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Why Is FERPA Compliance Training Important?


For you, as a student, parent, or staff member, FERPA exists to give you guidelines to know what your rights are and how to keep sensitive information safe and secure. Consequently, FERPA compliance training is more important than ever to ensure institutional safety and information security. Social Security Number. Attendance and grades, including test scores. But what can be released and be in compliance with FERPA?

How to Offer CPE Credits & Compliance Training Online (2020 Guide)


Professionals all across the globe are constantly trying to keep up with an ever-expanding skill set required to be able to do their job effectively. Compliance training may cover a wide range of topics such as: Cybersecurity. Security training.

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Easily Overcome Your Top Compliance Training Challenges

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. Compliance training is mandatory across nearly every industry; including healthcare, life sciences, banking, and hospitality to name but a few. Compliance-driven organizations are required to demonstrate not only that their employees are trained in the laws and regulations unique to their industries, but also that they’ve been trained on internal policies and procedures specific to their roles within the organization. Why transition your compliance training online?

4 Training Effectiveness Metrics to Track Your L&D Fitness

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Although there’s no fancy watch to measure training effectiveness, there are other methods to do so. Better customer service, sales wins and compliance with health and safety regulations: What do all of these have in common? Treat feedback like you would a Net Promoter Score. For sales reps, you can directly tie L&D to the bottom line by reviewing specific metrics like number of sales orders secured and the actual value of sales made post-training.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

handle any secure external API calls, which means. concepts they have learned so far • Create scoring for a course and provide. When they’re set up within an effective authoring tool, you don’t need to attend to every. and is displayed in the most effective way possible.

10 Important Facts About Learning And Compliance Software

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Online learning and compliance software have become a popular and necessary means by which employers keep up with the demands of training their employees in the digital age. Following are ten important facts about learning and compliance software. Online learning and compliance software easily traverse the gaps between employees’ knowledge and learning needs. 6) E-Training is Secure. We are undoubtedly living in a digital age.

Five Reasons Why You Should Go Digital for Compliance Training

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This subject matter could range from topics like sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, cultural competence, to, information breach and security. These topics come under the compliance training mandate in most industries. Digital learning has an edge over classroom sessions when it comes to presenting sensitive topics as a compliance mandate. It is very important that sensitive compliance training matter conveys exactly what it is intended to, to all learners alike.

6 Tips to Select the Right Online Compliance Training Provider

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As the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) of your company, you have a command over the subject, but don’t know how to transfer that knowledge to your employees? Are you thinking of an online training provider that exactly suits your company’s compliance requirements? You have to look for an eLearning company, who can turn your complex compliance subject into instructionally sound, visually appealing and engaging online learning. Here is the future compliance training.

6 Training Trends for 2018 (and 3 you’re still not doing right)


Virtual instructor-led training (vILT) is quickly gaining traction as classroom training’s more cost-effective, less disruptive but equally effective cousin. Virtual learners scored an average 90% on a skills mastery test— one point higher than traditional classroom participants. Bonus : Embrace these virtual instructor-led training best practices to make your virtual training engaging and effective. #2: 5: Measuring Training Effectiveness. Save the Date.

Shaping The Future Of Aviation Training Using Enterprise LMS


A plethora of training programs on safety & security, soft skills, ground handling, cabin crew and others cater to the customized needs of diversified audiences. The two key factors that help driving this digital shift include- The need to meet changing compliances of the aviation sector in accordance to the updated information and to deliver the complete learning experience for employees with different job roles and responsibilities. Regulatory compliances.

The Challenges of Mobile Learning and How to Overcome Them


Improving engagement and training effectiveness as learners can complete courses at a time that best suits them. Gives greater ownership to learners which also helps to enhance the effectiveness of the training. Challenge: Data Security. The first step when considering security is to assess the risk. In addition to assessing the security risk, you need to review or put in place effective security policies.

Paradiso LMS conceded as Rising Star 2020 and Great User-Experience Award by a renowned B2B Research and Review Firm


Paradiso Solutions delivers integrated and cost-effective LMS solutions. As per CompareCamp, Paradiso’s top usefulness focuses on eLearning administrations which incorporate secure cloud facilitating, easy software integration, and fully customizable services. In their product quality score, the survey group gave the most elevated rating to the variety of highlights embedded in Paradiso corporate LMS. Introduction: .

E-learning Activities That Don’t Suck!

