Do You Need a Mentor or a Network?

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Will you be my mentor?” ” “Will you be my mentor? Why don’t you email me so we can set up some consulting? ” Maria left the coffee shop feeling a bit deflated and surprised that Jack didn’t agree to be her mentor. Requests for Mentors.

Fewer Mentors, Bigger Problems

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A 2018 survey from the LeanIn Foundation and SurveyMonkey found that nearly half of male managers felt uncomfortable participating in a common work activity with a woman, such as mentoring, working alone or socializing together. However, she was able to benefit greatly from her male mentors.

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Mentoring Matters, Especially for Women and Minorities

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One way to increase diversity in leadership roles is to improve mentoring opportunities for women and minorities. The study’s co-author, Mark Livingston, said organizations with mentoring programs are viewed as more attractive places to work and retain employees at a higher rate. “I’m

Mentoring: More Than Just a Match 

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Leading a mentoring program means more than just matching people and calling it a day. That single task barely scratches the surface of what it takes to effectively run a mentoring program. Labin said administrators act as the gardener for the mentoring garden in an organization.

Mentor Impact: Wendy Roberts Shares her Journey


I interviewed at a lot at different places and got an offer from Anderson Consulting (now Accenture), so I took that job and got a big pay increase. Have you had any mentors who have meaningfully impacted your career? What is the long-term impact you see from mentoring others?

Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

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I started this discussion to understand the roles (tacit and explicit) that a learning consultant plays. Sahana Chattopadhyay Senior Consultant at Zensar Technologies What does a Learning Consultant do? What are some of the primary and secondary functions that a business expects from a learning consultant? I am interested in finding out if there are any defined set of tasks that a learning consultant would do to enable organizational learning.

5 Steps to Developing a Successful Mentoring Program

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Developing a mentoring program for your company is a great idea. Mentoring can help you attract, retain and grow talented employees. But the overwhelming majority of corporate mentoring programs fail. We think, “Mentoring—how hard can it be?” In my experience creating and implementing successful, long-lasting mentoring programs for the past 20 years, I have found that, unless you master the following key steps, your mentoring program can go south quickly.

Offline Marketing for Online Courses with High Ticket Ecommerce and Consulting Business Expert Sayan Sarkar


Learn about offline marketing for online courses with high ticket ecommerce and consulting business expert Sayan Sarkar in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. It began as just consulting with them, telling them what to do, for a decent retainer per month.

Inclusion and the New Workplace: A Conversation with Author Jennifer Brown


Informed by more than a decade consulting to Fortune 500 companies, she creates a compelling case for leadership to embrace the opportunity that diversity represents along with empowering advocates at all levels to find their voice, and be a driving force in creating more enlightened organizations.

Harry Levinson 1922-2012

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Regarding Levinson’s thoughts about mentoring , Diamond writes: Executives and their management must become better mentors, he argued, and to do so they must become more knowledgeable about what motivates their employees. Levinson had some strong words for organizational consultants.

Helping Leaders Create Leaders

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The consequence is poor talent pipelines, weak benches and leaders who are unable to fulfill what is perhaps the single most important job of every leader: to create other leaders. As consultants, we often hear from executives who say, “We need to create a leadership development program.”

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Workplace Learning Professionals Next Job - Management Consultant

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Well not quite, but it is pretty dang close to the definition of Management Consulting in Wikipedia: Management consulting refers to both the industry of, and the practice of, helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. In this world, you can't really distinguish the mandate of Management Consulting from the mandate of: Enterprise 2.0

Why Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce Builds More Than Good Rapport


Learn How Mentoring Can Improve Your Workplace Gender Diversity. setting up a high potential mentoring program for minority employees or establish reverse mentoring between current leadership and women employees), they outperform peer organizations on many key metrics. A D&I Organization is Not Created Overnight. Mentoring: A Simple First Step. It can also be a place to create greater bonds between people of differing backgrounds, gender, and culture.

Baking the Cookies: Hiring Learning Consultants to be Successful

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Those who work in cubicles are often victims of enterprises that are so inefficient and in some cases borderline dysfunctional it’s stunning anything of value is created. Take the case of a senior manager, having been apprised no one on the staff has the skills or time to fulfull a critical assignment, brings in a consultant to address the problem. The consultant somehow muddles through or cannot possibly deliver neither fast nor good enough.

How do you create a perfect blend of the various learning components?

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However, the learning pundits and the instructional designers constantly innovate to create a perfect blend of the best of various learning modalities. The intent is to create an experiential , and engaging learning environment. Alternatively, create a control group to test the effects.

7-Steps to Creating an Effective E-learning Program Part 4: Implementation

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Or do you want to create a secondary brand that’s used in-house? Either way, you may need to engage your in-house marketing department or an outside consultant to help you design the look and feel of the courses and their rollout. Your content is ready to go.

Learning Audiences Are Not Created Equal: Employees vs. Extended Enterprise

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As an independent LMS consultant who has focused on extended enterprise learning for more than 20 years, here’s my quick take on differences that can make a big impact on your results. How to create a multi-year strategy.

