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Where Have All the Learning Portals Gone?

CLO Magazine

Fifteen years ago, the learning field thought the learning portal was going to be a powerful tool to drive employee performance improvement. Now when I look around, it is hard to find the 2016 “All Star” learning portal. What happened to the magical learning portals of our dreams?

LMS – a Learning Portal that adapts to your Changing Needs


Here, arises training needs for compliances, device usage, and other essential medical procedures to the staff. The post LMS – a Learning Portal that adapts to your Changing Needs appeared first on eLearning Experts. LMS is the new wave brought about in the world of e-learning that focuses on efficient use of learning resources. It helps both, academic institutes and companies, in conducting student or employee training cost-effectively in their organizations.

Learning Technology Tools to Enhance Safety Compliance Programs

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Infographics explaining the need for adhering to the safety compliance rules, statistics about workplace injuries and more can be displayed at the workplace, particularly in danger zones. They can also be shared in the company’s social media accounts or Intranet portals for wider reach.

Real feedback and real solutions to compliance elearning problems

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Some of the most interesting parts of Towards Maturity’s recent report on compliance training are the direct quotes from learners and L&D professionals talking about compliance elearning. It’s clear from this feedback that off-the-shelf compliance courses are failing some employees.

How to Persuade your Boss to Invest in an LMS


All of your learnings via one portal. Better Compliance Practice. We all know that non-compliance with industry regulations costs serious money. Business Compliance LMS buying an LMS eLL learning management systemHow to Persuade your Boss to Invest in an LMS.

ASAE Annual Conference 2015

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compliance, social learning, and scalability, we’ve completely redesigned the LMS, creating a platform that offers transformative learning experiences for Everyone – Anywhere, Anytime.

State of the LMS 2012

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Equally they are focusing on compliance components assuming that this is a huge upswing for an extensive list of companies. As noted earlier in this post, the whole “compliance” driven features is striking the market at a fervor pace. Compliance – 42.8%.

Create individual learning experiences for your customers, partners or teams


Through our multi-portal feature you are able to in effect manage multiple LMS’s easily through one LearnUpon login. You can easily customize the appearance of the portal by: Choosing the header, background and link color. You can manage them conveniently from a “parent portal”.

Answering your LMS Questions

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Compliance/Regulatory, work audits. e-learning e-learning vendors human captial management LCMS learning learning management system learning portal LMS Talent and Performance Management virtual learning elearninfo learning management systemsHow many of you have posted questions regarding LMSs on Quora, Linkedin or the various other social media sites available on the net?

CMS: An Alternative to a LMS for those who seek Portals or Communities

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While the race is on for people to get LMSs and LCMSs, there are some people who either do not want or need a LMS/LCMS, but want to create a learning community or more often, some type of portal – intranet or internet. They may call it a “learning portal&# or “training or knowledge portal&# or whatever. MMbase - Web Content Management System, has DMS too with strong multi-media features and advanced portal functionality.


Do Your Learners Know the ‘Why’?

Bottom-Line Performance

For example, we partnered with one of our clients to redesign new hire compliance training to show how each policy or procedure helped the company achieve its mission of “Helping the world grow the food it needs.”

Social Learning pays off! A Success Story

Origin Learning

The learning portal became the first enterprise application to reach all the employees. Learning by force is passé. How do organizations engage with young, trendy, and tech-savvy people when it comes to learning and development?

TOPYX LMS and EdTek Services Announce Partnership


Clients choose TOPYX because of its ease of use, engaging peer-to-peer learning tools, outstanding value, robust feature set and dedicated support teams to provide compliance training, external portals, sales training and other online learning management needs. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.


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People can create or access portals to share created and curated resources, and social networks to interact with one another. L&D will become just a part of HR, addressing the requirements – onboarding and compliance – everything else will be self-serve. Is there an appetite for change in L&D? That was the conversation I’ve had with colleagues lately. And I have to say that that the answer is mixed, at best.

Adaptive eLearning in Corporate Space – Opportunities and Challenges


When the content is consumed in digital format by the student, it also helps the publishers as the revenue becomes recurring – as unlike books, login to portal can’t be bought second hand or can’t be photocopied. Adaptive elearning is getting hot in education domain.

SCORM goes mobile with eFrontPro for Android


Rather, standards compliance is one of the most important aspects of enterprise software. Since you are referring to Russian, eFrontPro also supports , Russia’s most popular web conferencing portal (but that has to do with the web app, not the mobile app, so just fyi for now).


Learning Technology Blogs: An Analyst’s Reading List

Talented Learning

Weekly posts explore multiple topics, including best practices in onboarding, compliance training, social learning and LMS reporting, and of course, definitive open source thought leadership. What is a Learning Portal and How is it Different From an LMS?

Interactyx Named To Florida Companies On Growth “Watch” List


Clients choose TOPYX because of its outstanding value, ease of use, engaging peer-to-peer learning tools, and dedicated support teams to provide compliance training, external portals, sales training and other online learning management needs.

