Tracking Social Media for Possible Confidentiality Violations

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Found via FastFoward blog - Attention Business Bloggers: Big Brother is Watching - Techrigy is a new start-up that focuses on: Real-time social media management for enterprises with SM2. As blogs and wikis spread throughout enterprises, organizations must deal with compliance and risk-management issues that are created from communications through these media. Not only are employees communicating through these media at work, but they are also doing so at home.

10 Vital Benefits Of Training & Tracking Compliance Software

SET Safety

This type of software helps organizations ensure compliance with local and federal laws for safety, security, or confidentiality concerns. The post 10 Vital Benefits Of Training & Tracking Compliance Software appeared first on SET Safety. Compliance software empowers companies to train employees on compliance topics.


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10 Vital Benefits Of Training & Tracking Compliance Software

SET Safety

This type of software helps organizations ensure compliance with local and federal laws for safety, security, or confidentiality concerns. 10 Benefits of Training and Tracking Compliance Software. An investment in compliance software for training and tracking local regulations is an investment in your business’ long-term success. Compliance tracking and monitoring used to be conducted in a classroom setting.

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Gone Phishing: Enterprise Targeted Cybersecurity Training

Content Raven

Whether that’s establishing a data loss prevention strategy that identifies, tracks and prevents unauthorized access to confidential data or creating a BYOD policy , there needs to be an efficient and effective cybersecurity training program that’s relevant and retainable. Successful organizations understand that training content is intellectual property and it is critical to design and implement a strategy that secures it.

What is an LMS?


A learning management system (LMS) is a software platform which allows any business to document, administer, track and report training or educational courses. Track & report – Easy access to reports and trends. Safe and secure – Data safety and confidentiality is a major concern for everyone these days. An LMS is designed to help make delivery and management of training programs easy and hassle free experience.


5 Factors to Consider in eLearning Outsourcing

Tesseract Learning

Confidentiality. Confidentiality is a key factor when it comes to eLearning outsourcing. It is important to ensure the team members are also committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information shared with them.

Moving from an open-source to a commercial LMS – the story of Transactel


They needed a tool that could support the different initiatives the company had, as well as keep an efficient track of the scores obtained in the lessons. TELUS International policies required that all material be kept confidential and they needed a tool that could support multiple users from multiple departments yet still keep each department’s information private.

Review: Slidewise


However, there’s a new tool in town which might put a stop to all the faff and fuss associated with tracking down fonts in PowerPoint – Slidewise. It’s a handy tool to ensure you aren’t sharing confidential content with clients that you didn’t intend on sharing.

How to Reduce the Burden of the Examination Officer at an Institute


Managing the examination preparation process – creating timetables, seating plans, securely storing confidential examination materials; administering the internal assessment, etc. It keeps track of every detail accurately such as admin details, student details, and faculty details.

Six Reasons to Start Looking Beyond The Humble Spreadsheet


From calculating and presenting data to keeping track of achievements and records, they helped users around the world stay firmly on top of all forms of organisation and admin – no matter what size or scale. Don’t forget, it’s easier than you think for someone to uncover passwords and gain access to confidential information. No more manual tracking, no more manually segmenting information into various locations, departments or teams.

Workplace Wellness: Supporting Your Employees During COVID-19

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

Highlights the Science and Practice of Psychology, provides confidential telephone counseling, advocacy resources about health disparities, military and veterans, physical and mental health, and substance abuse disorders.

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The Business Resilience Bundle

Unicorn Training

Outside of the safe work environment however, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure cybersecurity measures are adopted to protect confidential company information and ensure their devices are not vulnerable to an attack.

4 Secrets No One Will Tell You When Choosing Your Microlearning Platform

Obsidian Learning

Management is responsible for keeping confidential information secure, tracking course attendance and completion, and keeping content organized in a repository which hopefully also addresses version control.

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Take a free Cyber Security course for Safer Internet Day 2018

Ed App

For workplaces, online attacks have catastrophic consequences, including exposure of confidential information, damage to a company's reputation, and significant loss of data, among others. If you prefer, the free cyber security course is also available on our website , however without the built-in motivation and tracking available on the mobile app.

Laura Overton: Are today’s L&D leaders sticking to the familiar?

Sponge UK

Since 2003, we’ve been tracking the extent to which our aspirations for an agile, flexible, technology enabled approach to learning have been met. Each year we provide an opportunity for L&D leaders to confidentially compare their approach to delivering learning and supporting performance with their peers. Everyone taking part gets confidential personal feedback in early September.

5 Points to Consider When Updating Your Anti-Harassment Policies


Hold informal discussions with employees to determine if your training is on the right track. Implement confidential processes for reporting. This board functions as an impartial panel that reviews incidents and helps drive any changes to corporate policies Ultimately, it is wise to seek legal counsel when developing your policies and be sure to make certain that all incident reporting is confidential!

Top 10 GDPR Compliance Training Courses

Ed App

It also explains the definition of integrity, confidentiality, and availability concerning the GPR. Unfortunately, the course isn’t a part of an LMS so it may be difficult to keep track of the learner’s progress.

The Switch

Melon Learning

To top it all off, part of the product training had to happen at the very last moment to avoid confidentiality issues. This time around though that was not an option, part because of the confidentiality issues and part because of the tight deadline. We were tackling a whole bunch of problems this way – we could train the entire trainee lot in an hour and a half without having to bother a product manager and still complying with the confidentiality requirements.

6 Data Security Tips For Mobile Learning In Corporate Training


Install a tracking app. If your phone or tablet is lost or stolen, a tracking app can help you locate it; simply find a computer, log in, and begin tracking. Many people overlook simple security compromises such as accessing confidential information while on a public transport commute home where others can easily gain visibility. Mobile learning and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are two firmly established corporate training trends today.

