Is Open Source Ready for Extended Enterprise Learning?

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Open source software is a great example. 10 years ago we would occasionally cross paths with corporate LMS buyers who were evaluating commercial systems side-by-side with open source platforms. But we were trained to believe that if any corporation expressed interest in an open source LMS , the buyer was probably uninformed, unserious, seeking a cheap fix or some combination of those. Is open source right for every extended enterprise application?

6 Advantages of Using an Open-Source LMS


Should you launch your course on a hosted LMS, or use an open-source option? But if your course is your life’s passion, here are six reasons an open-source LMS will set you up for long-term success. Meanwhile, because an open-source LMS is accessible to a wider audience, it works with a broader range of themes. In the age of GDPR compliance, that may be more important than ever. In a closed-source system, you’re out of luck.

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Free Open Source LMSs are like Puzzles

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Next, you open up the box and find out that the puzzle has 10,000 pieces. The puzzle is nearly built and then you realize that the puzzle piece person does not have 3D Widget compliance experience, which you will need for your puzzles. I would say open source, but there are systems that provide open source and they are not free. Thus free open source (a proper way) or some platform that is free.

Open-Source Learning: How Moodle Makes Learning Accessible & Adaptable

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Open source , for many, is a bit of a nerve-racking term. Open source as it pertains to Learning Management Systems (LMS) essentially means that the code is freely available for anyone to download and use anytime and anywhere in the world. Additionally, an open-source LMS offers more customization, functionality, and other benefits compared to closed-source software because of its flexible nature. Moodle LMS: Open-Source Learning for Everyone.

Open source in corporate learning – The need to take it seriously.

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In Australia, as in other parts of the world, corporate training budgets have been cut and any training considered “discretionary” (read non – compliance) is being questioned. Using Open Source approach is one such opportunity which should be given serious consideration. Let us first talk about the open source approach and how you probably use it without being aware of it. So what is the open source approach ?

Make Corporate Learning More Relevant With AI

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Employees take a course so they can check off a compliance box or position themselves for career advancement. Open-source e-learning platforms can make it easier to swap new content in to address new developments and also has the advantage of not being a “black box.” Developers can follow processes by examining the source code, learn from it, and improve the system to improve learning. In the corporate world, training is often an end unto itself.

Real feedback and real solutions to compliance elearning problems

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Some of the most interesting parts of Towards Maturity’s recent report on compliance training are the direct quotes from learners and L&D professionals talking about compliance elearning. We’ll look at what we can learn from this genuine feedback and examine strategies to help overcome the problems that real learners are having with compliance training. It’s clear from this feedback that off-the-shelf compliance courses are failing some employees.

Learning Technology Blogs: An Analyst’s Reading List

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10 Common Myths About Open Source. Open source LMS Totara topped our list of 2016 learning industry thought leaders. Weekly posts explore multiple topics, including best practices in onboarding, compliance training, social learning and LMS reporting, and of course, definitive open source thought leadership. When you need solid advice about learning strategy and technology, which blogs come to mind? Are any LMS vendors on that list?

CMS: An Alternative to a LMS for those who seek Portals or Communities

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Today, CMSs are appearing with the above, but may include workflows, collaboration tools, web site search, document repositories, records management, digital asset management, compliance and social media. And, with the costs of a LCMS or even some CMSs, you might want to seek out the open source – FREE way. Unless you plan to add some APIs (since they are open source, you could) to create reports on some data or do robust data collection, it is not going to happen.

Meeting Requirements for Healthcare Compliance with an LMS

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In one of the most high-risk, highly-regulated, and constantly changing industries, education and compliance are crucial in healthcare. As a compliance officer or L&D leader in your healthcare organization, your plate is full. Having a Learning Management System (LMS) partner that understands the challenges you face while also providing a secure, stable platform to protect your data and training records is key to successful healthcare compliance and training.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Kineo Webinar: Compliance Training Case Study

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Sunday, August 23, 2009 Kineo Webinar: Compliance Training Case Study Kineo will be holding a free webinar on developing cost-effective compliance training on Thursday, August 27, 2009. In an increasingly regulated world organizations need to both train staff in relevant regulations and demonstrate compliance. Rapid E-learning provides an alternative to develop compliance training cost-effectively and quickly.

