8 Ways to Cut Costs on your Next Compliance Online Training Course


Did your last online compliance training course require more resources than you expected? Here are 8 ways to cut costs on compliance online training courses. How To Cut Costs On Your Next Compliance Online Training Course. Outsource time-consuming or costly tasks.

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Blended Learning for Compliance Training in the Automobile Industry

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For years, US automotive firms imparted compliance training to their people only in classrooms. How to use blended learning to impart compliance training to automobile workforce ? Use ILT and e-learning to educate staff on the importance of compliance training.

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LMS Solution for Simple Partner Compliance Training

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But it’s almost like my background with and knowledge of all the different LMS products (see LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers , Low Cost Learning Management Systems , Rapid Learning Management Systems and Open Source Learning Management Systems ) feels like it’s hurting me in this task. would cost.

3 types of games for Corporate e-Learning


where the cost of physical training is very expensive. Casual Games: These are best suited for organizations, where product, compliance and regulatory training must be imparted continuously. There are many games available based on the eLearning objective of the organization.

Podcast 24: DNA of High-Impact Learning – With Paul Morton of CrossKnowledge

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You get an email message that says, “Thou shalt perform this compliance training immediately or be punished.” It was a magic wand that promised to reach everybody at a ridiculously low cost, with wonderfully high impact.

Revamp Your HR Processes in 2020 For a Resounding Success!

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It is a low-cost but effective way to increase engagement. You need to be steps ahead as an HR leader to ensure that your organization is in compliance with these laws while hiring.

SCORM Cloud- Will It Really Change The Game?

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Low cost of SCORM player. In addition to my comments on point 2, if you are using the SCORM Cloud with your LMS which doesn’t have SCORM capability I am guessing that along with the pricing (based on registrations) there would be cost of integrating your LMS with the SCORM Cloud.


Best Ways to Deliver Online Learning Courses to Employees

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Creating Online-Learning Communities : The LMS allows educators to create cost-effective and collaborative online communities and scale up to accommodate a larger user base.

70:20:10 and user generated learning: no way!

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You can’t use user generated learning for compliance training or security training. With compliance training and security training you have to be able to prove that your employees know the rules. The training on the compliance rules can be done with user generated learning.

8 Popular Features of Moodle LMS for Corporate Training You Should Know

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Compliance training. Creating online-learning communities: As a platform, the LMS for corporate training allows educators to create cost-effective and collaborative online communities and scale up to accommodate a larger user base.

5 reasons startups should embrace eLearning


Compliance I am not aware of any enterprise that does not have to abide by a framework of rules and regulations. As an unvoiced rule goes “if it’s not documented, it never happened”; when it comes down to compliance and auditing, this is the ultimate rule.

Using E-Learning to Cut the Cost of Training New Employees


Using E-Learning to Cut the Cost of Training New Employees. Just look at how much more compliance training your company delivers now than it used to. When a new employee joins your organisation, they need that compliance training too. What is the Cost of Training New Recruits?

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This is When Your Company Needs to Make A Digital Learning Investment


Luckily, there are a ton of free and low-cost solutions available to give your employees adequate training without spending a ton of investment dollars that have already been spoken for.

What is eBook DRM and Why Do Publishers Need it?


First, publishers gain from reduced costs of publishing. It is relatively simple to publish an interactive eBook, and once published, you can make any number of copies you want at no additional, or minimal, overhead costs. Ensure Regulatory Compliance.

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LMS eCommerce Solution

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The needs are very similar to those in Rapid LMS and LMS Solution for Simple Partner Compliance Training. Related posts: LMS Selection Process Low Cost LMS eLearning Technology. I just got off the phone with someone who has a fairly common need that I've heard before. In this case, they are looking to provide their content as eLearning and sell it to individuals and organizations.

Top 5 Benefits of SCORM in eLearning


With benefits like cost-effectiveness , environment-friendliness, improved retention, and flexibility, the trend of eLearning has taken over the entire world of learning in just a matter of a decade. SCORM ensures global compliance of all the learning materials available online.


eLearning: How to Pick an LMS

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An LMS can be used for a variety of different tasks--internal training, performance tracking, compliance maintenance, policy awareness, and employee feedback. When pricing an LMS, keep in mind that the number of users who will access the LMS will likely affect your licensing costs. Permissions, level of maintenance, and ability to make changes on-the-fly can all affect the cost of LMS implementation and the staff resources required to administer online learning courses.

A Spring Treat: Connie Malamed's New "Visual Design Solutions"


As a career-long government employee I’m always interested in low-cost solutions so appreciate Connie’s attention to the idea that good design is not necessarily about money or software.

