How to Embed a PDF Viewer in Articluate Storyline

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Think about it, youare participating in your yearly compliance training, and you are asked to look at the PDF, you click the link. The post How to Embed a PDF Viewer in Articluate Storyline appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

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Clickbait Learners To Increase Your Business Compliances


In addition, it helps employees stay updated with the organization’s new policies, compliances and industry specific needs. In today’s workplace environment, every business (whether small or big) is accountable for changing compliance norms and policies. Embed audios & videos.

How to Gamify Compliance Training


How to Gamify Compliance Training. This is easiest to achieve in processes that are difficult to comprehend or that are a little more obscure than a straightforward and rigid compliance training course. Historically, compliance training is not meant to be fun.

8 Reasons to Deliver Your Compliance Training Online


Compliance training helps in educating employees about the rules and laws of their industry and specifically their job function. The reason why compliance training is mandatory is because of the serious implications in the event that a company rule is flouted. Now the question that arises is how to deliver compliance training effectively? Can you delivery compliance training online ? Related: 7 Modules Your Compliance Training Resources Must Include.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

common applications/sites you might want to embed. In a compliance context, considerable problems can be. 12 Ways to Get the Most. Out of Your Authoring Tool @gomolearning eBook 1 11Index: Table of contents What should you look for and expect.

Q&A: Novartis International Integrity & Compliance Training Team

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Interactive compliance trainingpresents: Q&A: Novartis International Integrity & Compliance Training Team. Britta Luescher, PhD – Previous Director for Compliance Training. Nicole Leret – Compliance Project Manager. Compliance Training

How to Increase Learner Retention from Compliance Training… and Reduce Boredom

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No one wants to take compliance training, yet a huge percentage of corporate learning is centered around compliance. Help learners acquire compliance-related information they must know “cold.” The best compliance training will connect these two extremes.

Online Compliance Training: 4 Best Practices

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It is well known that abiding by the various compliance rules and regulations is mandatory for employees of any organization. Also, the emphasis laid by organizations now-a-days on compliance training is evident. But often, employees dislike taking the lengthy, dry compliance training.

How to use an LMS for compliance training


If you need to deliver compliance training, you’ll have specific requirements that an LMS can really help with. Because compliance training is mandatory and often legally enforced, it demands a more formal process than other Learning & Development activities.

6 Tips To Create A Communication Strategy For Compliance Online Training

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Are you sending a clear compliance message to your corporate learners? In this article, I’ll share 6 tips for creating an effective communication strategy for compliance online training. How To Create A Communication Strategy For Compliance Online Training.

State of the Front-Line Manager

is often spent checking compliance or. State of the. Front-Line Manager Management and Supervisory Skills Development Contents 2 Contents. 6 The Next Step: Bridging the. Learning- Doing Gap Page 18 5 The Root of the. Issue Page 14 4 The unrealized.

Compliance eLearning from Real-Life Government Penalties

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Oftentimes, the stories of non-compliance are right in front of us. It seems easy enough to identify the stories from public websites like the Department of Justice, but, how to reformulate these to embed your learning lessons is the skill set required.

Addressing The Great Organisational Learning Debate: Employee Sovereignty vs Compliance E-Learning

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How to raise new information to consciousness, preserve sovereignty and reduce the requirement for compliance e-learning. Understand employee workflow and embed new information at the point of need.

How to Make Online Compliance Training More FUN


Do the words “compliance training” make your employees shudder in horror? It’s possible to create engaging compliance training that still meets all necessary legal standards. A great way to get your learners interested in compliance training is to create interactive games.

Making Technical & Compliance Learning Engaging & Fun

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Synthesis: Develop fun and engaging technical and compliance elearning programs through approaches such as is unbundling content adapted to the learner’s perspective, finding instant context and weaving context and facts through real-life stories.

News: New Sator Partnership Brings Compliance Boost To Jersey

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Unicorn has joined forces with respected Jersey-based Sator Regulatory Consulting to enhance Sator’s commitment to providing first class financial industry compliance and regulatory services at global to local level. embed][link].

Small is Big: Converting PDFs to E-Learning Modules

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For example, if there is a one-page continuous introduction which talks about why compliance training is important, extract the points stated there and put them in a numbered/bulleted list “Benefits of Compliance Training”. What does a PDF bring to mind? Pages and pages of words?

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Your Policy Training Stinks! Try Something Better.

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The way we handled this in the Park District’s course was to embed segments of the policy documents right into the course. Compliance Instructional Design compliance training new employee training Onboarding policy training

Use ERRORS in making technical eLearning engaging and embedding objectives in error discovery and resolution.

