Tips For Creating Video-based Content And Choosing The Right Technology To Support It: Getting The Value Advantage Of Video-based Learning


From the silent-motion pictures of the bygone era, to the digitally enhanced special effects of today – films have always created a lasting impression on audiences. Though initially created purely to entertain, power of videos to influence and teach soon became evident.

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I Created By dukeman 2 days ago. The ability to move to another directory could allow an unauthorized user to view confidential files or even enter commands to execute on a server. Takes advantage of vulnerability in the Web application program or the Web server software so that a user can move from the root directory to other restricted directories. Created from the Web site that a user is currently viewing.

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Why Should You Use Cloud Computing For E-Learning?

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Cloud computing is the technology which uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain applications and data. Often, applications which are located in a local server may suffer from low speeds, crashes and poor performance because of inadequate computing infrastructure.

How to Keep Your Cloud-Based LMS Software Protected

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Cloud computing means that your LMS exchanges this data with your vendor’s dedicated server. 2FA creates an additional layer of security around your LMS by requiring all users to identify themselves twice – with a password and some kind of information only they would know.

What is eBook DRM and Why Do Publishers Need it?


For example, they can block the forwarding of sensitive emails on their servers. Your business may involve dealing with a lot of people outside your company network, which means that you would need to provide authorized access to confidential information to such people.

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6 Advantages of Hosting Videos on an LMS [Infographic]

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The huge file size of videos may create problems while hosting them online on a normal server. Another issue is protecting the confidentiality of the video. Video-based learning is one of the most effective and engaging learning strategies.

Do VPN Really Protect your internet Privacy?


Once any hacker gains access to your system, he steals everything including bank details, pictures, confidential files, and a lot more than you’re having in your system. It happens because your browsing is directly linked with your VPN server IP instead of your real IP.

What is an LMS?


The below mentioned ‘standard’ features will help you understand the most basic use of an LMS for someone eyeing to create training programs and report on the completion of training. Safe and secure – Data safety and confidentiality is a major concern for everyone these days.


7 Instances When Outsourcing eLearning Is Not The Best Option


Are you thinking about hiring an external partner to create your online training content? However, in some cases, it may be less expensive to create the online training materials in-house. For example, that it’s encrypted on a remote server.

Office 365 Video: Your Corporate YouTube

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It’s not so great if the videos you’re sharing have confidential information, trade secrets, or information that would give outside hackers an insight into the inner workings of your company. Plus it gobbled up space on our servers.

How To Avoid 5 Common e-Learning Outsourcing Obstacles

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That’s one of the most difficult questions organizations face when creating an eLearning course. Creating eLearning courses in house provides you with control over the creativity in design, etc. Will They Be Able To Keep Things Confidential?

eLearning Security: How to Keep Data Protected in Your Open Source LMS

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eLearning security is essential in preventing costly regulatory penalties around incidents related to leaked personal information , confidential organizational data, or other potential security risks.

Wikis for Improving Productivity

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Created a specific template structure for contact info. Security: They have passwords visible on the wiki, but that’s OK b/c the security of the wiki is OK–must log in to view the confidential content. Then used spreadsheet on a central server, but people working from home couldn’t access it. Wiki solves the problem of creating one central location with easy access. I’m liveblogging the webinar Growing in a Down Market with PBwiki.

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Alternatives to Second Life

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OLIVE is an open, distributed client-server platform for building private virtual worlds. The SDK provides an API, licensable 3D content, 3rd party system integrations, and tools to create and edit 3D content and scenarios. Icarus Studios The company offers tools and products for createing Massively Multiplayer Oline environments and virtual worlds. Here is a list of alternatives to Second Life. Forterra Systems Inc.

Six Things to Consider When Implementing An LMS for the First Time

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Creating your own LMS application that caters to your organization’s requirements is a costly affair. If you have lots of courses and thousands of employees, and your courses contain highly confidential data, then going for your own LMS is advisable. You don’t even need a server.

6 Smart Steps for Successful E-learning Implementation

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Such an audit will help remove barriers to e-learning implementation and create the right environment for it to succeed. Or when the content is unique to your organization and the information is confidential and proprietary.

Delivering Online Training Securely


Organizations often are training employees and partners on material that is sensitive or confidential. Hopefully this will allow you to focus on creating great training material, while we stay focused on delivering it smoothly and keeping it secure.

8 LMS Requirements For Corporate Training


This allows you yo create your own reports by filtering eFrontPro’s database for the information you need, going from a general overview to information about a single specific user, course or test with ease.

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Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

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I tried to capture things down as they were said, here are my notes: Firewalls IP Privacy / Confidentiality Security Control over Quality of Information Strict Control Over Policies – Accuracy Liability / Discoverability / Compliance Change Management – Ready for It / Culture Management Take it Seriously – Away from Work Education of Management Lack of Resources – Mobile Devices Push Back from Workforce - Adoption This is a pretty good list of commonly cited barriers.

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