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How to Sell Your Elearning Courses for Profit [PART 1]


I did a quick search and didn’t see any real resources available, so that’s why I have decided to create this mini-series on the subject. There certainly isn’t anything wrong about this, and it is a great way to gain the skills necessary for creating “winning” courses.

LMS State of Affairs

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Active vs inactive users (ideal for B2B, associations/non-profits, content providers, e-commerce focused buyers including trainers/facilitators/consultants). Right now there is something taking place in the industry, that is creating confusion among buyers – the term Learning Management System. . It can be a self-service system (more on that in a sec.). How is a Self-Service System defined? Best way to think of a self-service system? 620 and counting. .

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Skills Series: A Beginner’s Guide to Affinity Mapping

General Assembly

With just a few tools, you can create a visual representation of large amounts of data that will help to inform your future strategy. Tools for Creating an Affinity Map or Affinity Diagram Creating an affinity map is easy. Every great design begins with great research.

F2F LMS Presentations – Good, Bad,Ugly

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It is better to learn that they are in the customer service department for big company now, rather to find out later. . Create an Agenda. Secondly it tells me that you took the time to try to replicate or create my colors for your demo.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry

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An authoring tool solution is supposed to be all about the ability for folks to create, build courses that can be linear (A to B to C) aka click-click or non-linear (why WBT was empowered in the first place, where the learner can bounce around A to C to G, focusing on what they need to learn, and returning as often as they want). . Only a few support PENS, which is a shame, because it really does some very cool things.

48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


Thompson has done a tremendous service by penning this book. She has written and edited fifty books in her thirty plus years in training and consulting private organizations, government, and nonprofits. Creating a Sense of Presence in Online Teaching by Rosemary M.

Sales Team Portal for Content and Expert Access

Tony Karrer

Their large sales team sells a diverse and complex set of products and services to multiple markets. And then they would sometimes take these answers and create new pockets of information which made the situation even worse. Came up with various associated things like the popular pen.

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