Are confidentiality concerns holding back the e-learning industry?

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However, for me the root cause is the difference in approaches to confidentiality. The e-learning industry has an ambivalent approach to confidentiality. 3 provokes the question of how much confidentiality is actually appropriate.

Measuring Leadership Effectiveness

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Plus, when things are going well, it’s even easier to ignore any measurements that tell you how effective the leadership really is in your organization. There are numerous ways to measure effectiveness, but all of these analytics occur in four broad categories.

Managing Remote Employees Effectively


However, do those who only have experience with face-to-face team management have to master a whole new set of skills to be effective at overseeing remote employees? Consider legal issues, such as intellectual property and confidentiality.

Measuring Leadership Effectiveness

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Plus, when things are going well, it’s even easier to ignore any measurements that tell you how effective the leadership really is in your organization. There are numerous ways to measure effectiveness, but all of these analytics occur in four broad categories.

Four Principles for Effective Training Systems

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In other words, this was a failure of effective training. Effective training programs are becoming more important to business operations. First let’s look at four traits of an effective training program.

Effective Ways to Evaluate and Decide an E-learning Vendor Outsourcing [Infographic]

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Organizations are also worried about the quality of output, expertise of the provider, their confidentiality procedures, commitment in meeting timelines, etc. Many organizations want to outsource their e-learning projects.

3 Tips To Achieve Effective General Data Protection Regulation Training


In this article, PulseLearning discusses how to achieve effective General Data Protection Regulation training, which could make the critical difference between compliance and infringement. Privacy and confidentiality obligations that apply to those processing personal data.

How to Write Effective Quiz Questions Every Time


One you can use to write effective questions every time. If they are takes notes with confidential information in them, then yes that could be a security risk -- depending on what they do with those notes afterwards. We’ve all written bad quiz questions.

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7-Steps to Creating a Coaching and Mentoring Program Four: Measurement

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Although these are important steps, it is equally important to ensure that the program is effective – and that it maintains its effectiveness. The next step, then, is to measure effectiveness.

EthosCE Achieves SOC Type 2 Compliance


Security is the most important thing we do at EthosCE, and we are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ data is secure and confidential,” said Ezra Wolfe, CTO of DLC Solutions, LLC. The EthosCE SOC Type 2 report audited the security and confidentiality of the system.

Think of a Cost-Effective ERP end-user training method Before Cutting off the Training Budget

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So before cutting off your training budget, you might like to think of a few cost-effective ERP end-user training methods. For cost-effective and quick end-user training, some of these training methods can be employed.

Is Your Mindfulness Training Program Working?

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Are mindfulness initiatives a marketing tactic to inspire recruitment efforts, or is mindfulness truly an effective tool to increase workplace productivity and organizational happiness? Some of the most effective data that organizations often ignore is qualitative data.

Gone Phishing: Enterprise Targeted Cybersecurity Training

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Whether that’s establishing a data loss prevention strategy that identifies, tracks and prevents unauthorized access to confidential data or creating a BYOD policy , there needs to be an efficient and effective cybersecurity training program that’s relevant and retainable. Successful organizations understand that training content is intellectual property and it is critical to design and implement a strategy that secures it.

Host Your Corporate Training Videos on Your LMS – Why & How

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They contain confidential information. Hosting your training videos on an LMS is an effective way of training employees in this digital age. Ensure the privacy and confidentiality of organizational information.

Does Your Compliance Training Need A Makeover?


The purpose of these laws is to maintain safety and client confidentiality in the workplace. Compliance training programs cover a wide swath of areas, including trade secrets, records management and information confidentiality. Provide Training And Development Effective For Everyone.

Tips For Creating Video-based Content And Choosing The Right Technology To Support It: Getting The Value Advantage Of Video-based Learning


From the silent-motion pictures of the bygone era, to the digitally enhanced special effects of today – films have always created a lasting impression on audiences. Getting the views from an expert is a very effective way of including useful insights on any topic.

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6 Advantages of Hosting Videos on an LMS [Infographic]

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Video-based learning is one of the most effective and engaging learning strategies. Another issue is protecting the confidentiality of the video. It helps the learner learn complex concepts easily.

4 Ways to Jump Start an eLearning Lesson

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Think about all the material that some lessons place before the actual content: title slide, copyright and/or confidentiality statements, navigation instructions, learning objectives, etc. And a “Confidentiality” button, for example. For example, an informal pre-quiz can be an effective way to acknowledge what learners already know about a topic, while also making them aware of what they don’t know, to help prime them for upcoming content. By Shelley A. Gable.

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HIPAA Training and Data Breaches: Are You Protected?


