Securing Your Online Certification Program


When it comes to your certification program, you probably have a lot to think about before you start thinking about data security. However, that’s not how most security attacks work. While some high-profile organizations are targeted, many hackers are simply looking for systems with weak security. Security attacks have many goals, from ransomware attacks to stealing user information. Pay attention to PCI compliance issues.

Blockchain Solutions for Cyber & Data Security

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In the world of increasing cyber-crimes and businesses’ struggle to cope with data security, its regulation and privacy concerns, can blockchain be a great relief? Previously in our posts at [1] , we have discussed the potential of blockchain in terms of security and privacy of the transactions. In this post, we will see this in a more comprehensive way to reveal its capabilities specifically for cyber and data security proposes.

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Top 8 Cloud Security Best Practices

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Although there are numerous advantages of adopting the cloud, security remains one of the primary areas of concern for enterprises. In this blog, we have focussed on some of the cloud security best practices that enterprises can adopt in order to ensure the safety of their data. Top 8 Cloud Security Best Practices. Here we are discussing top 8 cloud security best practices that allow you to strengthen your organization’s risk management strategy-.

Docebo powered by AWS: keeping you secure while you learn anywhere


A cloud LMS stores a ton of data though, and not only do we want you to love the product itself, but we want you to feel secure using it. With AWS hosting our platform, we’re able to confidently stand by the security of your data, disaster recovery, and business continuity, and ensure your data can be reliably accessed at all times by permitted parties, all while still providing you with a faster and improved user experience that you love. Is the AWS Cloud secure?

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

handle any secure external API calls, which means. servers in the world Just like other sectors, L&D teams are increasingly. making use of the cloud in order to provide always- on, ultra-secure learning at scale. wanted to hire servers to deal with your courses and.

Delivering Online Training Securely


Moving your training online can dramatically reduce your costs and make training more convenient and enjoyable for your trainees, but it can also introduce concerns about security. At Mindflash we take security extremely seriously and have gone to great lengths to protect all our customers’ content and ensure their training materials are only accessed by their trainees. We have taken a multi pronged approach to security. Physical Security. Content Security.

How to Keep Your Cloud-Based LMS Software Protected

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So, whether you’re training people internally or externally, LMS security is paramount. Cloud computing means that your LMS exchanges this data with your vendor’s dedicated server. 2FA creates an additional layer of security around your LMS by requiring all users to identify themselves twice – with a password and some kind of information only they would know. Most vendors have dedicated in-house servers where they store copies of data available on the cloud.

Compliance Training of the Future – What to Expect

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What is the future of online compliance training? What are the e-learning strategies likely to be used for presenting compliance training content to the learner of the 21 st century effectively? Well, companies are likely to adopt the following to impart good compliance training online. The ability of videos to engage learners effectively makes them the ideal choice to deliver the dry content of compliance training programs. Training Solutions Compliance Training

7 Modules Your Compliance Training Resources Must Include


Compliance training is usually a part of every employee’s initial training process. It generally consists of a long list of code of conduct which includes topics such as anti-harassment, bribery, FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act), protection of company data, client interactions, usage of company property and data security etc. Are your Compliance Training Resources Effective? How to Deliver Compliance Training? What Happens in case of Non-compliance?

Is Your Business Data Really Worth Keeping?

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But too much data can actually bog your company down – leaving it vulnerable to security breaches and hindering your ability to make quick, informed decisions. Storing unnecessary data only leaves you open to security threats that could be avoided if you take the time to trim the load. With a purge strategy in place, you can better understand how to completely remove all traces of a user’s data from your servers, so you’ll stay in compliance with GDPR rules. (By

Why Agency Software Integration Matters for Compliance


HIPAA and the various state and federal laws that govern client health data security are continually being amended to meet stringent security measures of the day. It’s imperative that rehabilitation agencies stay in compliance with these laws as HIPAA violations alone can cost organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars – if not more. These issues can arise from bad, misguided, and outdated patient data storage, security and handling procedures. Normal. false.