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This works well for compliance training, where the audience has to renew their certification. As they progress through the video, they are scored on responses. But, there are powerful elements of games that are very effective in building online learning. The “product” helps people improve their job security. It is more useful when you aren’t scoring or treating the activity as a quiz. There’s a lot of boring e-learning out there.

BLP Wins 2015 Horizon Awards for Knowledge Guru Mobile and Custom Game-Based Solution

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Scores and achievements sync seamlessly between the web app and native app version of Knowledge Guru. employees learn how to create secure passwords. They created a multitude of interactive modules that fit within a one-stop-shop Security Toolkit designed to help our employees access and navigate our security resources and learning portals” said Bryan Langley, Global Security Manager at Cummins, Inc.

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Migrating to a Cloud-based LMS


Instructors, as well as learners, can also share the content and their assessment scores on social media platforms with just a single click. If we talk about open-source LMS, it is extremely expensive whereas a cloud-based LMS is cost-effective as it comes in various pricing models.

An LMS for manufacturing will bring power to your workforce


From the implementation for onboarding of new company members, training to update their employees in innovative work methods or compliance training , to increases in productivity and training budget savings. Compliance Training. Inability to carry out advanced analytics to understand the effectiveness of training results. Due to gamified training, their employees have been motivated to take all the training and complete them on time and with good scores.

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Worker Training Trends in the Gig Economy

Some businesses will avoid the problem altogether, but those that prioritize agility, innovation and continuous learning will look for ways to effectively train freelancers where necessary. By specializing in a specific skillset, freelancers effectively take on their own professional development. Innovations to effective onboarding will probably spill over to full-time employees as well. More accessible and automated compliance and safety training.

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eLearning in the GDPR era: What you need to know


The new regulation is not meant to hamper international Cloud service use by EU citizens — just to increase its privacy, security, and accountability. If your company uses an online LMS for its training, it is important to understand that GDPR compliance is a shared responsibility between you (the “controller”) and your LMS provider (the “processor”). Additional details on this are provided at the TalentLMS GDPR compliance page).

An Introduction to the Enterprise Quiz Builder From ProProfs


Apart from being more secure, easy-to-use, and flexible, it offers unlimited quizzes, questions, and storage capacity – exactly what an enterprise needs. Get details like who took your quiz and when, their scores, performance and more. GDPR Compliance. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a set of security principles and protocols laid by the European Union to protect the data interests of European Citizens. Data Security.

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‘Best of Elearning! ’ Awards Honor 100 Top Solutions


As a Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) provider, BizLibrary manages access to the application, including security, availability, and performance, allowing I.T. AlliedBarton Security Service, Randstad Professionals U.S., Especially in compliance-heavy industry verticals, such as manufacturing, airlines, healthcare and financial services. The environment gives learning professionals full and self-service options for creating stimulating, measurable and secure online events.

4 key ways question banks can benefit GRC elearning


The vast majority of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) elearning courses require assessments to meet regulatory demands. Question banks, while unseen by the learner, play an essential role in ensuring assessments are robust and effective.

Employee Training Best Practices for Life Science Manufacturers

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Of even greater importance to manufacturers is verifying that your training programs are effective. Evaluating Training Program Effectiveness. Evaluating training program effectiveness is challenging and can be difficult to demonstrate. Here are several areas to consider when measuring your training program effectiveness. Planning is paramount to measure training effectiveness.

ProProfs Quizzes: An iOS App for Evaluating Knowledge, Abilities & Performance


Option to see and share scores. Trusted by global organizations, ProProfs Quiz Maker allows the creation of different kinds of quizzes (personality quiz, scored quizzes or any other type of quiz). It supports complete integration with ProProfs Training Maker (a cloud-based learning management system) and provides advanced options such as data security and automated grading to make training more effective. . Answer questions and get a definitive score/result.

Here’s the latest thinking on measurement, analytics and reporting

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The 10 measures recommended for public reporting by all organizations include: percentage of employees who have completed training on compliance and ethics; development and training cost; total workforce cost; human capital ROI and revenue or profit per employee; turnover rate; number of accidents and number killed during work; number of employees and full-time equivalents. It is an exciting time to be a learning professional.

How to Select Online Manufacturing Training That’s Right for Your Company

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The importance of blended learning strategies and will give some tips for creating effective learning blends. Evidence from hundreds of media comparison studies… suggest[s] that blended learning environments are more effective than pure classroom or pure digital learning….

