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Edvance360 eCourse Library - For our employee training programs, each of whom offer the same basic safety and compliance courses and often need similar soft skill courses, there's no need to re-invent the wheel - or rather, create the courses from scratch.

Extended Enterprise Compliance: Mapping the Ecosystem

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Extended enterprise compliance isn’t a one-way street. It can help make the extended enterprise compliance process much easier to navigate. Extended Enterprise Compliance Use Case. Both employees and contractors pose significant compliance challenges.

Why Is Title VI Compliance Training So Important?


There are a large number of educational agencies that receive funds: 50 state education and vocational rehabilitation agencies, 17,000 local education systems, 4,700 colleges and universities, and other institutions, including libraries and proprietary schools. In 1963, President John F.

eLBX Online Day 26 – A Beginner’s Guide to 508 Compliance

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Laura covered the basics of Accessibility, Section 508 compliance, and WCAG. Section 508 Compliance. Here are some additional 508 compliance and accessibility resources: Section 508. We are in the final week of eLBX Online!

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

libraries. received, as well as an evergreen library of highly useful. into your authoring tool’s content library, then record an. rebranding to an entire content library automatically. In a compliance context, considerable problems can be. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Improving Regulatory Compliance Training


Corporate and regulatory compliance training is not the most exciting topics for employees. Corporate compliance ensures your organization runs smoothly and regulatory compliance ensures that your organization follows all applicable laws and regulations.

Why Should You Move Your Compliance Training Online?


6 Benefits of Having Compliance Training Online. Compliance and return-on-investment (ROI) are daily operational factors in almost every industry. Moving your compliance training online helps you stay on top of the latest learning & development technologies and development.

Evaluation and ROI in Compliance Training

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If your organization has what you believe to be a world-class compliance training initiative, then congratulations. An accepted belief is that mature, well-run ethics and compliance programs result in higher performance and improved outcomes. Evaluating Compliance Training Programs.

3 Essentials for Nurturing a Positive Compliance Culture

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Companies with a strong culture of compliance perform better, retain staff longer, and elevate their brand every single day. Here are 3 effective tips for promoting a positive compliance culture in the workplace. Compliance Compliance Training Corporate Compliance Program Latest News

How to Build Compliance Training in 5 Easy Steps


Compliance. In fact, compliance topics can be interesting, compelling, and critical — a kind of critical mass that can make them fun for us developers and thought-provoking and relevant for our learners. But … How do you create compliance training anyway?

9 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Gamify Compliance Online Training

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In this article, I’ll highlight 9 unexpected benefits of compliance online training gamification. Why You Should Gamify Compliance Online Training: 9 Reasons To Consider. However, you’re still undecided about whether it’s the right approach for your compliance online training course.

CD2 expands Library of Courses, Partners with OpenSesame

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OpenSesame is the trusted provider of on-demand elearning courses for the enterprise - offering over 20,000 courses, including categories such as safety, compliance, business skills, certifications, technology, and courses specific to a variety of industries.

Using Pattern Libraries for Accessible Elearning: Insights from CSUN 2018

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He’ll introduce using pattern libraries for accessible elearning development, explaining how they can make your development process more efficient. . How Can Pattern Libraries Help Ensure Accessibility? compliance, see How Accessible Should My Digital Content Be?

Does your LMS have a library? It Should!


Learn-WiseGo is one of the few Learning Management Systems that offer a library as a standard feature. There are many benefits to implementing an online library for your company; first and foremost, it will save you money. With a single centralized location of content, administrators can provide technical books, product reference guides, archives of information, HR forms, compliance information and manuals to all your employees.

Online Compliance Training: 10 Best Practices that You Should Start Following


29% of CCOs or Chief Compliance Officers in the United States have not documented or are not sure whether they have standardized compliance roles and responsibilities for their employees. To put it into figures, the cost of non-compliance is 2.71 What is Compliance Training?

The 8 Microlearning Must-Haves For Better Compliance Online Training


Do your employees need just-in-time support to prevent costly compliance violations and ensure workplace safety? These 8 microlearning elements will upgrade your compliance online training course. How To Improve Your Compliance Online Training Course With 8 Microlearning Activities.

8 Ways to Cut Costs on your Next Compliance Online Training Course


Did your last online compliance training course require more resources than you expected? Here are 8 ways to cut costs on compliance online training courses. How To Cut Costs On Your Next Compliance Online Training Course. Evaluate your current compliance online training program.

Cost 57

8 Tips To Reduce Compliance Online Training Seat Time

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Long compliance online training courses lead to cognitive overload and employee dissatisfaction. In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to reduce compliance online training seat time. . How To Reduce Compliance Online Training Seat Time.

