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Top 10 Features for a Successful Webinar


Interactive Polls and Surveys Gauge participant understanding and gather valuable feedback through interactive polls and surveys. This ensures that only authorized individuals can participate, safeguarding intellectual property and confidential information.

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Using the power of peer coaching to enhance leadership and organizational empathy

CLO Magazine

A recent Gallup poll showed 44 percent of employees experienced emotional exhaustion from navigating post-pandemic trauma and being isolated from colleagues in hybrid and remote work environments. There are multiple global events impacting the workforce’s intellectual and emotional ability to perform successfully.

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If you’re creating a “basic poll,” you can immediately move to the next step. However, if you have more advanced needs, there are a few settings you can customize, such as keeping guest responses confidential and limiting the number of options a person can select. Participants receive an email linking them to a poll.

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How to ensure greater participation in virtual meetings?

Creativ Technologies

Employees might also not raise their hands when they don’t want to disclose some confidential information. Polls are an easy way to get information from the participants in a meeting. But there can also be problems when employees unnecessarily raise their hands in response to a question without fully understanding it.

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Is this compliance story too close to home?

From the Coleface

The results of this mini-poll are that one dismissed it out of hand, one went for it and one whilst initially keen had the idea squashed as it moved up the chain of approval including their legal department. Your people are already trusted to handle plenty of confidential information, why would you not trust them with this?

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How to collect training feedback with TalentLMS


Confidentiality: Sourcing honest, open answers isn’t easy. Poll new and existing employees with TalentLMS. Produce a smooth, seamless, and confidential user experience that raises response rates. Time: The process of collecting learner feedback can be resource-intensive. Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to customize.

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The Best Online ePUB Readers for Higher Education: A Comprehensive Guide


They also offer robust security features like password protection and digital signatures, making them ideal for sensitive or confidential documents. Assessment Tools : KITABOO offers built-in assessment tools such as quizzes, surveys, and polls, allowing educators to test student knowledge and track progress in real-time.