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A Simple Way to Track Courses without an LMS

Rapid eLearning

Generally , delivering e-learning courses is a two-step process: 1) create the course in your favorite e-learning software and 2) host the course in a learning management system. Create a Form. Create a form using a hosted service. Create a Gate to the Form.

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Business Impact of Learning: What is Customer Experience Worth to You?

Talented Learning

When these ingredients work together to create a successful customer experience, they directly affect business outcomes. After being seated, we were eager to order our tastings, but first we had questions for our young server, Kayla.

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Podcast 31: Inside Open Source Learning Systems – With eThink CEO Brian Carlson

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Professional services are a key differentiator for open source learning solution providers, particularly compared to proprietary LMS vendors. So about 12 years ago we founded eThink as a Moodle services provider. So you started with LMS services for the education market?

Creating Online Social Learning Membership Sites with Web Development Agency Owner, BuddyPress Expert, and StudyChurch Founder Tanner Moushey


Learn about creating online social learning membership sites with web development agency owner, BuddyPress expert, and StudyChurch founder Tanner Moushey in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Tanner offers web design services at

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10 Sales Engineering Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter


Tom is currently writing a book about his experiences as a sales engineer in Asia and his feed contains daily updates on his career consulting with Japanese and Singapore-based salespeople. He’s not only a 6-year server sales engineer with Dell, but he’s also a Desert Storm veteran.

The Rise of the Servant Leader

CLO Magazine

Robert Greenleaf defines servant leadership as a practice that “enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.” Let’s take an example shared in an article by Matt Peterson, managing director at Aethos Consulting Group.

eLearning Project Tip #9: How to Manage Three Common People-Related Problems


Solution: Stakeholders is the term we use for the key people you will work with to provide the content and services to make the project happen. They may perform one or more services on the project. Solution: Whether internal or consultant content developers are utilized, they should take direction from the Sr. They create the PowerPoint (PPT) templates according to specifications, add bullet points, graphics, and speaker notes.

What is an LMS?


And if you need help with anything you can follow this guide to creating your own online course (in 5 simple steps) right here. In any business operating today, no matter the size or industry or service, passing along knowledge between stakeholders lays at the core of any business.


Think xAPI is Next-Generation SCORM? Think Again

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Back in 2000, JavaScript was the only programming language used to create training content in web page format. The content immediately notifies the server (a Learning Record Store aka LRS) about this event in a statement that reads like normal speech.


Paradiso’s Teeming Mahara Alliance


And the beauty of this merger lies in the fact that it helps the learners in the LMS create an online archive of their learning, as they keep progressing through the courses. We have years of experience in providing advanced Mahara Services such as customizations, plugins, theme design and hosting for customers as diverse as independent training institutes, schools and universities or multi-national corporations. Other Mahara Services. Mahara Hosting Services.

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2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

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They differentiate themselves not only through innovative functionality, but also industry-specific expertise, integration capabilities, professional services, accessible pricing and other unique characteristics. Service continuity is always a top LMS purchasing concern. New year.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Online Course?


Whether it’s worth to create a course or not is a question that many people so eagerly want to get an answer to. Creating and selling online courses is a highly profitable business with the potential to open up a passive stream of income. But, how much does it cost to create one?

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8 Top Priorities For Your LMS Needs Assessment

Petra Mayer

If, for example, you are a business owner who wants to add training programs to your service offering and you don’t need to track their progress or performance, then you likely don’t need a full LMS. Product and service quality. Cloud services. Customer service platform.

LMS Innovation: Where’s the Value?

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If you follow my writing — even casually — you know how excited I am about the direction of LMS innovation and its ability to help organizations create business value. Check out our services for LMS Buyers !

A Winning Strategy

CLO Magazine

Last year, sales and service representatives from across Hyundai Motor dealerships had the opportunity to participate in a series of competitions to prove they knew more about each car and how to sell it than any of their peers. It created a lot more transparency.”.

Kineo Insights Webinar: Kronos Moodle Case Study

Learning Visions

Kronos delivers products and services to customers managing workforce. Scott and Lynn are with customer services group and deliver training to customers – through Moodle. Users can now create a My Learning page to find the content they needed. Low start up costs helped us out (no licensing fees; minimal server requirements). Implemented Moodle’s Flash video module – created fabulous video experience.

Choosing Mobile Learning Solutions Using Standards

JCA Solutions

There is the story about a woman who signed up for an online dating service and got paired with a software developer. That creates a problem for SCORM right there in that most eLearning content was made for the bigger displays of desktop and laptop computers.

Podcast: Selecting Association Software – With Chad Stewart of SmartThoughts

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EPISODE 21 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: As an independent learning systems consultant, I’m obsessed with finding the ideal solution for each client’s unique needs. Back then, software was installed on desktops and servers, so clients had different needs.

Franchise Training Realities: Learning to Slice the Bloomin’ Onion

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On average, each franchisee employs about 60 people in a variety of roles: Front-of-the-house employees – servers, hosts, bartenders. Successful brands are built on multiple elements — quality, service and customer experience. Alcohol service laws are a good example.

