Improve Compliance Training Results With the Right LMS Strategy

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When the time of year rolls around for a compliance training renewal, you should have peace of mind that it will resonate with employees and shape their behavior in the way intended. Why engaging compliance training matters. Make compliance cultural. Storify compliance.

Extended Enterprise Compliance: Mapping the Ecosystem

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Extended enterprise compliance isn’t a one-way street. It can help make the extended enterprise compliance process much easier to navigate. Extended Enterprise Compliance Use Case. Both employees and contractors pose significant compliance challenges.

Fun Compliance Training – A Real Phrase


Fun Compliance Training – A Real Phrase. In life, there are few certainties, one in particular which you will be exposed and subjected to is compliance training. Compliance training as we know it is meant to be a boring and highly regimented experience.

Bridging the gap between the ‘intent’ and ‘mechanics’ of compliance programs

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And in the case of compliance training in particular, two vital aspects of the learning environment come into picture: the intent or the ‘what’ behind the program (what the training stands for) and the mechanics involved in […]. An effective learning intervention brings three considerations under the spotlight: the learner, the content, and the learning environment.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Google AI Blog (2014), ‘A picture is worth a thousand (coherent) words: building a natural description of images’ 4 Give Your Video. parts of a picture to discover more information. headquarters in the country where the learner is, you should be able to change that picture to show.

What is Compliance Training?


Compliance just had its coming out party. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679) cast a bright light on the complexity of ‘compliance’ to a mass audience like nothing before. Employee compliance training is a pillar of eLearning and training and development as a whole.

SCORM Compliance and Tin Can Api


All SCORM compliance means is that the content will work on any system that can read scorm – i.e. pretty much all LMSs out there. If there was no SCORM compliance then elearning content produced in one place would not be able to be used elsewhere.


Online Compliance Training: 10 Best Practices that You Should Start Following


29% of CCOs or Chief Compliance Officers in the United States have not documented or are not sure whether they have standardized compliance roles and responsibilities for their employees. To put it into figures, the cost of non-compliance is 2.71 What is Compliance Training?

Effectiveness of E-trainings for Compliance in the Pharma Industry

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Training them on compliance in a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom is practically impossible. Training your pharma sales reps on compliance through e-training has pros that can’t be ignored. E-learning interactivities make compliance courses engaging.

Inspiring Compliance Training? It can be done…

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Once upon a time there was a training program that cultivated a thriving culture of compliance throughout an organization. What do your learners say about compliance training issues? Step back and take a big-picture look at your compliance training.

State of the Front-Line Manager

Now picture a few of those front-line. high quality.xiii 14 The Unrealized Opportunity Not a pretty picture! picture to be optimistic, reporting that. is often spent checking compliance or. State of the.

10 Commandments to Make Online Compliance Training Engaging

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Let’s admit it, ‘interesting’ and ‘exciting’ will not be the first words that come to employees’ minds when they think of online compliance training – so infamous they are for being boring and dry. Training Solutions Compliance Training

Let’s face it, compliance is not the same as learning

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Contrary to the nature of much compliance training, the subject in this case was inherently interesting and gave an insight into the lives of people who work in much more hazardous environments than south east England (which, in case you were wondering, explains the picture).

Why most compliance e-learning doesn’t actually work

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Why do companies offer compulsory compliance training to their employees? Let’s look at the bigger picture. Compliance training exists so that employees and companies are trained to abide by the laws and regulations in place. Most compliance e-learning, or e-telling as we call it, will just overload the learner with drab subject information, and upon successful completion will record an employee’s outcome as “trained”.

6 Ways To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Your Compliance Training Courses

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Compliance training strategy isn’t just about the bigger picture. Corporate eLearning Compliance Training Corporate Learning Best Practices Online Training Strategy User-Friendly LMSSometimes, you need to focus in on the basics and assess your corporate learning on a course-by-course level. What should you be looking at? Take a look at our top 6 metrics below. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

picture – data shows a different story. a horrible picture to be printed on that. You had high intrinsic motivation, unlike many compliance training courses!) The Secret to Getting eLearning Results Isn't What You Think 1 Navigating a. rapidly changing.

WHAT?!? Who Said Compliance Training Can Be Fun?

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ba-dum-tss* Seriously though, the overwhelming answer would be compliance training. Compliance is typically so packed with boring policies and regulations that there’s no room left for engagement. Fear not, there is a way to make fun compliance training.

WHAT?!? Who Said Compliance Training Can Be Fun?

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ba-dum-tss* Seriously though, the overwhelming answer would be compliance training. Compliance is typically so packed with boring policies and regulations that there’s no room left for engagement. Fear not, there is a way to make fun compliance training.