Your LMS synced with SAML protocol to make your training programs secure and reliable


Security is an essential element when conducting online training. Companies and educational institutions that implement eLearning tools for their training seek, among other features, should choose strong security protocols that are ruled by the specifications dictated by the law on computer security, data protection and information traffic in the web. This communication is handled in an encrypted manner and is completely secure.

10 Important Facts About Learning And Compliance Software

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Online learning and compliance software have become a popular and necessary means by which employers keep up with the demands of training their employees in the digital age. Following are ten important facts about learning and compliance software. Online learning and compliance software easily traverse the gaps between employees’ knowledge and learning needs. 6) E-Training is Secure. or “Where are your servers located?”

Your Team for the Win?


We all like to believe that our firewalls are secure, our devices are encrypted, our staff is smart on social media, and are aware of the dangers of phishing emails , but even in a perfect world, something will slip through the cracks. According to the Center for Internet Security, you should have: Inventory of authorized and unauthorized devices. Secure configurations for hardware and software on mobile devices, laptops, workstations and servers.

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Benefits of Learning Management System for Corporate Training

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cloud server. Cloud-based LMS is stored on a remote server; therefore, any authorized member can access the desired information anytime from anywhere. Helps the organizations alter processes according to the latest compliance regulations: Compliance laws are ever changing; therefore, organizations need to make changes in ongoing practices.LMS is an invaluable tool to update the training content according to the changed regulations. Compliance management.

eLearning at scale: 8 LMS features for large enterprises


Too many modern software platforms just offer a Cloud edition — which, while great for many use cases, it is not necessarily a good fit for every company or organization, especially one that wants to control all aspects of its enterprise servers and corporate intranet. Fortunately, securing enterprise systems is not the arcane art that it was in decades past. Some compliance training needs will be government- or industry-mandated (e.g. Big businesses have big demands.

5 Things To Look Out For While Choosing An LMS

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If not, ask your vendor to provide cloud based support on their servers. Compliance standards. Make sure your LMS is SCORM compliant to the latest version which allows for Tin Can API support.AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee) is another standard and it allows content to exist on a separate server and supports secure information transfers with HTTPS.

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On-Premise vs Cloud LMS comparison: 7 things to consider when choosing


Understanding the relevance of acquiring an LMS system that is hosted on your servers or in a private cloud is key before deciding on one of these options. It is essential for you to know the characteristics of each platform, the services that it offers, the capacity of its servers, the quality of the technical staff, support and, of course, the reputation of the company. The entire data security would lie with you and not in some random cloud.

Everything you wanted to know about GDPR (but were afraid to ask)


To ensure all this, TalentLMS complies with existing national law and international regulation regarding privacy and security issues. In this post, we’ll cover what this new regulation entails, explain how it provides even more security and privacy guarantees for your online information, and go into our methods and plans to achieve GDPR-compliance, both for ourselves and for our customers. Our Security Infrastructure.

7 GDPR Principles – How Excel Spreadsheets Represent a GDPR Risk


A once-off ‘tick-box’ approach is likely to present significant compliance risks, therefore planning an ongoing compliance approach is essential. What are the consequences for non-compliance? A once-off ‘tick-box’ approach is likely to present significant compliance risks. Now under GDPR, non-compliance penalties present further risks that could result in large fines. Confidential and secure. Security Risk. GDPR Employee Compliance.

70:20:10 and user generated learning: no way!

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You can’t use user generated learning for compliance training or security training. With compliance training and security training you have to be able to prove that your employees know the rules. The training on the compliance rules can be done with user generated learning. They will also give a practical perspective on these topics, making the content more attractive to the learner and resulting in better compliance in your company. That is not secure!

Paradiso LMS is now LMS GDPR Compliant


Also, all the client’s data is stored in secure and encrypted storage services. Is also important to say that our servers are also GDPR compliant and you can refer to this document in order to determine where we have them: [link]. In order to guarantee GDPR compliance, companies not only have to focus on the tech part but also what has to do with data knowledge and business activities. The features for LMS GDPR compliance include: Terms and condition settings.

eLearning is now created by people with no e-Learning background

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Security officer; compliance training. A security officer at a large plant uses easygenerator to push all the knowledge people have to have about security to his employees and test them. With one click you can publish a course to an easygenerator server and you will get a link that you can share with your learners. In July 2013 we started developing a new web-based authoring tool for e-Learning.

