Worried About Course Security? Start With Your Website.


Protecting your intellectual property is important, but securing your website should come first. Securing your content on the front end, where learners access it, will do you little good if someone can steal it by breaking into the back end of your site. Install a security plugin.

10 Cyber Security Resources

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Find the best cyber security resources here if you want to equip your team with the knowledge to protect your company data or their personal data against cyber attacks and cyber crimes. Cyber Security Resource #1 – Cyber Security Awareness. Cost: Free. Cost: $79 USD.


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Why is eBook security software integration crucial for publishers?


In this technology age, publishers are moving forward digitizing and securing their content with eBook security software. Publishing and distributing content online is relatively simple today and involves very few overhead costs. So how to secure your eBooks ?

Cyber Security

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Here, we’ll look at the concept of cyber security, its importance and role in the workplace, and some guidelines that you and your team can follow to reduce the risk of your company falling victim to cybercrimes. What is Cyber Security? . Cybersecurity is a set of practices or security measures that are designed to safeguard internet-connected networks, systems, and data from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. Why is Cyber Security important?

How to ensure website security?

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Website security is one of the most important concerns for website owners. But website security is also an important concern. So, although shared hosting is less costly, it does not have the same advantages like a dedicated hosting plan. The post How to ensure website security?

What Organizations Need to Know about Cyber Security

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Cyber security or IT security is the protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft or damage of their hardware, software or electronic data, as well as the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. . Legal requirement for cyber security .

Winning Combo: Security Awareness Training & Anti-Phishing Training?


Increasing costs of cyberattacks . The IBM/Ponemon Institute’s 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report calculated the average data breach costs in 2021 to be $4.24 Moreover, costs were even higher when remote working was a factor in causing the breach, increasing to $4.96

Delivering Online Training Securely


Organizations often are training employees and partners on material that is sensitive or confidential. Moving your training online can dramatically reduce your costs and make training more convenient and enjoyable for your trainees, but it can also introduce concerns about security. We have taken a multi pronged approach to security. Physical Security. While the engineering team at Mindflash are experts in coding, we are not experts in securing data centers.

10 Security Awareness Training Topics

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We’ve selected the most vital security awareness training topics that your employees should be aware of. With the increasing risks of cybercrimes today, it’s no longer enough simply to invest in security software. Password Security. Mobile Security. Payment Security.

Cyber Security – Part I – What Is Cybersecurity?

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According the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, “Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information” ( CISA ). This has resulted in an exponential increase of network security threats which has lead to a mass production of cybersecurity products to protect the public ( Cyber Magazine ).

What is Information Security and its types | ecadema - it's time

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Information security has been assigned to look after the protection of records and data of organizations from unauthorized access. Thus, Information security traverses research in areas like Cryptography, Mobile Computing, Cyber Forensics, Online Social Media, etc.

Don't panic - security breaches


Understanding where your department sits on the security spectrum. Do you know what questions to ask to protect yourself or when investing in security software? Is there a plan in place if a breach occurs, despite rigorous security measures? There are three areas in cybersecurity, commonly called the CIA: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Confidentiality. How would alteration of a confidential record impact a customer or your organization?

Leveraging Digital Publishing Platforms with DRM for Secured Content Distribution


This poses a substantial security risk. . The distinction between personal life and work is getting blurred by the day, and hence any entity or facility needs to adopt secured content distribution approaches. Data confidentiality.

Don’t panic – security breaches


Understanding where your department sits on the security spectrum. Do you know what questions to ask to protect yourself or when investing in security software? Is there a plan in place if a breach occurs, despite rigorous security measures? There are three areas in cybersecurity, commonly called the CIA: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Confidentiality. How would alteration of a confidential record impact a customer or your organization?

Docebo powered by AWS: keeping you secure while you learn anywhere


A cloud LMS stores a ton of data though, and not only do we want you to love the product itself, but we want you to feel secure using it. Cost savings. Is the AWS Cloud secure? Scale securely with superior visibility and control.

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How A Modern Education ERP Can Save Your Money


In today’s time, the education sector is one of the most important segments that require the right boost of technology like an ERP system, but do you know all the University cost-cutting strategies before having an ERP software in your institute? Removes communication costs.

Preventing Data Security Breaches on an LMS

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How can you ensure the safety of your confidential data? What does it take to prevent a costly information heist? Let us now look at some of the common challenges to the security of information stored in LMSs. This is arguably the biggest information security challenge in the use of an LMS. For instance, it is advisable to have proper procedures to change passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your LMS and ensure the security of your confidential information.

How to Keep Your Cloud-Based LMS Software Protected

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So, whether you’re training people internally or externally, LMS security is paramount. According to Sophos , the average cost of a ransomware attack on a business is $133,000. 2FA creates an additional layer of security around your LMS by requiring all users to identify themselves twice – with a password and some kind of information only they would know. In only one data breach, you can lose your exclusive learning material and your trainees’ confidential data.

Press Release: Fractal LXP announces inimitable reasons to patronize

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Legacy Learning Management Systems have been caught up in the radar of security breaches and vulnerabilities that have made headlines by numerous open source platforms. Get 80 hours of professional service, at NO cost. LXP Press release Data Security ISO 27001 Open Source LMS PR

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Top 5 Cloud Management Challenges And Tips to Overcome Them

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Security and Privacy . Keeping confidential data safe and secure is among the topmost priorities for businesses. Cloud security essentially refers to a set of robust technologies to safeguard data. . Related Read: How Can Businesses Ensure Cloud Platform Security?

eBook Encryption Software – The Real Truth Why Publishers Use


Besides, they can also leverage the online media to reach a wide audience and expand their reach across borders cost-effectively. The encryption software encrypts the digital content, thus, securing its integrity, confidentiality, and validity.

