How to Create an Effective Sexual Harassment Policy


This post is intended to offer some possible workplace policies that could help prevent harassment from occurring in the first place. The total financial cost to employers over the past seven years was nearly $700 million. Policies to Help Prevent Sexual Harassment.

Best Practices for Investigating Sexual Harassment Claims


The costs of workplace harassment claims are high: in 2016, the EEOC reported that since 2010, employers had collectively paid out $698.7 Remind them that this is essential to carrying out a thoughtful and fair investigation Ensure that your sexual harassment training and policies are current.


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Top 5 Cloud Management Challenges And Tips to Overcome Them

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Keeping confidential data safe and secure is among the topmost priorities for businesses. Cloud Costs . Costing is a significant challenge in the adoption, migration, and operation of cloud computing services, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. .

6 Ways to Better Train and Equip Your HR Staff


Have Clear Policies About Confidentiality. Make sure your HR staff know how to handle information and know what should be (legally and ethically) kept confidential. If you decide to share information with an external employee or administrator, post your policies firmly.

Why is elearning so important for companies?

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It’s better to let them make choices in elearning other than real-life jobs where any error can cost them a lot. Company policies . Elearning is the best way to teach employees about company policies. Is elearning the rights answer to your company’s training requirements?

Worried About Course Security? Start With Your Website.


Another thing you should consider carefully is whether the lower costs of a shared hosting plan are worth the security tradeoff. Are you working in a confidential field, where you may be handling sensitive information?

Customer Video Stories Serve Multiple Purposes

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They accomplished this by having their clients tell the story of how Conrad Siegel helps them provide quality benefits to their employees while helping them manage costs. Many business customers have policies against endorsing vendors and there may be competitive or confidentiality issues that prevent them from participating.

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Docebo powered by AWS: keeping you secure while you learn anywhere


Cost savings. With AWS, you can improve your ability to meet core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality with our comprehensive services and features.

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How to Reduce the Burden of the Examination Officer at an Institute


Updating examination-related policies. Managing the examination preparation process – creating timetables, seating plans, securely storing confidential examination materials; administering the internal assessment, etc. resources and thus helps in remarkable cost savings.

Preventing Data Security Breaches on an LMS

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How can you ensure the safety of your confidential data? What does it take to prevent a costly information heist? For instance, it is advisable to have proper procedures to change passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your LMS and ensure the security of your confidential information. To overcome challenges to the security of data in your LMS, you need to: Implement effective authentication information management policies and make sure your LMS data is well-encrypted.

How E-learning for Health Changed After Covid-19

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High and rising cost of healthcare. It is quicker and more cost-effective to scale up. Or that have high confidentiality or privacy requirements. Even before Covid-19 took the world by storm, the World Health Organization (WHO) knew e-learning for health was important.

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What is mental health in the workplace?

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On top of the negative reputation it can cause a business, it has been estimated by ACAS that bullying related absence and staff turnover costs businesses in the region of 18 billion a year. . A zero tolerance policy to bullying should come from the top.

BYOD: Revisited

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The good, the bad and the ugly Companies can save on hardware and support costs by allowing employees to use their own devices. Not to mention that companies risk becoming liable for things beyond their control (confidential data getting mixed up with your compromising photos, for instance). According to companies such as VMware, IT maintains centralized control over policies, security and content delivery across devices.

8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Outsource Content And Software Testing

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It also helps businesses in saving costs, along with fixing the mistakes before they become troublesome. Cost-Effectiveness. One of the significant factors to consider during the process of software testing is reduced and more manageable costing. .

When it is time to change your business LMS


If there is the issue of confidentiality with some of the material (company policies for example), accessibility to those particular modules can be restricted to company-owned workstations or an intranet connection. Ideally, a negotiation of all costs concerning the running and maintenance of the LMS has been done prior to the purchase. Read more: Hidden costs of an LMS: What to expect. Purchasing a new LMS is a serious undertaking for any organization.

How Can Businesses Ensure Cloud Platform Security?

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Over the last decade, organizations around the globe have increasingly embraced cloud applications in order to innovate, transform their business, manage costs and handle their increased workload. Also Read: 6 Best Practices for Cloud Cost Optimization.

Compliance Training. The Essentials In Fostering Employee Participation

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Wide in scope, compliance encompasses areas such as codes of conduct, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, gifts and benefits as well as the ubiquitous Health and Safety regulations. Because actions, spoken words, written messages and social media posts could convey discrimination or harassment, even inadvertently, employers should have a policy that is clear and easy to understand. Online training saves time and travel costs while enabling you to progress at your ideal pace.

What Your Onboarding Kit Should Include (And Why You Should Offer One)


This means that every time an employee leaves, it’s a pretty big cost to replace them. The modern onboarding kit is much more than a bunch of forms and policies. Confidentiality agreements. Policies and guidelines. While this might not seem like the ‘fun’ content you were expecting, new employees need to be familiar with company policies and guidelines. Human resource policies. It’s Day 1 at your new job.

Credit counseling Services Or Insolvency: Which is Best for You?


Individuals typically reach area counseling services where they just can not pay their costs, especially in today’s economic situation which is not especially thoughtful towards the inadequate or even the center course. Some guarantee confidentiality, as well as sadly, others do not.

10 Vital Benefits Of Training & Tracking Compliance Software

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This type of software helps organizations ensure compliance with local and federal laws for safety, security, or confidentiality concerns. Besides representing regulatory compliance, ethics and compliance learning software is used by safety, HR and training professionals to onboard new employees and t rain current employees on internal policies and issues. Compliance software empowers companies to train employees on compliance topics.

