A Trainer's Perspective on Making Corporate Training More Productive


We would explore the first-hand experience of a customer (Name Confidential) on how she made training more interesting for her organization’s employees. For the sake of remembrance, let’s call this customer Miss T. So these were some interesting strategies that Miss T employs for making training a little less boring and a lot more productive. For quite some time now, we have been focusing on how to make corporate training better.

Wikis for Improving Productivity

Experiencing eLearning

Significant increases in productivity with a wiki. The productivity increases are really what interests me in this webinar. Security: They have passwords visible on the wiki, but that’s OK b/c the security of the wiki is OK–must log in to view the confidential content. Productivity. Improves customer service b/c people have the right information–you aren’t working on a mortgage and discover halfway through that the rules have changed.

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Customer Video Stories Serve Multiple Purposes

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When you capture a story about the impact of your product or service on a customer, you have a valuable asset you can use for training, internal communications and marketing. Especially for B2B firms, it’s not always easy to explain the value of your services or products. A good story that shows your product or service in action can concisely bring it all together for almost any audience. A customer video story illustrates success for your product or service.

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Delight respondents with custom welcome and thank you pages


We help you build exactly such surveys with our custom welcome and thank you page feature. We created this survey to learn how our products were helping our customers and we realized that a solid welcome page encouraged customers to start the survey.

Don't panic - security breaches


Data breaches from companies this size generally compromise millions of records - likely some of yours personally - and can do irreversible damage to your organization and the customers you serve. . . How will your customers? Confidentiality.

STRIVR is Soc 2 Certified


We take the protection of our customers’ data very seriously. Information and systems are protected against unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure of information, and damage to systems that could compromise availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Our product is up and running at all times, according to SLAs in our contracts. Confidentiality. We assure that all confidential information is kept that way.

Does Your Compliance Training Need A Makeover?


The purpose of these laws is to maintain safety and client confidentiality in the workplace. Compliance training programs cover a wide swath of areas, including trade secrets, records management and information confidentiality.

The benefits of online training for a franchise network


You want the customer to have the same experience whether they visit a location in Texas, California, New York or Guam. Have a new product launch? How can you assure that everyone that represents your brand knows about this new product?

BYOD: Revisited

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BYOD not only promises improved worker productivity and flexibility, but also supporting and securing all the data that comes along with it. It sure seems like everyone continues talking about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practice, these days. And why shouldn’t they?

Measuring Leadership Effectiveness

Your Training Edge

For example, what does productivity look like now as opposed to last year? Take a close look at your customer service, both internally and externally. It’s easy to get caught up in leadership skills and development.

Beam up to ProProfs Enterprise – Centralized management simplified for the entire organization


In other words, you can use all the available options and products under that account. Data Privacy & Confidentiality: We know that your data can contain highly sensitive and confidential details about your organization. Looking for greater control all under one account?

How Docebo LMS is Compliant With GDPR


Simply speaking, if you’re an LMS user and any of your learners (employees, partners, and customers) are located in the EU, you’ll have to make sure any data collection and processing activities performed within your LMS are compliant with the regulation, even if your organization isn’t based there.

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5 Reasons You Should Check Out Upside2Go’s New Version

Upside Learning

As mentioned in one of our previous blog post s, “ A ‘Performance Support System’ or PSS refers to any system that improves worker productivity by providing on-the-job access to integrated information, advice and learning experiences.”

Learning: Playing the Blame Game

Learning Rebels

We have a customer, and the customer is the Learner. So the next time you reach for your deck of excuses as to why a learning initiative isn’t working, before you blame your customer for your product failure – I ask you take a long moment and reflect on the real reason for failure.

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An Analyst’s Perspective

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Equally, it is not uncommon for us to reach out to a vendor requesting an analyst briefing when we are seeking additional information, including product details. They handle all analyst requests from talking with the right person or people (depending on what information you are seeking), to scheduling briefings, which depending on the type of briefing could be focused on sales, financials and frequently, product including updates, rollout, functionality, and so on.

To Buy or Build Your E-learning, Which Road to Take?

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If not, you can outsource your requirements to a vendor who provides customized e-learning solutions. When to build: Building a course is the right option when: You want to educate your employees on your product and services.

Why every company should consider training the extended enterprise


But the success of any company is based on the hard work and commitment of all employees, suppliers, partners, customers and any stakeholder involved in any way in the well-functioning and development of the business. Customers.

Present the Perfect Design Portfolio at Your Job Interview (Video Included)

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In the past, have you produced confidential or proprietary content? I used to work in retail L&D, and they say that if you can get a customer to pick up a product, there’s a significant chance they will buy it.

