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Workplace Learning Professionals Next Job - Management Consultant

Tony Karrer

But there was another significant trend in the answers… Learning and Work Converge In a world where Knowledge Work and Learning is Inseparable , finding ways to support and improve work is the same as finding ways to support and improve learning. Jay Cross in Ten Years After puts it: In a knowledge society, learning is the work. Isn't that the definition of management. The main objective of the new training department is to enable knowledge to flow in the organization.

Social Learning Cannot Be A Bolt-On Strategy


Social Business means that every department, from HR to marketing to product development to customer service to sales, uses social media the way it uses any other tool and channel to do its job.

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Wonderful Brain

A few years back as a VP for a large computer solutions company in New York, one of our account executives specializing in elearning opportunities had managed to seduce a notoriously reticent airline into considering change from their mostly instructor led training to online education. This was, and actually still is, a young airline; established and branded for quality service and a unique series of amenities on their aircraft.

eLearning Content Development: 6 Steps to Create a Learning Problem Statement


Let’s determine the research-worthiness of a problem and the steps to create a clear learning problem statement. ” Many companies seek eLearning services for the sole purpose of knowledge management and knowledge development.

New technologies for internal trainers


What happens with all their knowledge? The challenge of managing corporate knowledge. Third parties can help you from the conceptualization of the process to the digitalization of the knowledge. isEazy teams can create projects of all kind for the customer.



Learnnovators, a leading e-learning company in India, has Sahana Chattopadhyay, Social Learning & Collaboration Strategist, Performance Consultant Exploring Emergent Learning, Blogger, as the guest in the latest edition of “Crystal Balling with Learnnovators” – their thought-provoking interview series that attempts to gaze into the future of learning. Chennai (India).

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning


The OpenStack project intended to help organizations offer cloud-computing services running on standard hardware. Content will be continuously co-created and co-owned by the community members ( much like the evolution of Wikipedia ). How will L&D be of service to such a workforce?

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People, Process and Product. P3 in eLearning


Are you trying to find an eLearning consultant who would help develop learning and knowledge management solutions for your organization? Take charge of your organization’s learning needs before you appoint an external consultant. How is new knowledge developed?

Contest - Win a Free Copy of Digital Habitats via LearnTrends 2009

Tony Karrer

Nancy has been my go to person for all things Communities and Networks and worked with me to create Communities and Networks Connection. And as a bonus, John will be doing another session with Jack Merklien of Xerox Global Services on communities.

Huge MOOCs savings

Your Training Edge

The natural human psyche to prefer routine works and traditions to follow, and fear of being unfamiliar with the use of new technology in presence of experienced peers and knowledgeable managers, are the origin of this reluctance in organizations towards MOOC adoption.

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Case Study: Greenlight Planet & EduMe - Driving salesforce productivity & engagement


They’re responsible for selling its wide range of products, providing excellent customer service, and gaining an in-depth understanding of user needs. Immaculate Shija , Training Manager at Greenlight Planet Tanzania It's a good app for learning.

General Considerations for Mobile Learning (mLearning)

Upside Learning

Simply put, mobile learning is the acquisition or modification of any knowledge and skill through using mobile technology, anywhere, anytime and results in the modification of behavior 2. What services will help learners be more productive?

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People, Process and Product. P3 in eLearning


Are you trying to find an eLearning consultant who would help develop learning and knowledge management solutions for your organization? Take charge of your organization’s learning needs before you appoint an external consultant. The best learning solutions developed for any company are the ones with intimate involvement of trainers and managers with the eLearning consultants. Remember, eLearning is all about people, process and product management.

A Conversation with Stephanie Nadda

Kapp Notes

Stephanie is a consultant based in Chicago who has worked with large organizations like W.W. Nadda: I would call out three main areas: Integrate the technologies that support learning management (LMS, LCMS, content authoring) and knowledge management (CMS, KMS, enterprise search, etc.).

The Innovation Award

CLO Magazine

Vice President and Global Head of Talent Development, Tata Consultancy Services. To do this, Gilliam’s team created a manufacturing model for course design and development.

The Road from Training to Performance

CLO Magazine

It appears we’re finally moving beyond lip service and making some measureable and scalable progress! Performance assets are created spontaneously, as needs arise, with no methodology, planning or strategy behind it.

Applying Design Thinking for Employee-Driven Solutions


This drastic increase in the pace of business is pushing organizations to revamp their product and service management and development processes. Source: Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Corporate Advisory Council Conference: Corporate Presentations

Kapp Notes

First Presentation Christopher Reese discusses Knowledge Management with CAC members. Christopher Reese opened the corporate presentations with a talk about Knowledge Management and NASA.

Are You Sharing Global Information?

CLO Magazine

To broaden cultural intelligence across a global organization, build a knowledge management system that can gather, house and disseminate it. The CLO has to manage all of the global knowledge coming in and make it available to those who need the information to succeed. Building a knowledge management process to promote global intelligence sharing can help. However, it’s up to the learning leader to make the case for knowledge management investments.

Webinar: What’s New with Easygenerator’s e-Learning software ? #DevLearn follow up.


