Tracking Social Media for Possible Confidentiality Violations

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Found via FastFoward blog - Attention Business Bloggers: Big Brother is Watching - Techrigy is a new start-up that focuses on: Real-time social media management for enterprises with SM2. As blogs and wikis spread throughout enterprises, organizations must deal with compliance and risk-management issues that are created from communications through these media. Not only are employees communicating through these media at work, but they are also doing so at home.

Gone Phishing: Enterprise Targeted Cybersecurity Training

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Whether that’s establishing a data loss prevention strategy that identifies, tracks and prevents unauthorized access to confidential data or creating a BYOD policy , there needs to be an efficient and effective cybersecurity training program that’s relevant and retainable. Successful organizations understand that training content is intellectual property and it is critical to design and implement a strategy that secures it.

Mandatory Healthcare Compliance Training Made Easy With An LMS


Disclosing confidential data to unauthorized parties is likely to grab mass criticism, especially if that data pertains to patients’ medical histories. Breach of such confidential data can prove detrimental to the well-being of the patients.

Moving from an open-source to a commercial LMS – the story of Transactel


They needed a tool that could support the different initiatives the company had, as well as keep an efficient track of the scores obtained in the lessons. TELUS International policies required that all material be kept confidential and they needed a tool that could support multiple users from multiple departments yet still keep each department’s information private.

Take a free Cyber Security course for Safer Internet Day 2018

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For workplaces, online attacks have catastrophic consequences, including exposure of confidential information, damage to a company's reputation, and significant loss of data, among others.

7 GDPR Principles – How Excel Spreadsheets Represent a GDPR Risk


Legacy tracking methods such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets has sufficed in some instances for several years, however that is all about to change. Confidential and secure. Considering this, how does the use of Excel spreadsheets for tracking employee data represent a new compliance risk? With duplicate data comes inaccurate data and further human error, which becomes impossible to track. Legacy Systems.

The Switch

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To top it all off, part of the product training had to happen at the very last moment to avoid confidentiality issues. This time around though that was not an option, part because of the confidentiality issues and part because of the tight deadline.

5 Points to Consider When Updating Your Anti-Harassment Policies


Hold informal discussions with employees to determine if your training is on the right track. Implement confidential processes for reporting. This board functions as an impartial panel that reviews incidents and helps drive any changes to corporate policies Ultimately, it is wise to seek legal counsel when developing your policies and be sure to make certain that all incident reporting is confidential!

5 Reasons You Should Check Out Upside2Go’s New Version

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Integration with Flurry© enables training administrator to track and analyze user interaction with the app and generate data pertaining to the app usage. Just yesterday we released the new version of Upside2Go , our revolutionary mLearning platform.

How to Avoid The 3 Mistakes L&D Leaders Make When Addressing Workplace Harassment

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Accountability systems that aim to prevent harm track leading indicators as well as harm itself. Below are examples of survey items that track leading indicators of harassment: If I experienced sexual harassment or misconduct, I’m confident I could safely report it and that I would be treated with respect and fairness. But it’s a mistake to track only negative actions. It’s important to track positive leadership actions as well as negative actions.

What is an LMS?


A learning management system (LMS) is a software platform which allows any business to document, administer, track and report training or educational courses. Track & report – Easy access to reports and trends.


6 Data Security Tips For Mobile Learning In Corporate Training


Install a tracking app. If your phone or tablet is lost or stolen, a tracking app can help you locate it; simply find a computer, log in, and begin tracking. Many people overlook simple security compromises such as accessing confidential information while on a public transport commute home where others can easily gain visibility. Mobile learning and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are two firmly established corporate training trends today.

What Your Onboarding Kit Should Include (And Why You Should Offer One)


Confidentiality agreements. URLs, usernames and passwords for the company email, LMS, project tracking applications, etc. It’s Day 1 at your new job. As you walk through the sliding door and towards the front desk to let them know you’ve arrived, you can’t keep the smile off your face.

Can you name your best employees?

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Whether you keep this information confidential and use it for performance reviews only or make it a part of motivating your staff is something to consider, but the value for discovering high flyers is undeniable.

Challenges and Solutions of E-learning Implementation – Part 2

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Information contained in the course is confidential and proprietary. You need to consider that the courses have to be delivered at multiple locations across the globe, and you need a centralized tracking system to track learner enrollment and progress.

9 Strategies to Make Your Peer Learning Program Thrive

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Participants can concentrate on sharing and learning, knowing that one person is keeping the conversation on track and moving forward. Acknowledge and normalize the discomfort of being vulnerable, and set confidentiality guidelines.

An Honest Assessment of Adobe Captivate 6 [First Impressions]

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I can’t tell you what that is because of confidentiality, but I can tell you that it would have been revolutionary and a real game-changer and without this, it’s tough for me to pick that one killer feature that I believe every product launch should come with.