4 Compelling Situations to Outsource Compliance Training

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When it comes to your online compliance training, you often face the dilemma of whether to outsource or not. If not all, you can outsource a part of the compliance training you think won’t cause much threat to your company privacy. Here comes outsourcing into the picture!

How To Create Unconventional Safety Training That Meets Your Compliance Standards

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Enhance your safety training by using a big-picture approach: first, find a hook and write your story, then choose the right combination of learning approaches to create unconventional safety training that meets compliance standards and reinforces your culture and philosophy. Corporate eLearning Compliance Training Corporate eLearning Best Practices Corporate Learners

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

picture of the costs of. you have a complete picture. Compliance, assessment, and/or. certification requirements: • Are there any compliance. Begin with the big picture. developing the big picture—or what. envision the big picture journey.

Immersive Learning and Online Ethics and Compliance Training – The Perfect Fit

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The objective of a compliance and ethics training program is to educate employees on rules, regulations, and ethical behavior. This is where immersive learning comes into the picture. Has he violated any compliance norms? Training Solutions Compliance Training

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Your Healthcare Compliance Training, But a Dashboard Can


Let’s take compliance data which is critical for healthcare in general and not just care homes?—?it it includes a large number of variables and inputs that should paint a picture on your general compliance performance. Examining Care Home Compliance with Dashboards. ?.

Making Technical & Compliance Learning Engaging & Fun

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Synthesis: Develop fun and engaging technical and compliance elearning programs through approaches such as is unbundling content adapted to the learner’s perspective, finding instant context and weaving context and facts through real-life stories.

Strategies for transformation 3: from compliance to competence

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The third step on the route to transformation is a shift from interventions aimed primarily at ensuring compliance to those that aim to achieve competency. Option (1) is based on the assumptions that infringements are unlikely, the regulations are a nuisance and that compliance is a necessary evil. The implications of an approach based on compliance So what are the dangers of basing your approach to training on simple compliance?

Protagonists Should Be Like Your Learners

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Learners should see a bit of themselves in the characters in your scenarios so they can picture themselves making the same kinds of decisions. This example scenario is also used in Motivating Learners to Look Up Compliance Policies Themselves.).

An offer they can’t refuse

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This poses a problem when, for example, you need to roll out compliance training to each and every individual. In other words, nothing like typical compliance training. The picture is rich and sharp.

Our Top 5 Training & Development Webinars from 2015

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It then connects the big picture goals of a product launch to practical techniques for designing a curriculum that engages learners before, during and after a launch event. Gamified Safety and Compliance Training: Case Studies from Roche Diagnostics and Regis Corporation.

Breakthrough eLearning: Taking Compliance Training Seriously

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They can overcome the challenges of time and distance to reach many people at once, and have a record of such training having been completed (important for compliance). I have examined a lot of what passes for eLearning compliance training and it isnt pretty.

Breakthrough eLearning: Creating a Culture of Compliance

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We did a critique of some typical compliance training, discussed some of the possible legal repercussions of poor training, and presented a demo of some best practices in compliance training. Comments about compliance training included: "Dry and boring."

How to Plan a New Online Course, Part 1: Establishing the Basics


laws and statutes, compliance requirements, etc.)? Key points to consider: How do you see the story of the course unfolding – from micro to macro, or from the big picture to the little details?

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Passion for compliance learning ! Conversation with Michael Parker – Exec Mgr, Group Learning, CBA – Part 2

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At a more base level is my passion for “compliance learning”, strange as it may sound. This is because of the high volume of compliance learning required in banks and the complete lack of enjoyment for the millions of people who complete it. My passion is how to ensure we deliver “learning” into our compliance learning. Jeevan Joshi: I assume this is about making compliance learning more interesting. This is where the cost benefit comes into the picture.

Breakthrough eLearning: Compliance Training: Going Through the Motions

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There is a raft of health and safety, environmental, human rights, privacy, and financial reporting guidelines that must be adhered to, and training is seen (and often legislated) as a key component to remain "in compliance."

Facebook: why data privacy matters

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In the midst of posting your name, pictures, and background on social media sites, did you ever consider who your information reaches, beyond your family and friends? Just last week I posted a picture on my Facebook account. It was a picture of my childhood dog and me.

Is Your Process Training “Nice to Know” or “Need to Know”?

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Sometimes, L&D functions spend so much time producing process training for front-line staff that they neglect the needs of middle managers to be included in the bigger picture. Example: We developed safety & compliance training for hair stylists in Regis corporation salons.

Limiting managers and liberating leaders

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Image from Public Domain Pictures During more than 40 years of employment in large organisations I encountered two kinds of people in authority.* Compliance is demanded and such obedience means there is only one direction and goal that can be expected.