Free, now with added capitalisation

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Imagine, if you will, yet another piece of Brussels derived equality/compliance legislation washing up on the banks of the Thames outside Parliament. rapid tools marketplace thoughts blogs news Moodle the market LMSs elearning open source thought leaders appeals freelearningI've just trawled through the working and reworking of ideas spawned by Chris Anderson's book Free. It got a big response from the likes of Malcolm Gladwell and Seth Godin and on it went.

Free, now with added capitalisation

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Imagine, if you will, yet another piece of Brussels derived equality/compliance legislation washing up on the banks of the Thames outside Parliament. Tags: rapid tools marketplace thoughts blogs news Moodle the market LMSs elearning open source thought leaders appeals freelearning I've just trawled through the working and reworking of ideas spawned by Chris Anderson's book Free. It got a big response from the likes of Malcolm Gladwell and Seth Godin and on it went.

LMS Solution for Simple Partner Compliance Training

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But it’s almost like my background with and knowledge of all the different LMS products (see LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers , Low Cost Learning Management Systems , Rapid Learning Management Systems and Open Source Learning Management Systems ) feels like it’s hurting me in this task.

How to Create a SCORM Compliant Course on a Budget?

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The flexibility and interoperability of being able to add materials from different sources is what increases the demand for SCORM-compliant content. Go Open-Source: If you don’t want to opt for an expensive LMS, you can use free add-ons like the Microsoft Office Mix or simply opt for any open-source PowerPoint to SCORM converters. Mobile Learning employee training scorm scorm compliance scorm compliant courses


The Revolution is Coming: Consumer Tablets and E-Learning

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Ipad, Entourage EDGE, Camangi WebStation, Freescale, Amtek, Asus,Open Peak’s Open Tablet, ExoPC Tablet, Fusion_Garage Joo Joo, Ubuntu Linux SmartQ, EAFT MagicTile. APIs, Open Source, HTML5. Open Peak. Tags: HTML5 LCMS LMS Open Source Uncategorized WBT e-learning e-learning vendors elearning learning portal m-learning mobile learning social learning social media tablets mlearning tablet The Revolution. Battlefield.

10 Ways a Moodle LMS Can Transform Corporate Training

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It is an open-source platform that was developed in 2002 by Martin Dougiamas to facilitate the creation of personalized learning environments. Open Source. The biggest advantage of using Moodle for corporate training is that it is an open-source LMS platform.

Bring the power of automation to your learning management system with Learning Pool’s LMS Pulse

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Learning Pool is thrilled to announce the release of their latest LMS feature, LMS Pulse, a plug-and-play solution that drives improved learner performance, increases compliance rates and saves administrators time.

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Learning Pool positioned on ‘Best Learning Management Systems’ list 2020

Learning Pool

Learning Pool’s Learning Management System is one of the most feature-rich, open-source LMS’s on the market. It is fully hosted and supported to deliver great learning, easy compliance, and clear reporting.

What is a Learning Management System? (2019 Update)


Learning management systems are used to deploy a variety of learning strategies across different formats, including formal, experiential and social learning to manage functions such as compliance training, certification management and sales enablement. Within the LMS, courses can be assigned to ensure employees acquire the right job skills, are informed about product changes, are up-to-date on compliance training, etc. Maintain compliance.

Top 10 Cloud Management Tools for Your Business

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OpenStack is an open-source cloud management platform that lets users create public and private clouds. And since it’s open-source, you get complete control and security over your data. . Apache CloudStack is another open-source solution for cloud management.

This Week On #TalkTech: Game Based Learning, Human Computer Interaction and Google’s Authoring Tool

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Think of “mastery” as a core skill that is repeated over and over and mediocrity as a general awareness of compliance procedures. Topic 3: How can Google’s new open source authoring tool benefit corporate learning? Given the growing popularity of MOOCs (massively open online courses), this was only a matter of time. Google Launched an Open Source Authoring Tool. #TalkTech is the “flipped” approach to Twitter chats.

