accessplanit Is Upgraded To 11 Compliance Plus In Customer Service Excellence


That's why we're so pleased to say that our team's continued hard work has paid off and we have upgraded our status in our most recent Customer Service Excellence standard assessment to 11 compliance plus elements.

Measuring the Effectiveness of E-Learning Compliance Courses


Measuring the Effectiveness of E-Learning Compliance Courses. Creating and implementing compliance training should not be an exercise of going through the motions so you can tick boxes in a file somewhere. Conduct a Risk Assessment on Compliance Training in Your Organisation.

3 Ways to Tell When Your CE Medical Software Needs an Upgrade


While you may be using many of the tips and tricks available to make your CE platform do its best work, how can you tell when it is time for an upgrade? The post 3 Ways to Tell When Your CE Medical Software Needs an Upgrade appeared first on EthosCE.

The 2017 upgrade to Adobe Captivate Prime Provides an Amazing Experience

Adobe Captivate

Think of it as a compliance driving wheel. We’re continuing our quest to redefine the LMS with the latest update to Adobe Captivate Prime. If you haven’t tried Prime yet, now is the time to jump in and explore.

The 8 Microlearning Must-Haves For Better Compliance Online Training


Do your employees need just-in-time support to prevent costly compliance violations and ensure workplace safety? These 8 microlearning elements will upgrade your compliance online training course. Would you try the elements suggested above in your compliance training courses?

4 Fresh Ways To Create An Effective Compliance Program


From highly regulated industries such as manufacturing and healthcare, to general training in areas such as sexual harassment, ethics, and privacy regulations, compliance training is an important part of employee training initiatives. Make compliance training material easy and fast to find.

How to Make Sure Your Online Education Materials Are Section 508 Compliant


You may already know that your eLearning materials must be fully compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act — but what does full compliance actually look like in practice?

Case Study: Using a Magazine Format for eLearning

The eLearning Coach

This magazine format was a solution to upgrading an annual compliance course. Designed in a widescreen format, it included a magazine-type cover design, letter from the editor, table of contents for the menu and a two-page spread for text, graphics and interactions. eLearning Design

Task List for Your Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation

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In order to assign compliance and other critical courses in the new LMS…. Create a list of compliance courses required of all personnel. Create a list of compliance courses required for specific regions or countries. Create a list of compliance courses required for specific personnel. For all compliance courses – is completion required one time or on a recurring basis? Discuss GDPR and ADA 508 compliance. Run a test upgrade.

LMS 40

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Migrating to a Cloud-based LMS


The reason why more businesses are migrating towards LMS is that it reduces your workload significantly as you do not have to invest time in downloads and upgrades. Cloud-based LMS has done the job easier and has saved a lot of time by enabling automatic upgradations and easier maintenance.

Mid-year Review: Updated eLearning Trends for 2018

EI Design

Trends are bound to upgrade as years go by. How Gamification Can Increase The Impact Of Your Compliance Training. I created an eBook on eLearning Trends And Predictions in 2018 and am now pleased to share an updated perspective.

The Benefits of Opening Your LMS to Your Extended Enterprise

Absorb LMS

This, in many cases, reduces risk in regards to regulatory compliance and is especially important when supporting and growing a global network of partners.

2015 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Award Recipients

Talented Learning

Corporate LMSs were invented almost 30 years ago to manage and report on the training and compliance of their employees and contractors. They were expensive to purchase, implement, maintain, host, upgrade and replace. BEST EMPLOYEE COMPLIANCE LMS.

SCORM Engine 2017.1 is released!

Rustici Software

If you’re interested in scheduling your upgrade, the best thing to do is contact your Account Manager or email us at support. Accessibility Improvements to Support Customers Pursuing 508 Compliance.

The Benefits of Opening Your LMS to Your Extended Enterprise

Absorb LMS

This, in many cases, reduces risk in regards to regulatory compliance and is especially important when supporting and growing a global network of partners.

Writing & Grammar: Answers to Interruptions

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

The blog--even after the extensive upgrade we purchased last quarter-- was still slow to load on mobile devices.  What effect/affect will the new interface have on our compliance initiative? I want to upgrade the operating system, to/too. by Jennie Ruby    Answers to  my interruptions challenge  are brought to you by me.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Learning Management System

eLearning Brothers

These systems can be used in regulated industries to host compliance training and educational institutions can use it to enhance their classroom teaching. Benefit #4: Easy Upgrades. Users will get the same upgraded information at the same time.

On-Premise vs Cloud LMS comparison: 7 things to consider when choosing


An On-Premise system , on the other hand, is useful for companies whose content manages a higher degree of complexity, has higher security specifications or requires that the information and implementation of the software be from a server for compliance training, for example.

