Through the Workscape Looking Glass

Jay Cross

It goes by many names, from Enterprise 2.0 Compliance is a red herring that people point to when discussing how deep “training” goes into the organization. However, compliance is not learning. The Workscape should address the needs of learners throughout the extended enterprise. Enterprise social network. Your Workscape is everything in your organization except the training department.

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Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

Last week I presented a session at ASTD TechKnowledge entitled eLearning 2.0 - Applications and Implications. It could just as easily have been called Web 2.0 I discussed my experience from Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 Spending or Wasting Time on Web 2.0 Firewalls - You can certainly install tools behind the firewall. You have to decide about inside the firewall vs. SaaS, but this shouldn't hold you back. Web 2.0

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