Hiring a WordPress Development Company? 7 Things You Need to Know!

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

It makes it easier to keep track of conversations. #7 It outlines the terms of the agreement about what is to be kept confidential. As your business grows, it gets tougher and tougher to juggle many responsibilities. There are a few aspects of work that many choose to outsource.

Update on the SEC and ISO initiatives for human capital reporting

CLO Magazine

The first five metrics are generally not reported today and considered confidential. Are you even tracking these? The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission proposed their first rule for human capital reporting one year ago in August 2019. The comment period closed in October.

How to Showcase the Value of Training Now

Training Orchestra

As a complement to the LMS, a TRMS serves as the back-office tool for learning, automating and optimizing functions such as session scheduling, resource management and cost tracking. Track, forecast, and control your budget at all times.

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Top 8 Cloud Security Best Practices

Hurix Digital

The focus here should be on implementing comprehensive data security solutions that enable you to locate any kind of sensitive or confidential information in the company’s network, endpoints, databases, and cloud storage units. Enabling password auditing to track all password changes.

Why PowerPoint crashes and how to prevent it


You’ve been working on a presentation for hours and suddenly you’re stopped in your tracks by a pop-up box. This feature can track all the system events that went into the PowerPoint crash and help Microsoft understand what went wrong and try to fix it.

5 Onboarding Training Challenges and 5 Opportunities Today’s Workforce Faces

Obsidian Learning

Meanwhile, the content to be conveyed in an orientation is often considered confidential and may only be accessible behind the company firewall. One of the most frustrating things about being new is tracking down key information that everyone else seems to know intuitively how to access.



The very fact that we have made this committee very transparent/confidential and an independent body itself has created a culture in the organization where employees can feel confident to go ahead and raise a complaint if they feel harassed.

4 Design Principles that DON’T Live Up to Their Acronym


We want to make sure they can quickly take in the design of the slide and know that they’re on the right track so they can navigate easily from one “concourse” to the next. are unintentionally seeing and hearing confidential information. Speaking of color, you might also note that the bright red-orange that has been associated with the confidential information in the previous two slides is back, loud and clear.

Tips for Creating an Effective Digital Government Training Program

eThink Education

Along with being important to the operation of the agency, compliance training and tracking is extremely important to these agencies because employees who have not completed the required compliance training or have a lapse in compliance can open that agency up to potential legal action. .

Assessing Organizational Readiness for Change in Your Business

Epilogue Systems

This can prevent confusion from employees and preserve client confidentiality. Track Progress and Monitor Signs of Resistance. As changes are implemented you will want to track progress (using your chosen performance metrics) and keep your eyes peeled for any signs of resistance. You may find that using a digital adoption solution will help you track such issues, as well as provide employees support when needed while integrating changes into their workflow.

Assessing Organizational Readiness for Change in Your Business

Epilogue Systems

This can prevent confusion from employees and preserve client confidentiality. Track Progress and Monitor Signs of Resistance. As changes are implemented you will want to track progress (using your chosen performance metrics) and keep your eyes peeled for any signs of resistance. You may find that using a digital adoption solution will help you track such issues, as well as provide employees support when needed while integrating changes into their workflow.

A Taxing Time for Supplier Relationships

Training Industry

A regular cadence of these meetings confirms that you are on track with program performance and are not caught off guard for any annual reviews. These definitions should also be understood and agreed to by your training partner to ensure ease of tracking. This information should be anonymous, of course, in order to not violate any confidentiality agreements with peer companies. With tax season behind us, it’s a good reminder to review our key training supplier relationships.

How to Avoid The 3 Mistakes L&D Leaders Make When Addressing Workplace Harassment

CLO Magazine

Accountability systems that aim to prevent harm track leading indicators as well as harm itself. Below are examples of survey items that track leading indicators of harassment: If I experienced sexual harassment or misconduct, I’m confident I could safely report it and that I would be treated with respect and fairness. But it’s a mistake to track only negative actions. It’s important to track positive leadership actions as well as negative actions.

8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Outsource Content And Software Testing

Hurix Digital

Complete Confidentiality of Code. A professional provider relies on advanced test automation tools, bug tracking and cutting-edge technologies to make the overall process of testing much faster and more efficient. .

7 GDPR Principles – How Excel Spreadsheets Represent a GDPR Risk


Legacy tracking methods such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets has sufficed in some instances for several years, however that is all about to change. Confidential and secure. Considering this, how does the use of Excel spreadsheets for tracking employee data represent a new compliance risk? With duplicate data comes inaccurate data and further human error, which becomes impossible to track. Legacy Systems.

Can you name your best employees?

Sponge UK

Elearning can help Now we know why it’s critical to know who your best employees are and what they are good at, we’re going to explore why elearning is one way to identify the top performers: Tracking Using any modern LMS you can track your employees’ progress through courses and see results from assessments. We’ve outlined the ways keeping track of your best employees can benefit your organisation and how elearning can help with the task.

Do VPN Really Protect your internet Privacy?


Once any hacker gains access to your system, he steals everything including bank details, pictures, confidential files, and a lot more than you’re having in your system. VPN secures your network and gives you the freedom to shop online without the fear of being tracked.

Meeting Requirements for Healthcare Compliance with an LMS

eThink Education

Not only are you training staff on equipment, procedures, and regulations, you may also be educating staff about information security, privacy, and confidentiality issues while also helping employees prepare for an upgrade to your medical records system. Finding a place to securely provide access and tracking for these resources is integral to having confident users of those systems. Tracking and Reporting.