Colorful Consulting: Lessons from Larry

Allison Rossett

Today I learned about consulting from a surprising source. This consultant needs a consultant. I decided to seek out a hair color consultant. The receptionist looked stunned that I thought I could just drop by to consult with Larry. While I wait, I think about the essence of consulting. This movement to a more consistently colorful me served up reminders about consulting. He oozed expertise through silent review, questions, comments and reputation.

Lessons Learned: LMS Feasibility Study

Petra Mayer

This project provided many lessons that became apparent through the analysis of the RFI responses. Lessons for the RFP process. There were a lot of lessons that will help to develop a more detailed RFP (Request for Proposal). Lessons about the benefits of an LMS. Lessons about the investment required. Other vendors may be at the opposite site of the spectrum, providing consulting and implementation of systems. Lessons about budgeting impact.

Study 40

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Measurement Matters: 3 Data Analytics Lessons to Remember

Talented Learning

Here are three of the most memorable examples: Lesson 1: Find Your “North Star” Metric. Lesson 2: Measurement is a Nonstop Endeavor. Which leads to my next lesson…. Lesson 3: Analysis Without Action Is Pointless. So perhaps the most important lesson of all is the hardest lesson to accept. If you have an analytics lesson to share, feel free to tell me about it at

3 lessons from the Lloyds Bank fine


The recent FCA fine imposed on Lloyds Bank contains three key lessons for all UK financial institutions. In this article, Principal Consultant, Liz Hornby, examines the details of the fine, what it means in the context of the SMCR, and the potential implications in the current climate. There are three key lessons here for all UK financial institutions. Lesson 1: Treating Customers Fairly, Vulnerable Customers and the Conduct Rules. Lesson 3: Adequate training.

Coaching vs. Consulting: Find the Perfect Balance to Get Buy-in and Results

CLO Magazine

Chief learning officers should consult as well as coach stakeholders while partnering with business units to develop learning strategies. But to improve their influence and results they’ll need to clarify the difference between coaching and consulting, and find the right balance for each initiative they lead. Both coaching and consulting begin with a well-defined problem, challenge or opportunity that is causing pain for the other party.

Monetization, Production, Growth, and Advertising for Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants with Michael Greenberg


We dive into monetization, production, growth, and advertising for course creators, coaches, and consultants with Michael Greenberg in this episode of LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. At Call For Content Michael works with coaches, consultants, and podcasters to help them take effective action for their businesses. It’s strategy and expertise in any professional service. Like coaches and consultants? Yeah, so we work with coaches and consultants.

Career Advice: Jesse Jackson

CLO Magazine

What lessons have brought you here? Lessons really manifested themselves at key transitions. I’ve used the deep domain expertise as those types of capabilities that’ll allow us to be much more consultative and allow us to partner with the C-suite as we attempt to understand their key performance objectives and deliver learning capabilities that allow us to progress toward them, if not exceed them. Jesse Jackson. What has been your career path?

Podcast 10: The New Face of Nonprofit Leadership Development – With Meera Chary of Bridgespan

Talented Learning

And how is this innovative concept helping consulting firms extend their reach? Bridgespan is one of the world’s premier nonprofit management consulting firms that empowers mission-driven organizations and philanthropists to accelerate social change. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Innovative learning technology is helping consulting firms provide high-value advisory services to a much broader audience. Because this works without a live consultant, it is much more flexible.



He distills lessons from cognitive science, social networking, business strategy, futures research, and psychology to boost sales, improve customer service, and spark innovation. Jay: That’s a giant issue and it’s a bit out of my area of expertise. Except to stop paying attention to consultants who tout old-school accounting as relevant in today’s world.) 70:20:10 Blended Learning E-Learning Informal Learning Interviews L&D Learning Consulting 70:20:10 Model Aha!



He is widely considered a guru for his expertise in eLearning development, and consults with clients worldwide. Learnnovators: You are considered a ‘guru’ for your expertise in e-learning development. While my main area of expertise over the last 32 years has been in the best use of development tools, of course I’ve also learned which forms of instructional design work and which do not. ABOUT JOE GANCI (President, eLearningJoe, LLC).



These courses are characterized by minutes-long lessons that can be taken while on the move. Cognibloom : Cognibloom is a social micro learning tool that empowers people to share their expertise by helping them create social quizzes. Global Micro Learning Association : Global Micro Learning Association is a meet-up that was started with a goal to create a platform for micro learning professionals to share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas to build better learning experiences.

How Do We Find the Right eLearning Partner?

ThinkingKap Solutions

But if you employ a company for some non-training-related solution (LMS vendor, business process consulting, etc.), However you source this expertise, it’s good to vet the resources before you’re in a pinch. As an example, we typically have a project close meeting to discuss how everything went, lessons learned, etc. Consulting

4 Tips for Offering and Mastering Online Coaching


Unlike class-specific tools, educators have more control over what is shown to specific pupils and are better able to tailor specific lessons to those needs. When a student is struggling in your field of expertise then they need your help, and they need it on demand. Tools like LearnDash Private Sessions make your expertise a purchase-ready commodity from within your online course, and one that looks very appealing to a frustrated student feeling lost in their materials.