Office 365 Video: Your Corporate YouTube

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It’s not so great if the videos you’re sharing have confidential information, trade secrets, or information that would give outside hackers an insight into the inner workings of your company. This is a great addition to Microsoft’s Office 365 suite for corporate customers.

8 Hallmarks of Top E-learning Development Companies

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Custom E-learning Solutions Are Its Bread and Butter . Online course design and development is a highly specialized field, and a top e-learning firm has a single-minded focus on delivering the best web-based learning products to its clients.

Alternatives to Second Life

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The company offers private, secure virtual worlds with tailored solutions based on industry and customer specific needs. The flagship product of Forterra is OLIVEâ„¢ (On-Line Interactive Virtual Environment). Icarus Studios The company offers tools and products for createing Massively Multiplayer Oline environments and virtual worlds. The flagship Icarus Platform is actually a suite of products that feature a back end designed to drive a wide variety of front end experiences.

Measuring Leadership Effectiveness

Your Training Edge

For example, what does productivity look like now as opposed to last year? Take a close look at your customer service, both internally and externally. It’s easy to get caught up in leadership skills and development.

The Role of Scenario-Based Learning in Online Training

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Usual elements in the sales training are: an overview of the sales process, dos &don’ts, product features, overcoming customer objections, comparison with competitors, industry knowledge and more. Check this blog to know how to enhance your product sales training with scenarios.

The State of E-Learning in Australia in 2012

Connect Thinking

Learning Management Systems for ‘just-in-case’ learning have taken preference over more agile and less expensive ‘just-in-time’ performance support platforms that support workplace learning and productivity improvement.

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The State of E-Learning in Australia in 2012

Connect Thinking

Learning Management Systems for ‘just-in-case’ learning have taken preference over more agile and less expensive ‘just-in-time’ performance support platforms that support workplace learning and productivity improvement.

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Exploring the onboarding process


We had a nice presentation about the organization and its values, products and services, HR information, confidentiality forms and many many more. Bottom line remains, if a company manages to handle this properly, odds are employees will stay longer and be more productive.

A Conversation with Warren Apel, Co-founder of Scholastico

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Last year, I decided that these products were good enough to sell. Ecoballot was Scholastico’s first product. We provide an easy, inexpensive way for each student to give confidential feedback to their teachers.

Can you name your best employees?

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This practice is exemplified by Zappos’ mid-training offer of $2,000 if new customer service employees quit there and then. You’ve spent a long time recruiting the best people for the job, but how do you know which of your employees are performing best?

7 Reasons why mobile learning can help your business


This almost always equals a boost in their motivation, which leads to higher productivity levels. In time, businesses notice improvements both in terms of productivity and in terms of revenue. Mobile malware, Wi-Fi snooping or bluebugging are real threats to data confidentiality and privacy, both for companies and for employees. Long gone are the days when the only use for phones was to make and receive calls.

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Working with E-Learning Vendors: The RFP

E-learning Uncovered

While specific elements will vary based on the type of project (LMS selection, custom course development, etc.), Terms (such as payment terms, experience requirements, reference requirements, and confidentiality statements). Scope of Work or Product Requirements (pulled from your internal documents). Last month I gave some tips on how to create a Request for Information (RFI). This week let’s look at the Request for Proposal (RFP).

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10 Advantages of Digitization and Data Capture You Must Know


Below are some reasons why a business should go paperless: Increased Productivity - It takes an employee an average of 12 minutes to find the paper document they are looking for. Document digitization efforts have repaid businesses in reduced costs, effecient workflows and satisfied customers.

eLearning Gives Your Employees the Skills of the Future


Hard Skills eCourses Create Improved Productivity. Information Technology : everything from programming, computer languages galore, and mobile app development, to project management, algorithms, recruitment, tech/customer support, etc.

6 Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Your Online Training

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Check for customer reviews, ratings, and search comparison sites for more information about the expertise and experience of the various training providers. Ever growing business needs and shrinking training budgets are prompting organizations to outsource their online training projects.

14 Best Practices for Successful E-learning Implementation

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Compare the costs for an hour of trainer time, learner time, travel costs, opportunity costs, and loss of productivity with the development cost of one hour of e-learning. The information contained in the course is confidential and proprietary.

How Mobile Technology is Changing the Way We Communicate


For companies, it means that productivity can be ongoing, even if the worker is in an airport or their home office. For example, as communication with remote workers becomes seamless, these applications can impact other aspects of business, notably customer service.