Since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was made into law in 1996, patients were assured this would protect the privacy of their medical records and ensure the confidentiality of their medical information. Here are some basic areas to keep your training effective and you protected: What is HIPAA? There are many effective online providers of HIPAA compliance training, usually done through a Learning Management System (LMS ). Cost-Effective.

3 Signs You Need A New LMS


While many think any LMS will effectively train employees, nothing could be further from the truth. In order to receive honest feedback, communicate to employees that all responses will be confidential. Several unmistakable signs indicate it might be time to reevaluate your current learning management system (LMS). Migrating to a different LMS can ultimately lead to an increase in employee retention, worker satisfaction, and workforce productivity.

Preventing Data Security Breaches on an LMS

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How can you ensure the safety of your confidential data? Challenge 1: Implementing effective authentication management. How do you ensure the safety of the confidential information in your LMS? What does it take to prevent a costly information heist?

A Trainer's Perspective on Making Corporate Training More Productive


We would explore the first-hand experience of a customer (Name Confidential) on how she made training more interesting for her organization’s employees. I’ve read that it takes four engaged employees to cancel out the bad effects of just one disengaged employee. I have, in effect, discovered the team’s motivation—the ‘What’s in it for me’ question—and it’s their career. For quite some time now, we have been focusing on how to make corporate training better.

Unpacking New York Anti-Sexual Harassment Training Needs

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Include a procedure for the timely and confidential investigation of complaints that ensures due process for all parties. Inform employees of their rights regarding the effective handling of sexual harassment –.

I Believe in the Value of Connectedness

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The globally connected individual (I) in the workplace builds and maintains effective networks both inside and outside their organization. While every organization in the world is unique, most have characteristics in common.

E-Learning Tips for Motivating New Hires

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Moreover, these updates are very effective in teaching practice guidelines, safety procedures, confidentiality issues, etc. Training existing employees is extremely important for retaining good quality human resources.

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Writing & Grammar: Punctuation and Compound Sentences

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Confidentiality in regard to the final pricing decision points must be maintained by the financial services representative. Jennie teaches two writing classes: Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts and eLearning: Writing Effective Scripts. by Jennie Ruby.

7 Strategies for Building Community in Online Courses

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Provide some guidelines on effective virtual team-work. Include a confidential peer assessment of group work component, for all graded group-based assessment tools.

Hiring a Technology Consultant

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These problems usually have a direct and measurable effect on the business value being delivered by the technology group, and certainly can cause angst amongst the rest of the business leadership. Is confidentiality an issue with your project?

Top Myths about mLearning

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A device which has so far been used mostly for communication and recreation is getting a lot of push to be used as an effective medium of learning. Learning on the mobile: the concept is relatively new, which makes it a vulnerable topic for hearsay and misconceptions.

How Docebo LMS is Compliant With GDPR


Non-compliance comes with a big price tag, so it’s in your best interest to partner with an LMS provider that makes GDPR compliance easy and effective. Ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of processing systems and services. GDPR is coming!

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What You Need to Know: GDPR & xAPI


When GDPR goes into effect on May 25, 2018, any organization that resides in the EU or processes personal data of EU residents to provide goods or services will have to ensure they abide by its rules and regulations.

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Study Sheds Light on the Progress of Coaching Industry

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— July 8 The International Coach Federation has released the executive summary for its 2013 “Organizational Coaching Study,” which reports on the following updates regarding the industry: • Coaching is used effectively by a variety of organizations, but the extent to which it is used varies widely. It reveals that coaching decision-makers within organizations place a high value on ethical practice, with confidentiality a top priority.

5 Points to Consider When Updating Your Anti-Harassment Policies


” Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment is defined as any “unwelcome sexual conduct that unreasonably interferes (on purpose or in effect) with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.” Individuals often don’t understand the damaging effects of a hostile environment. Implement confidential processes for reporting.

5 Reasons You Should Check Out Upside2Go’s New Version

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This data can then be used to calculate the training effectiveness and fine tune the training plan according to usage trends, preferences of learners etc. Just yesterday we released the new version of Upside2Go , our revolutionary mLearning platform.

Laura Overton: Are today’s L&D leaders sticking to the familiar?

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Each year we provide an opportunity for L&D leaders to confidentially compare their approach to delivering learning and supporting performance with their peers. Everyone taking part gets confidential personal feedback in early September.

The benefits of online training for a franchise network


As a franchisor you can not expect a franchisee to be already equipped with the skills to run your system effectively. Do you have confidential information that you want to share with your franchisees, but don’t want a bunch of papers laying around that anyone can see?

Elearning Spotlight: Texas Vaccine Education Online

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Microassist translated that content into effective, self-paced online elearning modules that could be accessed anywhere, anytime. Online Training for Public Health: Educating on Immunizations for 7 Million Children in the State of Texas.