His learning experience ranges from teaching, authoring textbooks, designing and creating e-Learning, knowledge management and user performance support. Kasper’s foundational approach blends together didactical learning principles with output management, agile development, and new learning metaphors to meet business needs.

Re-imagining Work & Learning in a Networked World

ID Reflections

Over the next two decades we can expect the knowledge of the world to be digitalised, with an exponential rise in user-generated content, "wise-crowd" application and open innovation applications." "The nature of work is changing. People’s relationship with work is changing.

Organizational Learning Is A Social Act

CLO Magazine

Despite the amount we invest in corporate learning, research by consulting firm McKinsey and the Corporate Executive Board, a research and membership company, shows that more than 70 percent of corporate initiatives fail. People work in rich contexts that they create with others.

7 eLearning Experts Share Tips on How to Choose the Best Learning Management System


Identifying the ‘right’ learning management system (LMS) for your business can be quite a hassle. Consult trainers and end-users before you purchase: Find out from trainers and end users what features they would prefer. Then create a variety of scenarios the LMS will be expected to behave and use a rubric to evaluate success. You create the real-life situations your LMS administrator and students will need to carry out. Service is the key here.

What Makes A Great Brand Experience? Consistency At Every Touchpoint

All Roads

Does it suffice as a stand in for your best customer service person? As an extension of your service or product offerings, developing a logged-in Client Engagement Portal turns your knowledge into a service and provides unfettered access to your most valuable expertise. Will they even clearly understand what products or services you offer? Today, customers have come to expect access to an organization, its people, and information virtually 24/7.

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LMS State of Affairs

eLearning 24-7

Learning Management Systems. Competency Management including Skills. Active vs inactive users (ideal for B2B, associations/non-profits, content providers, e-commerce focused buyers including trainers/facilitators/consultants). Knowledge Management – but not the way you remember it. Right now there is something taking place in the industry, that is creating confusion among buyers – the term Learning Management System. .

Learning During Times of Growth

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They are coming out of budget meetings feeling less like “executioners” ready to cut payroll and more like “executors,” ready to execute learning and knowledge management strategies in support of growth. Learning Services as an Engine of Growth.

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How Social Learning is Powering Up Today’s Workplaces


L&Ds Business Is Not In Driving Social Business : In this post, Mark Britz expresses his views on why L&D shouldn’t be exclusively in charge of organizational efforts to help people build social networks and personal knowledge management skills. THE QUOTE.

How to Become a Learning Organization (An Interview with Michelle Ockers)

Convergence Training

Michelle very kindly shared her time and knowledge to help us get up to speed. Learning Management Systems. Incident Management Software. So they’re setting it up to create a space that can be used for business meetings and for socializing, right?

Selecting the Best From the Rest

CLO Magazine

Fast growth comes thanks to new skill requirements, technological advances, ready access to the Internet and mobile devices, and knowledge management and sharing. All training that’s being created going forward must fit into the critical category — if it is only nice to know, then we will offer that knowledge through a performance tool,” he said. Marjorie Derven is managing partner at Hudson Research and Consulting Inc.

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Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

If you are considering creating a “Serious Game&# or an instructional game, one of the first place to start is a great game design document. 5 Must-See PowerPoint Tutorials for Creating Better Training - Mindflash , September 29, 2010 From the New York Times to the US Military , 2010 may go down as the year PowerPoint-hating went mainstream. First off, most of the courses I have created do not have narration. Create (178). Management (147).

Top Posts from August - Augmented Reality - Social Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

But like all subjects and bodies of knowledge, there are a few foundational concepts that have been identified and acknowledged as such. After all, one aspect of our job is to create an environment, and deliver interventions, that helps to improve the performance of novices and experts alike. Creating a Personal Learning Network by Corinne Weisgerber. I’ve found these dimensions very usefull in consulting about communities, exploring its value for the organization.

Learning to the Rescue: The FDIC’s Thom Terwilliger

CLO Magazine

In response, its learning and development team created just-in-time training, learning guides and new courses to ensure new employees could support the increased work load. ” Wanting to follow his grandparents’ public-service background, Terwilliger, 55, joined the Air Force after high school, starting as a cook in food service. He occupied roles from cook to logistics planner, career field manager, commander, as well as cadet at the University of Texas at Austin.

LCB Question for December - Past Year, Present Challenges, Predictions

Tony Karrer

It's all pure service. Retooling my knowledge I've been paid to be a CTO type consultant on a broad range of topics. And if you are talking Reusable Learning Objects, Courseware Templates, Tracking Mechanisms, Content Management, etc. Of course, since I'm truly believe that the form of what we will be building in the future is changing and things like RLOs and Courseware are going to become much less important, then my current knowledge base seems diminished.

Not Your Father’s ROI

Jay Cross

Today’s networked era requires a new way to make investment decisions that incorporates intangible assets and more accurately depicts how value is created. We are witnessing the death throes of management models that have outlived their usefulness.

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Time for the Training Department to be Taken Seriously


Today, I’m going to talk about learning content management (ECM) and enterprise content management (LCM). She was the person responsible for the content management strategy of a large European governmental agency. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.