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Cut down operational costs Accelerate the learning process Create good learning opportunities for each case scenario Help learners discover the mistakes and learn from it Discover Learn how to convert existing or create new technical and compliance eLearning content into stimulating real-life events.

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Gamification in E-learning: Motivating Your Workforce to Learn More and Perform Better


Gamification in e-learning aids to deliver impactful employee training, particularly in areas such as sales, marketing, compliance, and more. Workplace learning embeds videos, quizzes, and scenario-based questions to engage maximum learners.

Using the ridiculous and exaggerated situations to hone learning ideas.

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Embed Content Create interactive and discovery learning methods where content is embedded in simulated life scenarios. technical content storytelling ray jimenez compliance content development scenario-based learning stories micro-scenarios instructional design vignettes eLearning story-base

Survey Says: Knowledge Transfer and Retention are Big Issues for L&D Professionals

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Process, procedures, product knowledge and compliance information were all mentioned frequently. The key, of course, is to embed solutions like Knowledge Guru into a larger curriculum that truly drives success for learners.

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Cognitive Dissonance Theory

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Forced Compliance Behaviour. An aspect of the cognitive dissonance theory is forced compliance behaviour, whereby learners are forced to do something they they do not want to. Forced compliance behaviour is eradicated in microlearning as dull tasks are inexistent.

Creating Great Stories for eLearning

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These include: Logs Reports Customer complaints Exception reports Conversion ratios Data in sales, marketing, production, logistics, safety Financial records Compliance directives, infractions, Performance records Efficiency and productivity reports Other specifics of your business I recall a former professor of mine, who taught finance.

A Simple Way to Track Courses without an LMS

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I had someone ask how they could track people in their organization who have taken a compliance course. Embed the Form. Once you have the form, you’ll embed it into the course. In these examples we’re using Rise’s embed block.

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BLOG: Five Months To Go - How Are You Rising To The Accountability Challenge?

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Senior Manager’s Regime’, ‘MiFID II’, ‘Mortgage Credit Directive’, ‘Certification Regime’, ‘Code of Conduct’ etc are all major changes to the regulatory framework, with even greater consequences and sanctions for non-compliance.[caption

ABCUL Unicorn Partnership Announced

Unicorn Training

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Axonify Redefines Knowledge and its True Purpose at its First Annual Community Conference


Although this seems like a lofty goal, Axonify has found a way to embed brain science, gamification and learning best practices in an evolving platform to ensure that organizations are correlating this knowledge effectively with team behaviors (culture) and ultimately tangible business results.

NEWS: Unicorn Launches New ComplianceServe

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Unicorn has launched a comprehensive learning solution to embed cultures of ethical behaviour and compliance within financial organisations. embed][link].

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3 Secrets to Creating Better Video

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With our free plugin, you can simply copy and paste an embed code underneath your video to toggle on or off the audio description. Legal compliance. It’s predicted that 82% of the world’s internet traffic will be video by 2020.

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News: 'Landmark Financial Services Regulation Has Brought Clearer Training Focus' Says Sector Expert

Unicorn Training

Unicorn Commercial Director, Mark Jones, believes the industry has seized the opportunity to “look at compliance in the context of cultural transformation” as landmark new Accountability regulation comes into force on Monday (7 March).Mark said: “Compliance should be treated as part of, not in isolation to, an individual’s career development plan, and we’ve seen a shift towards that as the Accountability Regime deadline has loomed.“There

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Instructional Design is Not Dead!

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In the past, all instructional designers did was design “sage on the stage” classroom and compliance training. Despite rumors to the contrary, Instructional Design is not dead. .

Now videos can be part of all elearning content!

Adobe Captivate

Captivate 5 gives you the option to either embed the video in the project, or to stream it from an external Flash streaming server of your choice. Scroll down to the ‘what you can do’ section and click on ‘Compliance Training’ captivate 5 , video import , video synch.

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Axonify Redefines Knowledge and its True Purpose at its First Annual Community Conference


More than fifty customers and partners attended to network with each other, learn more about new product developments and listen to inspirational stories from leaders, including Chad McIntosh, VP Loss Prevention & Risk Management at Bloomingdale’s, Marcus Presley, Senior Manager, Logistics Compliance & Safety at Walmart, Mia Phillips, National Manager, Dealer Education & Digital Tools at Toyota, Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Evangelist at APPLY Synergies as well as many others.

Instant and Rapid One-Minute Learning for mLearning and eLearning

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Embed Play the event and look for opportunities to embed the idea to be learned. Synthesis: In a rapid, constantly-changing, technology-enabled work environment, which one works best – linear or random learning?