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The power of the group: Using wikis in corporate training


Corporate employees are tired of conference calls. Wikis are engaging and easier to navigate. Wikipedia is the most popular wiki out there. A wiki is “a hypertext publication collaboratively edited and managed by its own audience directly using a web browser.”. Wikis encourage social interaction.

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Wikis and Learning – 60 Resources

Tony Karrer

I’m involved in several discussions around how to use Wikis as part of learning solutions. So, of course, I went to eLearning Learning and I looked at Wiki , Collaborative Learning with Wikis , Wikis and eLearning 2.0 , Wikis Corporate eLearning , Social Learning with Wikis , Wiki Security and a few others.

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TCC09: Wikis that Work: Effective Wiki Practices for Virtual Learning Communities

Experiencing eLearning

Liveblogged notes from the TCC online conference. In this session, we will share a collaborative wiki created by a self-organized, self-managed group of online graduate students. We will discuss our observations and recommendations for using wikis as a collaborative learning tool. Define wiki. What is a wiki.

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Conference Wiki Examples

Tony Karrer

Someone asked me for an example of a conference using a Wiki both for organizers during planning, evaluating proposed sessions, etc. I can say that this made pulling things together for the conference significantly easier. I can say that this made pulling things together for the conference significantly easier.

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Wiki as repository for a virtual community

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Through a comment on a blogpost by Nancy White I found this article about a virtual community using a discussion list (listserv) in combination with a wiki. The wiki serves as a collaborative repository. I've been advising a community where using an online discussion forum where few people had experience with a wiki.

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Moodle Cloud LMS: Top 10 Tips for Administrators

Lambda Solutions

Encourage Collaboration and Communication: Leverage Moodle Cloud's collaborative features, such as discussion forums, wikis, and messaging, to foster interaction and knowledge sharing among learners. Stay Updated with Moodle Community: Engage with the Moodle community through forums, conferences, and online resources.

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Wikis, Blogs and Social Networks Presentation Materials

Kapp Notes

Here are the handouts and the slides for the presentation that I did on Wikis, Blogs and Social Networks. It was a fun, hands on presentation where many of the attendees had a chance to create a blog and a wiki. This session esd conducted at the Training 2007 Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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