A Taxing Time for Supplier Relationships

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A regular cadence of these meetings confirms that you are on track with program performance and are not caught off guard for any annual reviews. These definitions should also be understood and agreed to by your training partner to ensure ease of tracking. This information should be anonymous, of course, in order to not violate any confidentiality agreements with peer companies. With tax season behind us, it’s a good reminder to review our key training supplier relationships.

Why Employ Digital Rights Management

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The architecture of DRM supports protection, monitoring, and tracking of the digital content usage. Apart from this, publishers can also make use of the Digital Rights Management to protect their reports, training courses, e-books and other confidential documents from being misused or from any unauthorized access. With the expansion of the internet and with the availability of numerous file sharing tools, distribution of copyrighted digital media files has become quite simple.

Why Employ Digital Rights Management

MagicBox Blog

The architecture of DRM supports protection, monitoring, and tracking of the digital content usage. Apart from this, publishers can also make use of the Digital Rights Management to protect their reports, training courses, e-books and other confidential documents from being misused or from any unauthorized access. With the expansion of the internet and with the availability of numerous file sharing tools, distribution of copyrighted digital media files has become quite simple.

Learning System Vendors Support Ratings

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Based on track records, heard from folks who have systems, heard at trade shows, or randomly asked or my experience over the years, support continues to be a hot topic. Most never have one question, not one inquiry about the vendor’s support track record. . Lastly, there are two questions – one of which asks who is running support (shall remain confidential) and how long have they been in their current role (i.e.

eLearning in the GDPR era: What you need to know


Any company offering services to EU citizens or tracking EU citizens’ behavior (e.g. Ensure and be able to prove that you handle personal data in accordance with the GDPR principles of fairness, transparency, confidentiality, accuracy, integrity and lawful processing.

Don't learn without me

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

We don't want any learning occurring unless it is by our way and our tracking. It is as if knowledge is confidential and you have to go to a class to get a pass. Here's an interesting exchange that occured to a colleague of mine. I'm sure this is happening in companies across the globe. Learning1.0: Here are the class materials to distribute. Learning2.0: oh, I think you can get a copy of those materials on the website [fill in any web tool] Learning1.0:

Hangout on Personal Knowledge Management and other topics

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Yes – I am listening – And confidenti al environmen t … so no office vid for you. it is scormed – tracks learning / testing – sign up students.f Hangout on Air, February 8, 10-11:00 am Pacific. YouTube. Our first weekday Hangout on Air. Attendance was down.

Virtual (Learning) Reality

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Content can also be more organized and tracked. When confidential information is being shared, however, social learning does not occur through social media. In-person learning should remain a significant part of any development program, but virtual learning is slowly becoming the new normal. The challenges faced by learning and development leaders have never been more complex.

How To Avoid 5 Common e-Learning Outsourcing Obstacles

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Will They Be Able To Keep Things Confidential? Keeping a written record of all communication can help you keep track of agreed upon deadlines, deliverables, and the like. To outsource or tackle the task in house?

A comparison between LMS and CMS


It offers easy upload and sharing of documents among the members of your team, access control options so that your confidential business files remain out of the reach of prying eyes, and fancy tagging and indexing so you can find what you want fast.



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Securing Internal Video Content 101

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Your company likely has video content you’d prefer to keep confidential. KZO enables you to set controls so that you can keep track of who is viewing your content and any and all discussions and comments. Simplify and Secure with External Authentication If you don’t need yet another set of usernames and passwords to keep track of, groups and users can be aligned with your company’s LDAP, Active Directory, and Single Sign-On Authentication Systems.

Wikis for Improving Productivity

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Security: They have passwords visible on the wiki, but that’s OK b/c the security of the wiki is OK–must log in to view the confidential content. Do you have version tracking for revisions? A: PBwiki has revision tracking built in; they don’t do any other backups on their own. Not something that is tracked much now. I’m liveblogging the webinar Growing in a Down Market with PBwiki. My comments are in italics.

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Kicking Off 2019 Strong: Introducing Docebo 7.6


With increasing sophistication in the regulation of online business, particularly related to privacy, copyrights, billing and subscriptions, it’s more imperative than ever for organizations to adhere to a set of best practices that guarantee complete protection and confidentiality of customer data.

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5 Lessons Learned from 16 Years in Leadership Development


Yet, how many of us consciously keep track of the people that have gone through our programs once participants are released ‘back into the wild’?

Free L&D webinars for April 2018

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But right now, a quick YouTube search turns up 815,000 videos for “internal meeting,” 310,000 more for “product roadmap,” and 168,000 for “confidential training.” " #rabbit #bunny #no_filter #love #leaf #green " by Navneet Shanu is Public Domain.

Micro-blogging at Work

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There are many micro-blogging platforms (see below) that allow you to easily track messages from your friends and peers, and they also make it easy to search for messages that were previously posted. If you are concerned about your employees sharing confidential or proprietary information, you will probably want to be very careful when selecting a micro-blogging platform.