SCORM and xAPI LMS in a Learning Culture

The Peformance Improvement

A learning management system (LMS) is considered to be a necessary tool in most complex organizations today, especially those industries, like nuclear energy, airlines, and healthcare, where monitoring compliance with government-imposed training requirements is essential.

Best of the Best – Extended Enterprise or multi-tenant LMSs

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Just because a system lists itself as an extended enterprise does not mean it comes with multiple domains (which with some vendors includes customized) nor with multiple portals or my preferable term – “multi-tenant” You may see an “extended enterprise” which not only refers to the company’s employees, but also their customers and channel partners. Multi-Tenant: Some people refer to it as portals and sub-portals. Compliance.

When You May Not Need a Training Program

Bottom-Line Performance

One problem: the company firewall restricts access to the portal when reps are not on the company internet network. When they are able to get connected, the portal is painfully slow. The portal still does not work correctly and proposals are still not getting saved.

E-learning Outsourcing – Make the Right Choice

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LMS Hosting: The final stage is hosting the course on an LMS or other learning portals. Then start with only one course such as a compliance training course. They outsourced it to an e-learning developer and were able to roll out 8 compliance courses in 3 months.

Employee Onboarding Training


It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the potential of your eLearning portal. Use your eLearning portal to create a memorable onboarding training that successfully helps each participant make a smooth cross-over.

2016 Top 10 LMSs

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Very strong in compliance/regulatory. Student and Parent portals? Compliance/Regulatory is wonderful. Compliance is quite good. Thank you all for the delay. It’s been a long few weeks, putting together the 2016 Top 50 LMS Report. Before, I jump into the Top 10 for 2016, some interesting bits of info. This year’s report comes in at slightly over 500 pages – all of which is in an easy to read format, getting right to the point.

Why Salesforce LMS Integration could be the future of your learning management system.


An LMS on its own is something that can keep staff better informed, ensure channel partners and customers are up to date on the latest product information and guarantee that all employees have taken the latest compliance tests. Salesforce LMS Explained. The future of an LMS is integrations.

LMS 40

Capitalize on the CRM-LMS Combined Functionality with Moodle Salesforce Integration


It is the most widely used LMS portal that has more than 68 million users that are growing by the day. In the Moodle Salesforce integration, the LMS records in Salesforce helps meet the compliance and auditory needs of departments like the HR.

#10 to #1 LMSs of 2012

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Features include: Extended enterprise – multiple children/sub-portals, each skinned/branded and each on a separate server – many EEs are on a shared server. Unlimited portals. Compliance management, certification management. Identifies compliance courses.

Gamification use cases and best practices with TalentLMS


Some learners even see learning as a chore from day one — especially when it comes to mandatory courses and compliance training that they just have to complete because of state or company policy, or to meet certain KPIs. 2) Increase the frequency of logging into the portal.

Questions to Ask Ur Prospective LMS Vendor

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What SCORM compliance are you? What about PENS or some other compliance standard? Unless you must have PENS or one of the other compliance standards, it is not needed. E-Learn Info e-learning e-learning vendors elearning LCMS learning portal Lite LMS LMS craig weiss learning management system SCORMIf you are like the thousands of other people exploring the purchase of a learning management system, the key to success is asking the right questions. . Questions.

What is an LMS?


It’s much easier for most people to log into a web portal, create or take training wherever they are. If you choose a multi-tenant LMS you can even create separate ‘portals’, brand and configure them to your needs.

Top 10 NextGen LMSs for 2015-2016

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One of the systems here is all about video bytes, so their UI/UX is going (and should be) different than a system who is bringing in multiple pieces such as courses, content, video files, compliance and so forth. Features – Not every system has compliance/regulatory features and that is more than fine with me and it should be that way in the market. LMSs were not built or designed from the early days for compliance/regulatory training.

Docebo 109

How to Sprint Strategically A Fresh Look at Onboarding and New Hire Programs

Training Industry

Unlike other areas of corporate development, such as leadership, sales or compliance, new ideas and processes for onboarding programs are lacking. The two major objectives of onboarding (holding compliance issues and corporate governance as constants for all employees) are socialization and time to competency. New technologies and portals make even these activities scalable.

All aboard the eLearning train: Onboarding with eFrontPro


Another important content that should be in your onboarding course is your company’s internal and industry-wide rules and regulations — things that, in large enterprises, can extend to many thousands of printed pages, and include industry, regional and global compliance rules.

UpsideLMS Sweeps 5 Brandon Hall Excellence In Technology Awards (2010)

Upside Learning

Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training. Categories as diverse as ‘Compliance Training’ and ‘Informal or Blended Training’ (UpsideLMS won Gold in both these categories) require the LMS to be able to cater to the specific needs – in terms of the overall features and benefits it offers. There is no better way to start a morning than to find not one, not two, but FIVE emails with congratulations written all over them.