Dated best practices

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compliance-training requirements cheaply and efficiently using. time to return on investment during new corporate cost-cutting. low-cost custom content in-house. Low-cost flight simulators? to extend reach and reduce cost.

Custom LMS Anymore?

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This is a company that sells mostly compliance training to the healthcare market (Hospitals, healthcare practices, individual physicians etc…). I’ve seen it numerous times, but I feel like some of the low cost LMS or rapid LMS solutions would make more sense? Happy new year. I took some time off from blogging over the holidays. I’m just now getting back into the swing of things.

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The future is bright: corporate learning gets smart

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Rapid development tools allow the fast and easy creation of new elearning programs, and organizations can choose from a variety of off-the-shelf libraries containing thousands of courses for very low cost. Megan Torrance, CEO TorranceLearning.

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning

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3D-printed, low cost prosthetic limbs will bring the smile back on many faces. The need for creating meticulously designed training programs will be gone -- ( Some compliance programs may still be around. I am not the kind to crystal gaze.

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2014: The Year of the Corporate MOOC?

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Faced with these challenges, a few pioneer companies started to turn to MOOCs as a way to train large numbers of learners in a short time and at a relatively low cost. If you’ve been following the MOOC news, you’ll know that massive open online courses have had their ups and downs.

How to Attract a Loyal Learning Audience, Even on a Tight Budget

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Here’s how: Sometimes at work, your employer may require you to complete a compliance course. Here are some of the no/low-cost techniques that work for us. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated or costly. “If you build it, they will come.”

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4 Reasons Why an LMS Is Necessary For a Small Business Success


An LMS is, once again, a great tool for achieving both, as they you can train your employees on how to achieve that compliance or how to pass a certain certification process. including several low cost, free and even open source solutions.

The Growing Role of Microlearning

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Suddenly we had a new set of low-cost tools like our phones to capture video, pictures and sound. While we still have long e-learning courses, they are most often used for compliance training. Learning organizations today are dealing with a lot of change.

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Oil and Gas downsizing: Training on a budget

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While everybody likes a low price at the pump, those of us in oil and gas know only too well how important robust oil prices are to the health of our industry. Low cost per barrel means high anxiety for everyone, from the boardroom to the oil patch.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

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To achieve lower cost, faster time-to-market and to be able to support growing mobile access and specialized kinds of information access, I think we are going to see growth in the use of text-to-speech. This is especially true when the content is more about compliance than performance.

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning


3D-printed, low cost prosthetic limbs will bring the smile back on many faces. But here are five things I envisage will be different… The need for creating meticulously designed training programs will be gone – ( Some compliance programs may still be around.)

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5 Reasons Why Associations and Training Companies Should Use an eLearning Platform

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Going Beyond Compliance: There are many types of professional trainings that are legally mandated, and even more of them are considered necessary as an industry best practice. However, these compliance-related trainings are often presented in the simplest form possible. Low cost.

Gamification of Courses v’s Gamification of an LMS: A Need-based Decision!


To cite an example, let’s say compliance course – you as an organization want to make sure all the new joinees take it, so you create a game around it and whoever earns the maximum points, wins! It should be low cost and easily scalable. Gamification in eLearning brings in an effective yet informal learning environment which helps the learners practice real-life situations and challenges in an engaging environment.

August Topic: Learning Management Systems

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The most common include: Tracking regulatory compliance. If you’re looking for a simple LMS, one low-cost solution that BLP is focusing on this year is Moodle. As Jenn first told you in July , Lessons on Learning has a whole new format. We’ll be covering a new topic each month, and I’m in charge of August. This month, we’ll be focusing on Learning Management Systems. We’ll explore: Definition and features of an LMS. Differences between an LMS and an LCMS.

4 Tutorials to Help You Become an Audio Pro


So we need audio, but more importantly, we need to know when to use it for the greatest impact – and how to do so in a way that’s low-cost and high-quality. annual compliance training) a sense of formality and professionalism.

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mylearningworx - a reflection on the launch event

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It seems to be pitching in two directions - it wants to be a site used by consumers ("create a course on flyfishing") and they want it to be a low-cost training system for businesses, albeit under a slightly different brand, "the Foundry". Facing restrictions like that it's inevitable that at least some of the education programmes will do the same as the corporate sector and look to elearning as a potentially low-cost alternative.

Is Open Source Ready for Extended Enterprise Learning?

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2) Audience Size – Core open source LMS licensing costs are zero (or minimal). Here are some key differences that can swing buying decisions in one direction or another: Cost. Because LMS licensing comes at no/low cost, nearly every budget can afford a service provider.