10 Key Benefits of Adopting Cloud Computing for Businesses

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Moving to a cloud solution makes sure that none of your confidential data is vulnerable to hackers or those who aren’t authorized and saves it from common security threats. Digital Engineering & Technology cloud migration cloud security cloud solutions

Delivering Online Training Securely


Organizations often are training employees and partners on material that is sensitive or confidential. While the engineering team at Mindflash are experts in coding, we are not experts in securing data centers. Course Development E-learning Employee Training engineering mindflash security privacy security


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Data Security and Origin Learning’s Journey in Achieving the ISO 27001:2013 Certification

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This milestone accreditation adds a new dimension to data security and confidentiality, and the organization will strive to uphold the CIA triad of information security, i.e., Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

What is an LMS?


Safe and secure – Data safety and confidentiality is a major concern for everyone these days. Professional groups – Trade societies (that are engaged in verticals like medicine, engineering, and financial services) leverage these platforms to achieve compliance training or speciality training. A learning management system (LMS) is a software platform which allows any business to document, administer, track and report training or educational courses.


Using the 5 Whys technique for better instructional design


Because no CRM engineer was involved in the new offer’s deployment. Why was there no CRM engineer involved in the deployment of the new offer? Due to confidentiality issues since all CRM engineers are subcontractors. L&D departments get training requests all the time.

Worried About Course Security? Start With Your Website.


Google is also cracking down harder on sites that don’t have SSL certification, by highlighting that pages are unsecure in their browser search bar (if you’re using Chrome), or by penalizing them in search engine rankings.

Customer Video Stories Serve Multiple Purposes

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Many business customers have policies against endorsing vendors and there may be competitive or confidentiality issues that prevent them from participating. For example, JPL client Modjeski and Masters, a bridge engineering, inspection and design firm, must frequently overcome geographical, weather and scheduling obstacles to capture their customer stories.

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Tips to choose the best Student Management Software


Cloud-based software does not require the institute to appoint any engineering staff to oversee it, making it almost maintenance-free and cost-effective.

What Organizations Need to Know about Cyber Security

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The tactics and the reach of cyber attackers are ever-increasing, including malware and ransomware, phishing, social engineering, insider threats, advanced persistent threats and others.

The 7 GDPR Principles

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GDPR Principle #6: Integrity and Confidentiality. This principle is meant to ensure that collected data is kept secure and confidential. This course also goes over the most common cyber security threats to an organization, including viruses and social engineering.

10 Security Awareness Training Topics

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Malware refers to any malicious software, like viruses and ransomware, engineered to infect devices, aiming to extract and steal information, or damage an organization’s system. Social Engineering.

Top 8 Cloud Security Best Practices

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For instance, in cases of insider theft or social engineering, the only thing that can help you ensure data safety is the right access control policies. Technology today has come a long way with an increased reliance on cloud computing in an enterprise setup.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love an Agile Work Environment


In the early days of software development, the business would put together long, complex lists of technical requirements, and engineering would commit to building a product, exactly as outlined, with every associated bell and whistle.

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Learning: Playing the Blame Game

Learning Rebels

Perhaps it’s because we are busy blaming them for not understanding materials designed by CAL Tech Engineers. After reading her post, and after having some confidential discussions with new twitter users, I knew it wasn’t just me. When did shaming the learner become okay?

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Importance of Data Security in Higher Ed Institutions

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Prevent Social Engineering. This is a crime because cyber attackers can spy on students and college staff and gain access to confidential information. Working remotely has become popular because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alternatives to Second Life

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Qwaq Forums enable an organization to create a virtual operations center in which sensitive and confidential information is developed, discussed, and used to make decisions and solve problems, create a space to manage projects, facilitate meetings, conduct corporate training or establish a virtual office. Major components of this platform include the Unreal® Engine 3 by Epic Games and Dynamic Virtual Human Technology (DVHT) created by Virtual Heroes.

When it is time to change your business LMS


If there is the issue of confidentiality with some of the material (company policies for example), accessibility to those particular modules can be restricted to company-owned workstations or an intranet connection. IT engineers have to constantly keep it running, make adjustments and sometimes even fix errors. Purchasing a new LMS is a serious undertaking for any organization.

The Smart Worker : relies on a trusted network of friends and colleagues

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For sure there may well be questions of a more confidential nature that workers won’t feel they can ask or discuss outside their own organisation, which means there is likely a need to support this kind of interaction between colleagues internally. Tweet.

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Mentoring can elevate women in tech (webinar recap)


Sumathi Swaminathan, a vice president of engineering at Stride, said that when she works with her mentees on their problems, they’re more confident about entering into hard conversations and feel like they know the right thing to do in difficult situations. External mentorships help ensure confidentiality. Confidentiality doesn’t come up as a concern,” Williams said of external mentoring relationships.

eLearning Gives Your Employees the Skills of the Future


Recent research shows, for example, that the Oil and Gas industry needs 60,000 petrochemical engineers by 2016 yet only 1300 graduate from US schools each year. This means that oil companies have to train, retrain, and jointly educate a lot of energy engineers to grow.”. Engineering : robotics and automation, aerospace, petroleum and alternative energy, electrical, industrial, and basically the whole nine yards.

12 Free Cybersecurity Courses

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The instructors are architects, Security Operation Center (SOC) analysts, and distinguished engineers who work with cybersecurity in their day to day lives at IBM with a worldwide perspective.