6 Tips To Use Real World Activities In Ethics Compliance Online Training

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Are you thinking creatively about ethics compliance online training? How To Use Real World Activities In Ethics Compliance Online Training. Your compliance department might well be closest to your L&D strategy. Ethics Compliance Online Training Lends Itself To Microlearning.

6 Ingenious Ways To Refresh Compliance Knowledge In Online Training


Nobody really pays attention to compliance online training after they get their certification. How To Refresh Compliance Knowledge In Online Training. The purpose of compliance online training is to improve industry standards.

Customised compliance training for international drugs company

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One of our library customers needed both Data Protection Act (DPA) and Bribery compliance training in a hurry. They also needed them to be customised to suit their particular industry, supply chain and customers

Spread the Love With These eLearning Templates

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Never one to shy away from a cheesy theme, I’ve picked out a few templates from the eLearning Brothers Template Library that are perfect for sharing your love (of eLearning). These are just a few examples of the templates in our ever-growing Template Library. Template Library.

8 Things You Must Never Do with Graphics in PowerPoint

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While using a dog image is perfectly acceptable for a course on pet training or nutrition, inserting it into a compliance course (or Hipster Training) won’t get you the same effect. Jennifer Valley is an Instructional Designer with five years of experience.

News: FSTP and Unicorn Deal Raises Compliance Training Bar

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Leading financial services consulting and training specialists, FSTP, has joined forces with online learning and performance developers, Unicorn Training, to introduce an enhanced sector-specific compliance learning solution that includes integrated T&C guidance and CPD management.

AICC and SCORM Compliance: The Benefits for Your e-Learning


In addition, following the requirements of SCORM is a good idea when: Creating a large library of learning objects. The post AICC and SCORM Compliance: The Benefits for Your e-Learning appeared first on Lectora.com. The Benefits of Making Your e-Learning AICC and SCORM Compliant .


News: New Sator Partnership Brings Compliance Boost To Jersey

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Unicorn has joined forces with respected Jersey-based Sator Regulatory Consulting to enhance Sator’s commitment to providing first class financial industry compliance and regulatory services at global to local level.

Align Employee and Corporate Goals in 2019

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Or worse yet—they forget to follow your well-crafted compliance policies altogether. Best Practices eLearning Team Compliance Goal Alignment Learning and Development trainingEver look at your team and wonder why they’re wasting time on non-critical tasks?

Webinar: Customizing An eLearning Trivia Game for Adobe Captivate

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One question that was asked about our templates was about 508 compliance. As always, thanks for being a part of the eLearning Brothers family and don’t forget to check out the thousands of other assets available in our library.

Course of the Week Highlight: Prepare for Q4 with an End-of-Year Compliance Refresher


As we move closer to Q4, compliance topics are once again top of mind. With our wide variety of off-the-shelf options, our courses are a quick and easy way to make sure you meet your 2014 compliance goals and deadlines. From OSHA to sexual harassment to HIPAA, the courses in our library are ready to help! This week, we’re featuring three courses to jumpstart your end of the year compliance initiative.

HIPAA Training and Data Breaches: Are You Protected?


One of the problems with HIPAA compliance training, besides the changing components of the law, is what needs to be included in a training program. There are many effective online providers of HIPAA compliance training, usually done through a Learning Management System (LMS ). A HIPAA compliance training course helps inform and educate your employees on the latest regulations to follow. Ready to start your compliance training?

Project Showcase: Memorable eLearning for Salon Employees

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We even provided them with a pre-programmed screen template catalog and image library for their ongoing use. Compliance Training e-Learning compliance elearning In our business, there’s no better feeling than having a great client.

Braidio Partners with Leading Subject Matter Experts HirePotential to Deliver Complete Disability Compliance and Inclusion eLearning Offering


Braidio , a cloud-based learning and talent development platform, today announced that it has partnered with HirePotential, the leader in disability compliance and inclusion, to offer turnkey online courses on disability compliance and inclusion for small to midsized businesses and enterprise organizations. New Courses for Recruiters and Hiring Managers Meet Growing Demand for Companies to Create Inclusive Work Environments for Employees with Disabilities.

New Law Requires Sexual Harassment Training


Whether you have supplied your own training, brought in outside trainers, or used Learning Management Systems (LMS ) online courses, you want to make sure you are in compliance with the new law’s requirements by January 1, 2020. Sexual harassment and assault headline in the news everyday.

New Law Requires Sexual Harassment Training


Whether you have supplied your own training, brought in outside trainers, or used Learning Management Systems (LMS ) online courses, you want to make sure you are in compliance with the new law’s requirements by January 1, 2020. Sexual harassment and assault headline in the news everyday.

New California Law Requires Sexual Harassment Training


KnowledgeCity’s interactive course for managers and supervisors is designed to help your organization be responsible and in compliance with state and federal law. Sexual harassment and assault headline in the news every day.