Do You Know How to Create an Actionable Learning Strategy?

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Then, if the identified needs don’t gel with specific organizational or business objectives, don’t create elaborate learning interventions to address them, as they are not likely to advance key business priorities. Leaders also can be valuable mentors and coaches.

We Can’t Be Everything to Everyone

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If you have worked in any training capacity within the walls of a corporation – you have created training courses on the fly. Did you create a method to help your next “hair on fire” training initiative improve and perhaps make a difference? Nor should we try.

Creating Tomorrow’s Life Sciences Sales Leaders: 3 Strategies


How do you create great sales leaders? Create scenario-based assessments to immerse potentials in the types of situations they will face in the future, thereby establishing the benchmark for candidates moving forward.

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52 eLearning Experts Share their Best Tip for Creating Engaging eLearning


That’s why I decided to ask the leading eLearning industry experts to share their single best tip for creating engaging learning. In that case, make them visually interesting and create a story around the content rather than screens of bullet points. Create movement on the screen.

Learn this HR Leader’s No-Fail Approach to developing leaders


Most recently, Gupta has taken on mentoring through Everwise with the same systematic approach. Read on for a peek into Gupta’s frameworks on developing leaders and mentoring others. Have you had mentors in your life? You want to choose your mentors based on who you want to be.

Creating Models and Employee Training Techniques

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A few good examples include virtual learning, mentoring and on-the-job-training. So if you need help creating a customized employee training system for your organization then here’s what you should know. Before we can talk about creating a customized training program, we will first need to look at the features of those training systems which already exist. Remember that choosing the right employee training techniques is important in creating an effective training template.

How Do We Find the Right eLearning Partner?

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In case you’re just joining us, we started talking about whether you have the skills to create eLearning internally, in part 1. Then, whether creating eLearning internally is the right business strategy, was the focus of part 2. Consulting

The Benefits of Creating a Leadership Legacy

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It’s not up to the CEO or top management alone to create a legacy; everyone has this opportunity based on his or her own experiences and insights. • A consultant revisits a client’s facility and finds the client has incorporated into the company’s culture change management practices which the consultant provided during his original engagement with the organization. • The chance to re-create past problems.

Uma Gopaldass Clears the Way for Intelligent Decision Making


She’s consulted in Indonesia, Singapore, and the US, working across the oil, gas, and mining industries. Gopaldass has applied the same manner of thinking to her mentorship experiences, both as a mentor through Everwise and as a protégé. Mentors are key to my success.

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It’s Personal: Creating Career Development Activities That Work - Tip #194

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Ask them about their personal goals and match those with what the organization needs, advices performance improvement consultant Julie Winkler Giulioni, author of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go. Career paths are very personal matters.

Starting Out With a Challenging Manager


If you do, then what other people do is irrelevant,” says Sharon Marsh Roberts , Tax Consultant at Marsh Roberts. Adelaide Adams , Director at Alunas Consulting, shares that it’s important to understand that managers may not even be aware they’re being difficult to work with.

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eLearning Content Development: 6 Steps to Create a Learning Problem Statement


Let’s determine the research-worthiness of a problem and the steps to create a clear learning problem statement. When course mentors facilitate large volumes of knowledge sharing, they feel they can filter out content for the next course.

Start With These Three Messages to Promote Change


Roberts has mentored with Everwise four different times since 2014. Below, we ask Roberts about her career and what she enjoys about mentoring with Everwise. . Have you had any mentors who have meaningfully impacted your career? A lot of mentoring is just being a good listener.

Executive Freelancers: An Interview With Antoinette Forth


And, it turns out, there’s a huge need for consultants with their skills. Primarily, Walkabout Collective creates products (like Walkabout Office ) to help consultants find and engage with businesses that need their skills. But it wasn’t until after she left her corporate career and began consulting that Forth discovered there were plenty of experienced professionals interested in taking their careers into the independent realm, they just didn’t know how.

‘We need a revolution’ – Clark Quinn on the state of L&D

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We’re abandoning performance support, mentoring, coaching and the rest of the 70:20:10 – that’s just unconscionable in this day and age. We are seeing increasing use of serious games and next to mentored live practice they are the most powerful learning experience we can have.

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eLEARNING DEVELOPMENT: Dude, Watch Your Aspect. Ratio!

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When creating eLearning in TechSmith Camtasia, Adobe Captivate, or Articulate Storyline, one critical consideration is the physical width and height of your project (also known as the canvas size).

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Mentorship as a Growth Strategy: One International Tech Startup’s Approach


Irina is from Germany and had a successful law career there before moving stateside and transitioning into consulting and business development. Adam has a lot of experience in marketing, so he gave me some advice on creating and publishing content. Mentorship is a powerful tool.

Lessons I Learned From Facilitating the Foundations of Learning Experience Design (LXD) Course


Connecting students and mentors from around the world using an online platform helps build a global community of learners that in-person education alone cannot establish. 3: Actively Involve Mentors. You may also reassure your mentors that their commitments can be flexible.