How Quiz Maker Can Help Businesses to Generate Leads


Get ready to create personality and scored quizzes or, surveys from more than 15 question types. Successful completion of test questions over time can count for compliance training or professional development credit. How does your cyber security maturity rank against your peers?

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EasySIM™- All Your Questions Answered

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Individual scores and leaderboard motivate and challenge them to compete with their peers just as they have to in real life. Easy SIM is a Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC) which means no downloading, no need to install and constantly update software applications on multiple computers, or worry about security and compliance issues. What is EasySIM? Easy SIM is a KPI-driven comprehensive Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud.

3 Things to Know About eLearning Measurement and Tracking (And 5 Ways It Makes Content Better)

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Before/after scores: If you’re running pre- and post-training tests, you’re obviously looking for improvement in before/after scores. and 2004 that, while not quite as new or comprehensive as xAPI, are widely used, particularly in tracking compliance learning. Digital courses are often used as part of a blended learning approach, and learners’ successes and failures reflect on the effectiveness of classroom content too. Create high-quality, effective learning content.

A Conversation with Bryan Austin of mLevel


We discussed the evolution of the mLevel game-based learning platform and how it has helped a number of companies increase the effectiveness of learning in their organizations. First, the platform: mLevel’s purpose is to measurably increase the engagement, effectiveness and retention of our client’s workforce learning programs, while reducing the time to create and deploy those programs – often by as much as 80%. Analytics and reporting system — Effectiveness.

10 reasons retail needs an authoring tool


But with benefits such as scalability, speed of delivery and cost-effectiveness, more and more retail businesses are choosing to take control of the learning experience by introducing authoring tools into the fray. Effective, relevant online learning is sought after and frankly, expected by modern employees. Businesses will continue to need digital learning solutions to meet the diverse needs of their teams; having an in-house solution is more scalable, cost-effective and quicker.

3 Myths About Games-Based Learning in the Workplace… Busted!

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As well as transcending demographics, game elements can be a force for good in helping people to learn and master new techniques—as long as they’re designed effectively. This is driven by a fear that it will trivialize serious subjects such as compliance, health & safety, or conduct rules training. In truth, the same qualities that make gaming engaging outside of L&D can make it extremely effective in professional training.

LMS – a Learning Portal that adapts to your Changing Needs


It helps both, academic institutes and companies, in conducting student or employee training cost-effectively in their organizations. Here, arises training needs for compliances, device usage, and other essential medical procedures to the staff. Imparting Grades and Scores : After the tests or exams, or over the course duration, advanced tracking and charting of student performance becomes easy with the LMS at your disposal.

Free L&D webinars for March 2019

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Not only is this what most employees want, it’s also a key component of an effective learning strategy. It helps you scale your training worldwide, but every new recording is a pain to produce, and it’d be ideal for just-in-time learning, if only it could be effectively searched. ATD’s Core 4 conference focuses on the most crucial, practical, and fundamental topics needed to effectively develop learners. “ Leaf, clover, green ” by Jeon Sang-O is licensed by Pixabay.

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ROI: Should You Host The LMS or Let the Vendor

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As an individual in a training or compliance department, what kind of resources do you have at your disposal or within your department to keep your training servers up and running? What level commitment will the IT department provide to you when course scores are not being properly reported? If you are able to secure in your budget money for software and hardware upgrades (not directly related to the LMS) you may want to host internally. What level of security to you require?

Why You Should Schedule an LMS Demo


For example, if you want to do onboarding training for your customers, compliance training for your employees, or certifying your partners , we can see how they compare to how our customers already use the LMS. As a two-way conversation, there are steps you should take to make your LMS demos more effective. By prioritizing your requirements, you can score and evaluate the LMS after the demo.

6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy

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When implementing mobile learning in workplace, following 6 steps will help create an effective mlearning strategy. In context of mlearning native apps score over mobile web when your staff need to access information when in low/no connectivity areas or need to perform specific operations which need to use devices’ native capabilities like camera or higher processing capability. Manage Security Concerns.

A Conversation with Bryan Austin of mLevel

Kapp Notes

We discussed the evolution of the mLevel game-based learning platform and how it has helped a number of companies increase the effectiveness of learning in their organizations. First, the platform: mLevel’s purpose is to measurably increase the engagement, effectiveness and retention of our client’s workforce learning programs, while reducing the time to create and deploy those programs – often by as much as 80%. Analytics and reporting system — Effectiveness.