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Is Enterprise search the answer to L&D’s interruption problem?

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Probably a lot more difficult and frustrating than using a search engine to find public information…. They will gain benefits such as faster time to market, improved customer service and reduced reinvention of the wheel, whilst maintaining business confidentiality and security. Using a search engine is a moment where you realise that you don’t know something or you want to know more about something.

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Securing Internal Video Content 101

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Your company likely has video content you’d prefer to keep confidential. Private videos are hidden from search engines and aren’t listed on your channel (they’re only accessible through your video manager). Similarly, unlisted videos are hidden from search engines and aren’t discoverable through your channel. For instance, if your organization produces sales training videos to help you boost the effectiveness of your reps, these could get leaked to your competitors.

Do VPN Really Protect your internet Privacy?


Once any hacker gains access to your system, he steals everything including bank details, pictures, confidential files, and a lot more than you’re having in your system. Advancing your online privacy keeps you safe from intruders.



Food and Retail Tech startup, Vital Vio designs, engineers and manufactures antibacterial LED technology for a growing range of commercial and residential applications. Science and engineering-driven technologies have the potential to solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

Do VPN Really Protect your internet Privacy?


Once any hacker gains access to your system, he steals everything including bank details, pictures, confidential files, and a lot more than you’re having in your system. Advancing your online privacy keeps you safe from intruders.

4 Secrets No One Will Tell You When Choosing Your Microlearning Platform

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Management is responsible for keeping confidential information secure, tracking course attendance and completion, and keeping content organized in a repository which hopefully also addresses version control.

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How Chatbots Can Enhance Employee Onboarding Process


The previous employment records, bank statements and tax forms are some of the requirements from the employee’s end while confidentiality documents and non-disclosure agreement are to be submitted according to the format provided by the company. For instance the information that someone joining a sales team needs will be widely different from what someone joining the engineering team will need.

How to Measure Real Learning Impact With Docebo & Formetris


Improve response rates for surveys: Optimized survey techniques (A/B testing, reminders, cross-browser and cross-device fidelity, specific UI design) and personalized reports for learners at the end of each questionnaire engage and incentivize learners to respond more frequently than other survey engines.

7 ways to support learner-teacher interaction

Learning with 'e's

Use your discretion about whether your intervention, coaching and other contributions should be publicly available or should be confidential between you and a specific student. As above, use your discretion and professional judgement as to whether you discuss student issues in this kind of semi-open forum, or take them to a one-to-one personal and/or completely confidential level.

A comparison between LMS and CMS


They are — but only in the sense that an ambulance is similar to a fire engine. It offers easy upload and sharing of documents among the members of your team, access control options so that your confidential business files remain out of the reach of prying eyes, and fancy tagging and indexing so you can find what you want fast. LMS and CMS are obviously both TLA (Three Letter Acronyms) — but is there any other similarity, and can we use one in place of the other?

Top 29 Learning Management System Features You Should Consider


The LMS they choose needs to be engineered from the ground up to handle the larger volumes of data and complexity. This may include security training, background checks, and confidentiality agreements.

Top 29 Learning Management System Features You Should Consider


The LMS they choose needs to be engineered from the ground up to handle the larger volumes of data and complexity. This may include security training, background checks, and confidentiality agreements.

13 eLearning Scenario Tips that 60 Experts Agree On


Engineering ways to connect with the audience through a story [is] the “secret.”. Engineering ways to connect with the audience through a story was the “secret.” You can always modify any confidential personal information to protect clients and employees. Scenarios are one the most effective types of eLearning.

4 Must Have Features of Best Corporate Training Videos and 5 Examples

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It’s no wonder that YouTube has become the most popular search engine after Google. His colleague opened the confidential Tender document and leaked it to competitors. Forrester research says a ‘One Minute video is worth 1.8 million words’ 1. The generation that grew up reading is now passé. Gen Y and Z are surrounded by electronic gadgets and the Internet.

Free L&D webinars for February 2020

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How to maintain control when entering a confidential zone or area with limited knowledge. Join Degreed’s Director of Product Management, Ophir Sweiry, and Director of Engineering, Bobbi Alexandrova, for insights into operating a small team at lightning pace.

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8 Hallmarks of Top E-learning Development Companies

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Bachelor of Engineering / Management. Many a time, due to confidentiality agreements, the companies may not be able to reveal the names of their customers. It is well-known that in recent years, India has emerged as the leading destination for e-learning outsourcing.

5 Lessons Learned from 16 Years in Leadership Development


Apart from utilizing leadership simulations - my own area of expertise - I have found that the answer has much to do with making space for leaders to connect in meaningful, personal ways with each other – and allow them to learn from those interactions in both engineered group activities and through the intentional creation of unstructured time away from the ‘content’.

How to Create an Imagination Station

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Or Google, where engineers are encouraged to take 20 percent of their time to work on something company-related that interests them personally. No, it does not need to be patent-worthy, but all of your information will be strictly confidential. These days when anyone bangs the drum “Be innovative!” it sounds like a parent telling us to clean our room.

Agile Teams Create Agile Learning Organizations

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In today’s digital world you can access many experts around the world through powerful search engines and social networks. Leverage learning as a platform to share strategy and progress of initiatives that were previously confidential. The future of work is one of the most widely discussed topics by senior executives across all industries.

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