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Why CX tops my holiday wish list


Last year’s rollercoaster started with an last-minute addition to my three-year-old daughter’s wish list—which just happened to be 2017’s must-have toy. With high hopes, I sped off to a local store that (according to my online search) had 7 of the season’s hottest toy in-stock.

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How I failed miserably at doing things that don’t scale.


An idea struck me after I was discussing our marketing plans with our cyber security consultant, Andrew. He also mentioned that he would send a small toy or bit of merchandise, with a message attached to it which was related to cyber security. I found a great service called Shopmate.

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Why User Experience is the New Brand Loyalty Program


It’s a scenario we’re all too familiar with: You get a new toy–a TV; a bookshelf; a new phone–and the second it’s out of the box, you want it to be fully functional. And chances are that calling customer service is the last thing you want to do. In a recent poll, digital consulting firm Accenture found that 89 percent of customers get fed up when having to explain the problem to multiple customer service agents and 83 percent would rather check a company’s website before calling in.

7 Best Practices for Maximizing the Value of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

KZO Innovations

Sometimes called affinity groups or business networks, employee resource groups (ERGs) aim to foster inclusivity in the workplace by creating a space for employees who share a common interest or affinity to support one another and raise awareness.

Josh Bersin, global industry analyst, on how Immersive Learning is poised to disrupt L&D


Even though we have all these technologies and tools and content and authoring things going on, companies are struggling to figure out how to create learning that fits into the flow of work. You need consulting help. You’re going to have to create something new.

Petco Maps Out a New Leadership Strategy

CLO Magazine

From its inception in 1965, Petco’s mission has been to deliver quality pet products — food, toys, supplies and medicine. By focusing on customer service, quality, and exclusive and healthy products, the company built a loyal following. The goals of the learning maps are to convey large amounts of information and expose people to the drama, emotion and complex stories of their business, while creating an engaging environment.

Marketing Automation and Learning Content Personalization for Course Creators with Spencer Forman from WP Automation Lab


Spencer creates a great visualization of how they work. WP Automation Lab has training on how you can use the tools you need to create a profitable membership site with WordPress. The metaphor that I think is working really well creates a nice visual picture.