The Just Right Learning Management System

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Customizing an Open Source Platform. As the enterprise LMS has evolved, so too have alternate applications that are built on open source platforms. The e-Learning module and the LMS save time for applicants and the Diocese while improving child abuse prevention and compliance. By customizing open source platforms, it’s now possible to get the exact functionality you need – nothing more, nothing less – without entering the $1.9

Top 6 Cloud Infrastructure Management Software Solutions for Enterprises

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The proliferation of cloud technologies in recent years has changed the way enterprises and IT managers approach the management of IT costs, security, compliance, and infrastructure management. OpenStack is one of the most popular free and open-source cloud infrastructure management software platforms for cloud computing. Integrates with legacy systems and works with many open source technologies, making it suitable for heterogeneous networks.

eThink Education Named a Certified Premium Moodle Partner Eligible to Support Moodle Workplace

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This distinction will enable eThink to offer organizations another powerful solution for meeting learning needs related to compliance, onboarding, and extended enterprise training. In addition to service, Certified Premium Moodle Partners are recognized for their contribution to Moodle’s open source initiatives and growth.

What is an LMS? The Basics of Learning Management Systems

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Corporate Entities : to provide onboarding, compliance, and continuous professional education to various department levels and sectors within an organization. Open-Source vs. Closed-Source LMS. One important fact to note is that LMS platforms can be either closed source or open source. Closed-source options typically provide an out-of-the-box eLearning platform. Why We Recommend an Open LMS Solution.

eThink’s 2018 Year In Review

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eThink continues to expand our Moodle client base and work closely with Moodle HQ to extend the product and support Moodle adoption and the open-source community. Our team is dedicated to driving the Moodle product forward by educating the market on the advantages of the open-source product and supporting the Moodle product and community in every way that we can. Spreading the Word about Open-Source, Moodle & Totara.

LMS Pricing Guide: Which Model Works Best For Your Organization


Enables mandatory learning requirements to be met, such as regular compliance training. There are two main free options for LMS plans: freemium and open source. With open-source software, you can access the LMS regardless of how many users you have; however, this usually requires some tech experience. With open source LMS, you can have unlimited users and still incur no charges.

10 Benefits of Moodle based Learning Management System (LMS)

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About Moodle based Learning Management System (LMS): There are several types of LMS available, the most popular being a Moodle based Learning Management System, which is an open source, free to download, flexible user-friendly eLearning platform, supported by a global community and with over 68 million users worldwide from all types of organizations. The Moodle based LMS is ideal for: Compliance training. What is an LMS?

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Leveraging an Open Learning Ecosystem to Support Corporate Learning

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Open-Source Learning Management Systems. In particular, b y choosing an open-source LMS , you gain multiple benefits that allow you to build a n effective , dynamic and integrated learning ecosystem. Open-source allows your LMS to adopt a best-of-breed content strategy. The source code is free, allowing you to build your learning ecosystem to meet your exact needs. Moodle is the most widely used open-source LMS in the world.

When to use #Gamification

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Gamification can also be done at the content level where the compliance online training module is turned into a “who-done-it” to find where the compliance violation took place. Skill Building—If you want to learn how to use the Ruby on Rails, an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language, you could sit down with a manual and plow through pages of text or you could program a web site for Zombie meet ups.

Start this 2019 by the hand of the Top eLearning Companies in India


Mobile Learning: it opens the learning process up further by providing access to learning content on and offline and in any device is convenient – computer, tablet or smartphone. The IT services provided by Excelsoft can go from content development, game-based learning, custom applications, mobile applications, solutions implementation, open source, among others. Also, they are a good option for compliance training, sales, and product training or soft skills training.

eLearning: How to Pick an LMS

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An LMS can be used for a variety of different tasks--internal training, performance tracking, compliance maintenance, policy awareness, and employee feedback. Some systems, like open-source LMSs, may seem attractive because of low costs and easy customization, but they can be more complicated to use than software services that make support staff available.

How has your elearning changed the world?

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Open source projects play a big part in elearning, especially enabling non-commercial projects to benefit as wide an audience as possible. IChangedTheWorldBy contributing to an open source educational tool. Compliance training regularly helps people avoid accidents and identify hazards in unsafe work environments.

Understanding Readium – Features, Architecture and Alternatives


The Open Source Foundation aims to develop technology for expediting the adoption of ePUB3 and the Open Web Platform by the Digital Publishing Industry. It strives to deliver leading-edge functionality that is fully specified, free, open, and interoperable. Readium aims at networking and coordinating between other similar open-source efforts. What is Readium? The Readium Foundation was created in March 2013 as an independent non-profit corporation.