SCORM – When you need Inter-Operatibility between E-learning Platforms!


Understanding SCORM Compliance. LMS SCORM compliance defines nothing other than the adherence of the LMS to the technical standards for e-learning products. To cut a long story short, SCORM compliance makes sure that any type of content will work on any system that’ll read SCORM.


The Long Boom in Health IT


There are three basic steps required for HIPAA compliance, but the most important for BAs is training. In fact, BAs trying to understand the new regulatory landscape should start by training at least one member of their staff as a Compliance Officer.

Eight Learning And Development Trends To Adopt In 2019

Your Training Edge

With time, you have to adopt the trends prevailing in the learning and development sector to upgrade your training module. It is the best method for providing compliance training.

Adopt 203

Can You Build the ‘Perfect’ Learner Experience?

HT2 Labs

If you’ve been considering implementing or upgrading the workplace training scheme within your organization, I imagine there’s a few things you want to ensure when taking the plunge. Predominantly compliance focused, this training typically enabled employees to adhere to correct procedures during the working day – i.e. to comply with health & safety regulations.

How to select an e-Learning authoring tool

Challenge to Learn

Many tools will charge you for updates and upgrades. What do SCORM compliance, AICC, XAPI and CMI5 mean? But do take into account that most subscriptions include free updates and upgrades, while you have often to pay a significant amount to upgrade or even update a license.

Why SCORM Should Matter to You


However, lack of SCORM compliance does take away a level of control you have over your courses, and it also can cause potential problems in the future if you decide to change or upgrade to a more robust LMS.


Six Tips to Help You Select the Right Learning Management System


With the changing work environment and compliance requirement, your LMS should scale to meet the needs of larger and varied workforce as well as evolving training requirements. Everything right from your SLA’s, to support, product upgrades, pricing is going to be affected if your current vendor gets bought or merged by another company. You also need to analyze their product upgrades structure and how it gets aligned to the changing training needs.

6 Tips To Cut Online Training Costs With A Rapid eLearning Authoring Tool


If at this point you realize something is lacking, consider add-ons or upgrades. It could be a different design for an online assessment or an unusual sound effect for your compliance pop quiz. Over time, the software can be upgraded so much that it’s virtually a new product.

Elearning Strategies for the Healthcare Industry

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Compliance laws further require that a minimum hours of continuing or refresher education is logged with an LMS audit trail. Getting your personnel abreast with the latest advances in healthcare science and technology requires a continual training emphasis on medical research and evidence based knowledge, updating processes and procedures to new findings, statistics, and reports, and upgrading personnel’s skills related to operating new enhanced technology.

Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topic: Learning Management Systems


Whether you’re choosing your first LMS, upgrading or just deciding how to maximize your learning management, there’s a resource here for you. AICC and SCORM Compliance: The Benefits for Your e-Learning.

What’s Your Certification Program’s Shelf Life?

Training Industry

Use the term you’re comfortable with, shelf life or half life, and think about your content and come up with your own percentage mix to see how you’d categorize the following broad buckets of your competency model; core competencies, compliance, major technology upgrades, and product updates.

Cloud Based eLearning Platforms: 10 Advantages eLearning Professionals Need To Know


You also don’t have to pay any setup fees, and upgrades to the system come at no extra cost. This is also ideal for companies which frequently update their products or policies, especially those who need to stay up-to-date with compliance procedures.

How to Grab and Keep Interest in Any Presentation

TechSmith Camtasia

It’s hard enough as it is to teach students about regulations and compliance. On my hunt to upgrade my presentations to increase engagement almost eight years ago, I discovered Snagit and have been hooked ever since. David A.

LMS- What is it & Why should I care?


Many industries that require OSHA training and compliance tracking will utilize and LMS, with complete tracking and reporting on who has been trained properly and who has not. LMS- What is it & Why should I care?

Five signs that indicate the need for a modernization initiative

Harbinger Interactive Learning

It will help you to upgrade your content in accordance with the latest tools and technologies. With the recent enforcement of new regulations that demand support for accessibility and standards-compliance, accessible content is now a must-have. It may technically get some of the compliance checkboxes ticked, but it doesn’t ensure 100% accessibility. For instance, your compliance checklist might not take care of font readability and color choices.

Major Employee Training Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


Employee training involves developing their abilities and upgrading their knowledge to meet your organizational goals. This actually means a lot of things such as updating particular facts like compliance regulations or it might mean taking certain courses again with contemporary examples.

5 Considerations Before Choosing an LMS

eLearning Brothers

Others are looking to adhere to HR or OSHA training compliance guidelines. In today’s world of incredible technology, there seems to be a myriad of products for every need. In the world of training and learning, this is no exception.