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Holiday Wish List for Corporate Training Professionals: Part 4 - Software for Content Creation


Digital media is easy to create, publish, edit, update, and consume around the world. But before any course can be made, the media must first be created. Applications for Creating Training Content. We used to create course packages that included multimedia elements.

Insights from a presentation designer: Q&A with Julie Terberg


Julie Terberg is a passionate designer, consultant, writer, and Microsoft PowerPoint MVP based in Michigan. At the time, we used DOS-based software and everything we created was output to 35mm slide film. Echo was a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP for many years before I was nominated.

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20 World-Class Experts Share Their Top Presentation Tips

eLearning Brothers

Simple – teach them some simple rules about creating effective presentations. So I decided to consult the world’s experts and ask them for their advice. Before creating slides, make sure you are using a template that defines global properties like fonts, colors and object/chart styles.

Bend & Flex: Building Learning Agility

CLO Magazine

Consulting firm Green Peak Partners collaborated with researchers from Teachers College at Columbia University in New York to assess the value learning-agile individuals bring to their organizations. The Microsoft Garage resides in Bill Gates’ old office and serves as a space for employees in any role to work on innovative projects. Your team should also curate learning content so that you create a powerful brain trust and no one feels they must reinvent the wheel.

Agile 65

Cut the Clip Art Clutter


Much like stock photography, the trick to using clip art well is to keep it styled in a way that reinforces your message. If you’re using Microsoft Clip Art Online , it’s easy to search by style. Are you one of the daring few already creating cutting-edge training with clip art?

What Are Learning Organizations, and What Do They Really Do?

CLO Magazine

Microsoft: It successfully made the massive shift in mindset from desktop to Internet when its marketplace changed. Apple: It perceives unrecognized marketplace needs and creates new products to fill them. So if we want to create a true learning organization, how do we do it?