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Software Demo Tips: What Works? Ask an LMS Selection Consultant

Talented Learning

We actually earn our living by providing comprehensive learning software selection services. For nearly 5 years, our consultants have been on a mission to help extended enterprise LMS buyers make better purchasing decisions. Breadth and depth of technical and services capabilities.

Helping Consultants, Experts, and Coaches Smash Through Personal and Professional Plateaus with David Shriner-Cahn


Helping consultants, experts, and coaches smash through personal and professional plateaus with David Shriner-Cahn in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. It kind of suits who I am and I actually really like the intimacy that audio conversations create.

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Legal Services Act – the end of the world?

From the Coleface

The Legal Services Act which was born out of the Clementi Review gained Royal Assent last week. Today’s issue of The Lawyer has a handy summary. Create an independent Office for Legal Complaints to investigate consumer complaints.” Over the past few years you’ll have heard reports of “Tesco Law” and doom-mongers reporting that law firms will perish in the wake of increased competition from non-law firms. So what does the Act actually say?

Podcast 10: The New Face of Nonprofit Leadership Development – With Meera Chary of Bridgespan

Talented Learning

EPISODE 10 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: What does it take to create a compelling facilitated team learning experience? And how is this innovative concept helping consulting firms extend their reach? Because this works without a live consultant, it is much more flexible.

Podcast 32: Building a Customer Education Business Case – With Bill Cushard of Learndot

Talented Learning

EPISODE 32 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: If you’re a fan of Talented Learning, you know I’m obsessed with customer education. There are several reasons why: RSVP FOR OUR JANUARY WEBINAR! • When software is free, you have to make money with services. And training is a service.

Starting a Customer Education Program: What You Should Know

Talented Learning

” Everyone provides their own version of training – from account managers and project leads to customer service managers and support reps. ” Everyone is so busy creating custom training for each customer, no one takes the time to develop standard materials. Summary.

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Podcast 19: Customer Education 101 – With Dave Derington of Azuqua

Talented Learning

EPISODE 19 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: On our previous episode , we talked about the increasing popularity of customer success programs among high-growth companies – especially software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors. WELCOME TO EPISODE 19 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!

How to Write an RFP for LMS Vendors

Web Courseworks

An RFP, or Request for Proposal, allows you to outline what you are looking for in your ideal Learning Management System vendor and creates a standardized form or checklist for all would-be vendors to follow. Executive Summary.

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Hiring in China and How to Find the Best China Recruitment Agency

Your Training Edge

Unfortunately, many of these new recruitment agencies are in a race to the bottom in terms of price, and that means they use poorly qualified and inexperienced consultants. Summary.

ATD ICE 2019: A first timer’s perspective

Rustici Software

Listening to the attendees questions and answers was encouraging to hear how eager many are to streamline their eLearning training for staff across various education, compliance, service and healthcare industries. In summary, I observed many great conversations among attendee sessions.

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Global Microlearning Forecast to 2024 – Gamification of Training and Education to Boost the Adoption of Microlearning


7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The “Microlearning Market by Component (Solution and Services), Organization Size, Deployment Type, Industry (Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics, BFSI, Telecom and IT, Healthcare and Life Sciences), and Region – Global Forecast to 2024” report has been added to’s offering. Executive Summary. Services 6.3.1 Consulting and Implementation Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 9.4.1

How a presentation design agency can help you get the most out of Google Slides 


Google Slides is a popular tool for creating presentations. If you’re using Google Slides to create an important presentation, you may be considering employing a presentation design agency to help bring your content to life. Are all presentation design agencies created equal?

Podcast 18: Driving SaaS Customer Success – With Samma Hafeez of Thought Industries

Talented Learning

EPISODE 18 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Customer success has become an obsession among high-growth companies – especially software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors. Or it could be the time it takes to realize value in a way that they couldn’t have without your technology or services.

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Spark Your Interest

The media assets created from developing online learning can be used for other purposes. For example, different versions of a course could be created for customers, employees, or service providers. Creating games is a way to train and reinforce learning.

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Uberizing Organizational Learning – Thinking Beyond Courses

ID Reflections

L&D’s focus needs to shift from designing one-size fits all courses to consulting with individual learners, their managers and HR, and carving out learning roadmaps for them. I also liken it to developing a service-mindset over a product-mindset. Designing courses is passé!

Training Vision 3: What Are Your Best Customers Planning?

Your Training Edge

Summary: Training in the current environment is very much like sales, so it is absolutely necessary to find out what your best internal customers are planning for the upcoming year. And even more importantly, this contact serves to solidify your relationship as a solutions partner and not just a service department. These are the initiatives that may need a consultation or a push in the right direction, but may not need a full-scale training intervention.

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Social Learning doesn’t mean what you think it does: PART TWO

Jane Hart

In summary, as the recent article about social media marketing, The inconvenient truth about social media , puts it. So in summary , it is about moving from thinking in terms of Quantity to Quality. Their services shouldn’t be forced upon them. Quality of service.

