as a short, ready reckoner on eLearning trends and predictions for 2018. I also envision increased usage of formats that learners use in their daily life (notably, Apps and videos) to offer both formal and informal learning and more significantly reinforcements (through assessments supported by practice exercises leading to skill acquisition and mastery).

Creating Great Stories for eLearning

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SRIA eLearning Design Model – straight to the gut In the eBook and in our workshops, we introduced the SRIA (Set up, Relate, Interpret and Apply) Story-based eLearning Design approach. SRIA is a microcosm or nucleus of converting a small content into a story format. critical thinking scenarios micro-scenarios vignettes narrative storytelling compliance content development Interactivity stories instructional design conversations eLearning

Creating Learner Profiles and Training Journeys


There are many ways to make microlearning interesting, including just in time training, quizzes , short videos, infographics, or eBooks. These segments could be any type of format or lesson, but should thoughtfully cover how key elements of jobs are to be done.

Maximize Your CME Program with These 11 Features and Services


As a busy CE director, when you deal with an ever-changing regulatory atmosphere with equally fluctuating compliance requirements, you can’t afford to use a technology solution that falls short of what you need. Is your current CME software selling you short?

9 Tips To Repurpose eLearning Content

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For example, a section that covers job-related skills, and other that involves compliance topics. Create An eBook Or Interactive Guide From Existing eLearning Articles. If so, you may have enough content to create an eLearning eBook or interactive guide. Create a table of contents, format your text, and then produce a PDF. Include bullet-lists, sub headers, and eye-catching graphics in your eBook or interactive guide design.

How To Enhance The Impact Of Your Mobile Learning Strategy In 2019

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Over the last 2-3 years, mobile learning has transitioned from its first avatar—the mobile-friendly format—to the mobile-first format. The initial format of mobile learning was an adaptive or a mobile-friendly format that supported all devices but wasn’t fully optimized for smartphones. But the more recent format of mobile learning is the completely responsive or mobile-first format that is fully optimized for usage on smartphones.

What's new from Unicorn this quarter?

Unicorn Training

This year has already seen extensive updates to our Off The Shelf (OTS) General Risk and Compliance (GRC) courses to reflect changes in regulations, to focus on industry hot topics and to generally enhance the learner's experience. Compliance catalogue so please get in touch with your Customer Success. TWENTY FREE bite-sized eBooks on your existing Unicorn Learning Management System. The eBooks can be accessed in PDF format and can be opened.

Why Corporates Need to Adopt ePub3

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Management and publishing of content within the corporate world is no exception – given the explosive growth of content and its significance in sales, marketing, technical, research, HR, compliance, and knowledge functions. However, these formats are limiting from the point of view of automation, accessibility, mobility and analytics. With the help of an ePub3 publication, companies have been able to provide enhanced content formats on the web.

Microlearning Trends To Adopt In 2019

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It uses high-impact formats (notably, videos) that are engaging and immersive. It will leverage particularly on formats like mobile apps for learning where a personalized learning path with microlearning nuggets can be offered to learners. However, it will see an increase in the NextGen format, that is, interactive video-based learning. Microlearning formats will also help in promoting collaborative or social learning.

How to Use Scenario Based Learning for Corporate Training and Gain a Better ROI

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Over this period, we have seen changes in many facets including technology (Flash to HTML5), delivery formats (traditional eLearning to mobile learning), and learner demographics (increasing percentage of millennials). Compliance Training. We have used scenarios in the following three ways to achieve outcomes in this series on Generic Compliance: Validating learning. Free eBook: eLearning Trends And Predictions For 2018.

Welcome to our Course Collection

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Some however pick a style and make it their own, like our latest content partner Bookboon – the Netflix of eBooks. In this catalogue we include full listings of all of our Governance Risk and Compliance courses - including details of which courses are applicable to which sectors and job functions. You can always find the latest version in PDF format here At Unicorn we believe in providing learning solutions that appeal to all learning modalities.

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What's new from Unicorn this quarter?

Unicorn Training

This year has already seen extensive updates to our Off The Shelf (OTS) General Risk and Compliance (GRC) courses to reflect changes in regulations, to focus on industry hot topics and to generally enhance the learner's experience. you are already a part of the Unicorn family, you will be able to access TWENTY FREE bite-sized eBooks on your existing Unicorn Learning Management System.

4 Pragmatic Strategies L&D Teams Must Use to Train Remote Workers with Limited Training Budgets

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In this article (part of a series of 4 articles, an eBook, and a Webinar), I focus on the impact of COVID-19, notably the need to quickly adopt remote or Virtual Training (amidst tight or limited budgets). Move training to the virtual or self-paced online mode: Leverage existing ILT budgets as well as what you had planned for Migration of Flash to HTML5 to convert more courses to the Mobile format – particularly, Apps for Learning. Introduction.

Podcast 22: Launching a Learning Portal – With DirectEmployers Association

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About 97% of these member organizations are government contractors that must meet Department of Labor Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements. We want DirectEmployers Association to be the go-to solution for contractors who need OFCCP compliance and talent acquisition information, resources and support. We also provide outreach resources and help them understand their compliance obligations. Also, we offer punch lists in PDF format.