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Top 4 Risks To Keep In Mind When Outsourcing Corporate Training

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By outsourcing corporate training, organizations experience a variety of benefits , including: Develop Training at a Lower Cost – Outsourcing training is about 20-35% less costly than developing in-house. . As with any project, unexpected costs may arise as the project progresses.

Mastering Information Security and Data Protection

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Clients’ trust is arguably the foundation on which all good business relationships are built.

LMS Data Security – Challenges and Solutions [Infographic]

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A Learning Management System (LMS) is a treasure trove of sensitive and confidential information of every organization. Then how can we ensure the safety of your confidential data? What does it take to prevent a costly information heist? Excited to know the main LMS security challenges and their solutions? Such information, if it falls into wrong hands can spell disaster. LMS breaches can result in compliance violations, a loss of competitive advantage or even worse.

How a business email compromise attack targeted businesses with a gift card scam

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And, they can be really costly. In the last part, we’d look at how you can mitigate the risk, and how good training can help you secure your business against BEC attacks. And lastly, learn secure email habits.

Why Are Finance Training Programs Important for Employees?

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Lower Costs and Time Savings. Along with the loss of valuable time, additional costs like travel expenses must be considered as well. With eLearning methods, both lower costs and time savings can be achieved. Enhanced Control over Security and Privacy.

Why Should You Use Cloud Computing For E-Learning?

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Lower cost in the long run. The cloud is a onetime investment with excellent returns in terms of computing capabilities and maintenance costs. Improved security. Moreover, training may include confidential enterprise data that can be vulnerable to theft. Cloud based e-learning is a safer option as both the software and the data are located on remote servers that are well protected against security breaches. What is cloud computing?

10 Key Benefits of Adopting Cloud Computing for Businesses

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Although the cloud adoption strategy is primarily used by enterprises to improve the scalability of their Internet-based database capabilities while reducing risk and cost, there are several other benefits of this technology. Cost-Efficiency. Better Security.

Fundamentals of An Impactful Healthcare Compliance Training Program

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According to a report published in the National Library of Medicine, costs related to medical malpractices amounted to a whopping USD $60 billion. Employees may hesitate to approach the management unless anonymity and confidentiality can be ensured, at least to the degree allowed by the law.

What is eBook DRM and Why Do Publishers Need it?


Know More: Secured Cloud eBook Distribution. Know More: Using DRM to Securely Distribute Textbooks Online. ePub DRM - An Extra Layer of Security & its Advantages for Digital Publishers 1. First, publishers gain from reduced costs of publishing.

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Should You Outsource E-Learning Development or Develop In-House?


Reduces costs. Keeps your data confidential. Reduces Costs. The argument with this proposed advantage of in-house e-learning development is that it costs less because you don’t have to pay a fee to a professional developer. Data Confidentiality.

6 Reasons Why You Need DRM Protected eBook


Piracy impacts the overall revenue structure and costs them substantially. A Nielsen consumer survey commissioned by Digimarc Corporation revealed that eBook piracy costs $315 million to the U.S. Along with this, one must ensure the confidentiality of the data.

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What is an LMS?


Safe and secure – Data safety and confidentiality is a major concern for everyone these days. Hence, mostly LMS’ offer password settings, privacy control for maintaining data security. It trains more learners at one go and hence curtails the delivery costs for the course taken. I would say that the future of the LMS is not just secure but it’s golden bright.


What kind of an elearning app should a business use?

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Fixed costs. Companies can’t save costs by using some free frameworks on the internet for app development because they may have to pay extra for more features. An e-learning app has become a necessity for companies because employees are so engrossed in smartphones.

How to Implement an LMS in a healthcare organization?


With the Healthcare training platform, you can apply practical training more effectively, organize training courses, track learners’ progress, and improve the learning and training experience while reducing costs. Save time, cost, and energy with the in-person training.

How can telecom elearning help such companies?

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Customers give a lot of confidential information when they buy SIM cards. Any kind of data breach can cost a company heavily in terms of reputation, so data access has to be monitored carefully. Internet service providers have to maintain excess data security.

What is eBook DRM and Why Do Publishers Need it?


First, publishers gain from reduced costs of publishing. It is relatively simple to publish an interactive eBook, and once published, you can make any number of copies you want at no additional, or minimal, overhead costs.

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Penetration Testing – Types, Stages and Vulnerabilities

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The main objective of penetration testing is to identify security inadequacies/flaws and weaknesses. Penetration tests must expose all kinds of vulnerabilities that would let attackers access the system, and this can enable the company to tighten its security policies.

Tips to choose the best Student Management Software


Student Information System (SIS) helps institutions manage every single detail about students in a holistic, organized, and cost-effective way. The right SIS provides a secure fee payment platform for educational institutes.

Why Does Your Interpretation Service Matter?


There Is No Guarantee of Confidentiality. HIPAA laws don’t require Google to sign an NDA or a BAA to secure information. Using the service might breach non-disclosure agreements, resulting in costly fines and a loss of client confidence.