8 Things To Look For When Hiring Your Next eLearning Outsourcing Provider

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For instance, if they’ve developed online training simulations and scenarios, this makes them a viable candidate for your health and safety compliance online training course, which centers on real-world application. Data Security Protocols. For example, they back everything up on the cloud or an encrypted server. Choosing the right eLearning company for the job is no small feat.

Amazon Web Services & eThink: What You Need to Know About Hosting Your LMS on the AWS Cloud

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eThink’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps provide eLearning managers with a secure, flexible, and scalable cloud hosting arrangement. Historically, in the pre-cloud era, hosting was done on bare metal servers with limited capacity. Once you ran out of resources or storage on those bare metal servers, you were flat out. Security & Global Reach. Compliance & Certifications.

Questions to ask Your Next LMS Vendor


Under the on-premise hosting model, you run your enterprise LMS software on your own servers, which are hosted on a data center at your premises and are managed by your IT staff. Running your LMS in your own data center allows you to enforce in your training servers the same deployment rules, security restrictions, and DevOps processes already in place across your IT infrastructure.

The Advantages of DRM in the Publishing Industry


This gave rise to the need for a different kind of digital security to protect online content. Using DRM, publishers can block forwarding of sensitive emails on their servers, restrict access to and prevent unauthorized copying and printing. Ensure Regulatory Compliance.

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The top 10 elearning LMS platforms & software available right now


Cloud-based vs. Locally hosted: Choose between a SaaS (Software as a Service) LMS or storing your data on your own servers. If you host the system yourself, you’re responsible for all server specs, uptime and security. Do you need onboarding, compliance or customer training?

The Potential Impact of Blockchain on Financial Sector

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As far as the impacts are concerned, these are usually expressed in terms of security, real time, transparency, security, full life-cycle transaction history, cost efficiency and immutability. Tracking and Settling both mainstream and digital financial assets in a cryptographically secure atmosphere (Digital Asset Holdings). One of the highly debated and most controversial topics out there right now, is blockchain.

Moodle VS Paradiso LMS: Who is Leading the Race


Educators can likewise look for documents from any of their courses facilitated by the equivalent Moodle server. . Use cases for Moodle in the workplace include benefits: Compliance. Paradiso LMS incorporates 100+ outsider platforms while giving strong information security.

Partnering with TRALIANT, leading the LMS World


The LMS software is fully customizable and it offers cloud and on-premise services that can be easily installed on any server. . Cloud-based LMS providers are actively delivering continual innovation with security in priority. CEO of Paradiso Solutions, Sach Chaudhari commented; With this partnership, we intend to reach out to a niche audience and provide HR, Legal, and corporate compliance training, etc.

Moodle VS Paradiso LMS: Who is Leading the Race


Educators can likewise look for documents from any of their courses facilitated by the equivalent Moodle server. . Use cases for Moodle in the workplace include benefits: Compliance. Paradiso LMS incorporates 100+ outsider platforms while giving strong information security.

Moodle VS Paradiso LMS: Who is Leading the Race


Educators can likewise look for documents from any of their courses facilitated by the equivalent Moodle server. . Use cases for Moodle in the workplace include benefits: Compliance. Paradiso LMS incorporates 100+ outsider platforms while giving strong information security.

3 Things That Will Impact eLearning in 2016

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Just a few years ago the folks in IT security and risk assessment were pretty nervous about this thing called “the cloud”. Now at the end of 2015, it seems like the fears have (mostly) subsided and all parts of the business are embracing what this network of servers has to offer. We know that they answered 82% of the questions correctly, and we’ve identified which team hasn’t yet met their compliance training requirement for the year.

Advantages of WordPress over Moodle


Compliance -One thing that comes to mind is compliance training. You can upload media or you can create pages that communicate the course status directly to the server and then launch it from there. Because of the way that Moodle was written with PHP it has more security concerns than WordPress. WordPress has had its own share of security issues as well, but Moodle suffers from more of them.

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