LMS State of Affairs

eLearning 24-7

Active vs inactive users (ideal for B2B, associations/non-profits, content providers, e-commerce focused buyers including trainers/facilitators/consultants). Right now there is something taking place in the industry, that is creating confusion among buyers – the term Learning Management System. . It could be SaaS infrastructure, PaaS infrastructure, a hybrid infrastructure, sitting on your own servers infrastructure, but it is infrastructure. 620 and counting. .

7 eLearning Experts Share Tips on How to Choose the Best Learning Management System


Consult trainers and end-users before you purchase: Find out from trainers and end users what features they would prefer. Then create a variety of scenarios the LMS will be expected to behave and use a rubric to evaluate success. You create the real-life situations your LMS administrator and students will need to carry out. If your organization allows, choose an LMS that is already hosted online instead of going for the one that needs to be installed on your servers.

B2B Top Five LMSs

eLearning 24-7

Content Providers – the fastest growing B2B right now in e-learning; best or most amazingly of all – it can be just one person who has created a course (content) and then has their own clients who purchase the course or courses to provide to their own employees; the days of large content providers as the only option is gone. The LMS is a self-service system, which is growing in the space. Offers the ability to have your own LMS on a separate server than everyone else.

Africa goes mobile

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Jessica Colaço is the principal researcher at Strathmore Research and Consultancy Centre (SRCC) and is a Mobile Technology Evangelist. Tangaza is a voice based transmission service - you can update your Facebook or Twitter status through voice recordings on your mobile phone.

The Rise of Social Everything

Marcia Conner

Sabre Holdings, the company that owns Travelocity and several other global travel reservation systems, created an internal online community to provide an internal tool for professional networking so that employees could connect quickly and easily.

The Rise of Social Everything

Marcia Conner

At the time the networking tool was created, Sabre Holdings had grown from a small U.S. He says, “A big benefit for us is that SabreTown is effectively creating a massive knowledge base that employees willingly populate with their own information.”

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Your WordPress LMS Freelance Business Transformation with Matt Inglot


If you build websites as a service, Matt’s podcast is one to follow. Building up recurring revenue and delivering value to your clients is a great way to get the recurring revenue you need to make a website service business thrive.

Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


note : Epignosis has created a module that provides integration of BigBlueButton conferencing in eFront Open Source Learning Management System. It is available as hosted service or you download and install a package on your server with no limitations in usage or users.

Development Drives Innovation and Revenue

CLO Magazine

SNAPSHOT: For the past seven years commercial refrigeration provider Hillphoenix’s Learning Center has provided training to more than 10,000 industry professionals, ranging from service contractors and engineers to store development and procurement personnel.

What Are Learning Organizations, and What Do They Really Do?

CLO Magazine

Apple: It perceives unrecognized marketplace needs and creates new products to fill them. So if we want to create a true learning organization, how do we do it? Some organizations have helped to imbed these structural enablers by creating the position of chief knowledge officer (CKO).

GE TV: Craig Weiss on the Future of the LMS and Authoring Tools Markets

Growth Engineering

At E-Learning 24/7, Craig acts as an eLearning analyst, advisor and consultant for buyers and suppliers alike. Craig is the CEO of E-Learning 24/7 , where he acts as an eLearning analyst, advisor and consultant for buyers and suppliers alike. Welcome to a brand new episode of GE TV !

Q&A from Blog Readers on E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Every e-learning consulting/research firm, etc. But, I do not look at the number of users, number of clients (in terms of ranking as the best of the best), I look at the platform as a whole – including those extra variables people tend to leave out - user interface, customer service, support, training and a few other items. . Support and Service – A major, major issue and one that has always been around. Service calls not being returned.

2015 LMS Rakings for K-12, HE and Report Criteria

eLearning 24-7

One vendor’s fee based services includes support for learners – so that is acceptable – and a benefit for those who want it, since support is typically only for administrators (and it makes complete sense). Multi-Tenant and if yes, can the client have their own server and if yes, is it free? (The Offer a resource library/exchange where clients can share tips/tricks, templates or content they created (non-proprietary) and so on – WOW for corporate.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Rise of Rapid e-Learning

Learning Visions

Subject matter experts are embracing the more sophisticated rapid e-learning tools which allow server side development with international collaboration and “instant&# course deployment. This continuing technological development means that e-learning developers can no longer rely on being more technologically sophisticated than rapid e-learning and need to utilise their other natural competitive advantages to sell their services.

Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Learning


As a eLearning consultant I would prefer to use a human narration professional. For me it is unacceptable that eLearning organization create courses that they do not have voice.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Market Differences in eLearning

Learning Visions

Several times due to such business centric strategies, you even get limited to only creating certain kinds of content and dont have any other option as the companies I named have pre-established standards and strategies that you cannot really deviate from if you want to create courseware for them.