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How to Protect Your Company from a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit


Sexual harassment in the workforce is not only challenging; it can cost companies millions of dollars. Let’s review some of these: Have a written, published sexual harassment policy. Follow compliant harassment policies to maintain safety in the workplace. Decide who will present your company’s safety policies (this could be your company’s legal team or HR department). Be sure to go over your employee discipline policy before taking any action.

5 Onboarding Training Challenges and 5 Opportunities Today’s Workforce Faces

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Meanwhile, the content to be conveyed in an orientation is often considered confidential and may only be accessible behind the company firewall. The trend toward virtual onboarding has only increased during this period of recent global uncertainty.

7 Instances When Outsourcing eLearning Is Not The Best Option


Outsourcing eLearning can be more cost-effective, as you don’t have to hire dedicated staff to develop the online training content. Or company policies that competitors may be able to use to improve their work practices. If you do opt to outsource, make sure you have a confidentiality agreement or NDA to keep your data safe. There are rules and regulations that can lead to costly compliance violations.

10 Tips to Select the Best Online Course Development Partner

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Some may provide client references on request due to confidentiality agreements. Look at the licenses, sources of images and content, policy on plagiarism and so on, to make sure that the content they create for you will be credible and not end up in legal tangles.

6 Smart Steps for Successful E-learning Implementation

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The factors you should consider include the legal issues that need to be dealt with before adopting an e-learning culture, such as policy and contract issues, intellectual property, and the language and cultural needs of learners. This includes the cost of a vendor, new infrastructure or IT systems that may be required, and additional human resources required for phases such as implementation, documentation, or certification. Cost.

Meeting Requirements for Healthcare Compliance with an LMS

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Not only are you training staff on equipment, procedures, and regulations, you may also be educating staff about information security, privacy, and confidentiality issues while also helping employees prepare for an upgrade to your medical records system. Not only is this a cost-effective strategy, but employing a content provider also assures timely updates.

eLearning Security: How to Keep Data Protected in Your Open Source LMS

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eLearning security is essential in preventing costly regulatory penalties around incidents related to leaked personal information , confidential organizational data, or other potential security risks.

How Virtual Training Can Protect your Team from the Coronavirus

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Many organizations have teams around the world that need to stay up-to-date on products, services, and policies. No bloated travel costs. For reasons of confidentiality, we will not be stating their names.). Virtual Training, Virtual Events & the Coronavirus.

A Learning Guide to Data Privacy in the Workplace  

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Any data that is collected should be protected at all costs, and when the personal data is no longer needed, it should be destroyed. Employees should always respect that policy, and customer data should never be accessed for any other purpose. Your customers should always trust your company’s data privacy policies, and those policies are only as good as the employees that are following them.

Sexual Harassment Compliance Training: Teaching Employees It’s Not a ‘Joke’ – It’s Harassment

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The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities is currently developing no-cost resources to provide to employers. The limited confidentiality of the complaint process. The elements of an effective anti-harassment policy and how to use it. On June 18, Connecticut’s governor signed a law ratcheting up the state’s mandated sexual harassment compliance training requirement.

Investment in leadership development continues to be critically important

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It describes the procedures and policies that guide departments and employees in how to specifically contribute to the organizational goals. Hard measures can be determined by revenue growth, profits, stock price, venture capital and operating costs.

Informal Learning Hits Brick Walls

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If companies pay for informal learning someone has to justify the costs and organize it. What do we do with critical corporate assets like legal, marketing, security and confidentiality concerns? They follow rigid rules and policies. I nformal Learning Hits Brick Walls There is more than one way to implement informal learning. The approach differs depending on the nature of the organization.

Reinforce Learning Through Storytelling


Confidentiality is ensured by changing names and details when necessary. These are good sources for specific regulation or policy related examples. Don’t be surprised to learn about all-too-familiar violations and costly settlements. “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin. Trainers bring a full tool box to reinforce content: small group work, role plays and a myriad of experiential learning techniques.

Free L&D webinars for February 2020

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However, creating, editing or obtaining 3D models for everyday use in elearning doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive or take a lot of time. How to maintain control when entering a confidential zone or area with limited knowledge.

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Let’s get real about unconscious bias

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While it may seem cost effective, there will be little measurable change in behavior. Designated phone lines where comments can be confidentially left about a particular policy or occurrence have been another result.

Why You Should Outsource E-learning to India

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Below are some of the reasons: Cost-effectiveness. On an average, developing a course in India can cost significantly less compared to other countries. Outsourcing the administration of your Learning Management System (LMS) can also be done in a very cost-effective way. Outsourcing laws and policies in India are drafted to protect the interests of overseas clients. Developing your e-learning course in-house might seem like a good idea.

GDPR: Docebo is ready – are you?


Ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services. The adoption of such measures must be evaluated and contextualize taking into account the state of the art, the costs of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purposes of processing as well as the risk of varying likelihood and severity for the rights and freedoms of natural persons. Does your data collection policy comply with this unprecedented regulation?

GDPR: Docebo is ready – are you?


Ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services. The adoption of such measures must be evaluated and contextualize taking into account the state of the art, the costs of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purposes of processing as well as the risk of varying likelihood and severity for the rights and freedoms of natural persons. Does your data collection policy comply with this unprecedented regulation?