e-Learning and Compliance Training: Strategies for impactful course design


Compliance trainings feature prominently in most organizational training calendars. So, while the technology platform is compatible with compliance trainings, there are certain design strategies that also need to be kept in mind when creating a compliance online learning course.

What You Need to Know About Online OSHA Compliance and Training

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This includes the CEO who can learn how to increase profits, the CFO who can decrease overhead, the HR Director for reducing employee turnover, the Compliance Manager to ensure the company follows all current laws and regulations, and the L&D Manager responsible for in-house training.

Tips For Sexual Harassment Compliance Training In The #MeToo Era

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While sexual harassment training alone may not be enough to eliminate the conditions that allow for workplace harassment overnight, choosing the right compliance program is a good start. Make Compliance Training Mandatory For Everyone In The Company. Consequences for non-compliance.

Developing an Online Training Program for Employee Compliance

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Employee compliance is a major area of doing business that requires your focus. Developing employee compliance training programs should be considered, with all factors carefully weighed and measured. Who is responsible for keeping up with changes in compliance rules and regulations?

Easily Overcome Your Top Compliance Training Challenges

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. Compliance training is mandatory across nearly every industry; including healthcare, life sciences, banking, and hospitality to name but a few. Compliance training can be as simple as an employee handbook or as complex as understanding challenging legal requirements.

Action and Prevention-Sexual Harassment Training in California

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We will examine California’s new laws, as well as what a compliance training should entail below. The post Action and Prevention-Sexual Harassment Training in California appeared first on Compliance Training - Interactive Services.

“R.I.S.E.” to the Training Challenge: Why Boost Employee Training?

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Providing a training program that supports consistent and proper training will reduce liabilities such as, but not limited to, personal injury, asset damage, and subsequent legal fees.

The Need for Employees Refresher Training

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Failure of such compliance leads to adverse legal and socio-economic responsibility with respect to workers’ rights and corporate responsibility. Compliance. Most of us think that workplace refresher training is valueless.

Bullying at Work: EEOC Won’t Take It Anymore

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More importantly, employers can be held liable for racial, religious and sexual harassment if they fail to exercise reasonable care to prevent (or promptly correct) harassing behavior in their work environment, even if they were not aware of specific actions. Most training over the past 30 years has not worked as a prevention tool—it’s been too much about avoiding legal liability. Creative training techniques for mandated compliance. Compliance

Regulatory Upheavals Coming? No Problem

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TRID, or TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure, replaces the Truth-in-Lending Disclosure and Good Faith Estimate regulation for mortgage loans, and it is driving sweeping change across the home loan environment. Tags: change management , compliance , mortgage industry , training.

Sexual Harassment: What’s Next?

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When the initiatives are ineffective and sexual misconduct persists, companies are vulnerable to liability, libel, and possible litigation, not to mention damage to their brand’s reputation. As we move into 2019, what can organizations do to ensure that their workplaces are harassment-free environments or, even better, offer empowering cultures of equality, civility, and accountability? By Neil Cullen (Director, Compliance Learning, Interactive Services).

A Learning Guide to Recognising Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Everyone should have the right to work in an environment that is free of harassment, and in order for companies to achieve this goal, employees have to understand the basic rights of the workplace. The two most common types of sexual harassment are quid pro quo and hostile work environment.

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Free L&D webinars for August 2019

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During this session, you’ll learn what you can do to be successful in the virtual environment and avoid having everyone ask for a recording or a copy of the slides five minutes into your next virtual event. “ Fukushima Peach Fruit ” by ???? ???? is licensed by Pixabay.

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Is Social Media a Good Fit for Ethics Training?

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We’ve had some success recently using a “Discuss Online” feature in a recent course for one of our clients that allows students to respond to scenarios and questions online in a social environment, as opposed to just receiving “expert” feedback. In many ways, e-learning is a good fit for this and other compliance topics, especially since many companies are required to release new ethics content annually.

What is Employee Training And Career Development

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Employee training can reduce employer’s liability, especially if charged with criminal misconduct. Employees may also be equipped with compliance and ethics training, as training is an effective way to ensure compliance with rules and regulation, as well as adherence to ethics. With the ever-changing business environment, businesses are forced to adopt current technology in order to stay relevant in the market. What is employee training?

Go Green! Why Now is the Time to Focus on Sustainability


Today''s post will help you jumpstart your commitment to the environment and going green. . This is an organization that provides information, products, and services related to property and liability risk. Each department will need to be taught how to identify their specific daily activities and the impact these activities have on the environment, your image, your client base and the communities you serve, all as stakeholders.

6 Industries that can benefit from Virtual Reality Training


This also translates into lower liability insurance costs and fewer cases of malpractice and negligence. Instructors can also monitor their performance and remedy any issues promptly, which helps to prevent on-the-job fatalities and avoid compliance violations.

Finding the Most Effective Course For Your Learning Objective


Your company will make more money, lower potential liabilities and become a better place to work. Your objective, as a good educator, is to create an environment conducive to compliance AND effective learning.

ITT Closes All Campuses

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In tandem with the department’s enrollment restriction, it also told ITT it had to increase its cash reserves by $152 million in 30 days to cover liabilities in the event the schools closed. In a statement released Tuesday, officials at ITT Educational Services Inc.

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

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I tried to capture things down as they were said, here are my notes: Firewalls IP Privacy / Confidentiality Security Control over Quality of Information Strict Control Over Policies – Accuracy Liability / Discoverability / Compliance Change Management – Ready for It / Culture Management Take it Seriously – Away from Work Education of Management Lack of Resources – Mobile Devices Push Back from Workforce - Adoption This is a pretty good list of commonly cited barriers.

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Learning Goes Social

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This is especially true when it comes to compliance training — such as anti-sexual harassment training — or to pre-empt safety and other potential risks where trial and error can be detrimental. For example, if an employee is brought on to run a piece of equipment, it would be in an employer’s best interest to put in place a formal learning process to avoid liability issues.

Breakthrough eLearning: Learning Should be "Hard Fun"

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Why cant we produce learning environments that engage and motivate users to reach success, as they do when they are playing games? They could have just laid out all the key elements of risk management, liability and negligence issues and tested learners on these.

Ten years after

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Competitors do not afford them the luxury of getting approval from higher-ups or checking for compliance with procedures. Medieval (but generally accepted) accounting principles will be shoved aside by measurement systems that treat knowledge as an asset, training as an investment, and inflexible infrastructure a liability. Those who mastered these laws survived in the new environment. The Information Era has arrived. The Machine Age is over. The rules have changed.