Unpacking New York Anti-Sexual Harassment Training Needs

Interactive Services

More can be done to change the culture and create an environment where women can come forward and be believed,” said New York’s Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. In Summary, your organization must ensure that it meets the standards outlined above.

Podcast 23: Open Source LMS Advantages – With Lars Hyland of Totara

Talented Learning

EPISODE 23 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Open source development methodologies are rapidly transforming every corner of the software community. We provide that support to our partners , who then innovate and provide personalized, customized service to their customers.

Software Demo Success: How to Present Your LMS In Its Best Light

Talented Learning

But after years as a software sales consultant, and now as an LMS selection advisor, I’ve learned how you can significantly improve your chances. ” Use a cheat sheet – Even after 20+ years of delivering demos, I always create a script.

LMS Review: Docebo 7

Talented Learning

The self-service capability is still in place, but the business model and pricing are now geared towards disrupting the highly competitive mid/large global market. Supports user-generated content and ability to create private or shared channels (playlists).

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This Is Your Brain on Learning

CLO Magazine

The ease of access to something that you need when you need it — or that notion of being expert content curators that create an ecosystem of content that is just in time, just enough and just for me — is really the way learning leaders need to be thinking about it,” she said.

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LMS RFP Tips: How to Find Your Best Learning Technology Fit

Talented Learning

RFPs help buyers get organized, formalize requirements, evaluate vendors logically, create a historical record and show vendors you are serious. Think of an RFP (Request for Proposal) as an invitation to participate in the purchasing process for any type of software, goods or services.

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Podcast Episode 2: Linking Customer Training and Business Success – With Sandi Lin

Talented Learning

On a regular basis, I’ll be interviewing some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of extended enterprise learning – including vendor executives, consultants, customers and more. To create product or service differentiation.

What is an LMS?


And if you need help with anything you can follow this guide to creating your own online course (in 5 simple steps) right here. In any business operating today, no matter the size or industry or service, passing along knowledge between stakeholders lays at the core of any business.


Podcast: Selecting Association Software – With Chad Stewart of SmartThoughts

Talented Learning

EPISODE 21 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: As an independent learning systems consultant, I’m obsessed with finding the ideal solution for each client’s unique needs. Tips for creating a business case your board will support.

Podcast 11: Top Association Technology Trends – With Tamer Ali of Community Brands

Talented Learning

EPISODE 11 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Member-based organizations are facing unprecedented competitive pressure. Continuing education is increasingly attractive as a way for associations to create a sustainable competitive advantage. WELCOME TO EPISODE 11 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!

LMS License Models: What in the World is Going On?

Talented Learning

” As an LMS research analyst and vendor selection consultant, I get a version of that question often from both LMS buyers and sellers. Every LMS buyer has an unique, often undocumented set of business, functional, technical, professional service and support requirements.

A Quest for Success

CLO Magazine

To help with the meta-design options for LQA’s development, Stroud brought in Pete Cuozzo, founder and president of Cuozzo Enterprises, a management consulting firm specializing in leadership development, individual and team coaching, and organization development. “In

Podcast 15: Tying Training to Customer Success – With Barry Kelly of Thought Industries

Talented Learning

EPISODE 15 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: I’m excited for today’s discussion because it focuses on one of my favorite topics – customer learning strategies and technologies. Certainly, any product 0r service company may find it beneficial to educate their customers.

‘Best of Elearning! ’ Awards Honor 100 Top Solutions


Research indicated 85 percent of readers had recommended an e-learning solution to a peer over the most recent 12-month period, and 61 percent claimed that award recognition “impacts their decision” to consider a product or service. As a Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) provider, BizLibrary manages access to the application, including security, availability, and performance, allowing I.T. AlliedBarton Security Service, Randstad Professionals U.S., Services.

Podcast Episode 6: Franchise Training Adoption – With Trista Kimber

Talented Learning

On a regular basis, I’m interviewing some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of extended enterprise learning – including vendor executives, consultants, customers and others. WELCOME TO EPISODE 6 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!

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Online Training – The Future of Safety

Atlantic Training

When it comes to Online Training, not all types are created equal. Let’s go through a summary of each to highlight some differences. Streaming for training works exactly the same as other streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go. This option is quite effective as the user will take the training online, then practice with a consultant or seasoned employee to better implement their new skills.

Podcast 20: Interpreting Global eLearning Trends – With Donald H. Taylor

Talented Learning

EPISODE 20 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: If you follow our blog , you know I’m fascinated with elearning trends. Building up the body of data over time has really created value. Tips for creating a business case your board will support.

Distance Learning and the LMS: Advice From a Higher Education Expert

Talented Learning

So we invested considerable time and effort to create and promote digital support resources that anyone can use on demand. TL: What are the biggest challenges in creating an engaging online learning experience?