Working with an Instructional Designer: How to Prepare for Success

WBT Systems

You need one project lead on the association side and, if you’re working with an ID firm and not an individual consultant, one project lead from their side too. Identify the subject matter experts (SMEs)—staff, members, or other professionals—who have the content expertise needed by the ID to develop the course. Lessons from similar past projects—what went well and what didn’t. Blog consultants course development instructional designer program development project management

xAPI Camp – DevLearn: Call for Proposals Ends 8/10


We’re looking for new lessons learned. There’s no guarantee of selection if you submit something and sponsorship is not considered for selection — we welcome vendors, consultants and stakeholders to present as well as practitioners, designers, engineers, managers and leaders. We’re curating ideas and expertise for a specific experience design. The next xAPI Camp is taking place at DevLearn on September 29, 2015.

xapi 161

Course Continuity Planning: Preparing Your Learners for the Unexpected

eThink Education

By now, most organizations have had to move in-person lesson plans to a virtual or hybrid teaching model. A variety of content delivery including video, audio, written text, or gamified lessons.

Why Good Leaders Take Time to Gain Fresh Perspective

Training Industry

About Evan Hackel Evan Hackel, the creator of the concept of Ingaged Leadership, is a recognized business and franchise expert and consultant. Evan is Principal and Founder of Ingage Consulting, a consulting firm headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts. To learn more about Inage Consulting and Evan’s book Ingaging Leadership, visit

8 tips to help you sell more courses while you work from home ?

Plume - e-learning & learning management systems

Whether you’re writing an in-depth guide or a summary of your expertise, selling or giving this away alongside your course is a great way of tying your customers into purchasing your other elearning materials….like, If you’d like to have a consultation to see how we can help you sell more online courses by offering an ebook please get in touch with us. Offer one-on-one consultations/ private lessons. You could offer a range of consultations covering different topics.

How to Start An Online Private Tutoring Website: Everything You Need to Know

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Well, the four major reasons behind it are as follows: Access to a larger pool of expertise: First of all, online tutoring provides students access to a larger pool of expertise. However, setting up a new site requires lots of work and expertise.

How to start an online tutoring business and make $10,000 per month?


Not surprisingly an average online educator can earn anywhere between $10-$100 an hour or even more depending on their academic qualifications, experience, and technical expertise. Offer free consultations. Offer your potential learners an opportunity to interact with you through a free consultation. Level of expertise. Leverage your expertise to develop a deeper understanding of the subject at your hand. Verbal and written communication expertise.

Financial Services: How to Keep Business Flowing When You Can’t Meet In Person


These subject matter experts have deep expertise to help advisors and clients make sense of rapidly changing markets and trends. Client-facing teams have always maintained relationships with constant touches, using their expertise as a differentiator.

Starting Online Classes with LearnDash and eLumine – a LEAP Towards the Future

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Setting up your lessons and courses is a good start. A brick-and-mortar school has different teachers/ instructors teaching subjects they have expertise in. It puts them in charge of setting up lessons and managing them in a manner that they deem fit. WISDM Content Cloner replicates the complete course hierarchy with course lessons, topics, quizzes. Quizzes are an age-old way to test your student’s knowledge and how clear their understanding of the lessons is.

Change Management Process and Structure for Learning Transformation


In the fifth part of our case study blog series , Alfonso Riley, learning technology consultant at Caterpillar Inc., To ensure the right expertise is on the right team, we redirected teams from focusing on regions to focusing on programs and functions. Do you have any advice or lessons learned to share? And the biggest lesson learned is to over-communicate as much as possible and with clear intent.

Helping People Launch WordPress Membership Sites with Andriy Haydash


Andriy is a WordPress consultant specializing in membership websites, online courses, and learning management systems. An LMS focuses on the learning experience and often includes lessons, modules, quizzes, and more structured programs.

Site 87

PODCAST 139: The Science of Becoming a Better Sales Leader with Luke Rogers

Sales Hacker

At 15, he began going to school part-time in Northern England in Manchester, so that he could run a technology consulting business that he had started. I would imagine that building some of these apps requires some technical expertise.

It’s Time to Get Started with Career Mobility


For employees to continue to invest in our companies with their time, energy, expertise, wellbeing, and effort, it’s important for them to know and to see that the company is dedicated to growing their skills and protecting their careers.” The first principle and probably the most important is experience and engagement,” said Danny Abdo, Degreed VP of Solutions Consulting. The world of work is evolving, and smart companies get it.

Online education puts new skills at your fingertips


But those who really excel in the workplace or in their consulting careers possess a wider range of knowledge, skills, and expertise. Scarso, a communications consultant and creative writer, took advantage of when she was learning Adobe Indesign. “You can stop the lesson whenever you want, try out what the teacher has just explained for yourself, perhaps listen to a passage once again, if it’s not clear,” she said.

The Evolution of the e-Learning Development Guide: What Is It and Do You Need One?


Even after routes were found and roads laid, we still consulted maps, and later GPS, to make sure we were going the right way. Commonly developer’s guides cover three distinct sections, which are: Visual Design and Lesson Format. The first section to tackle is the most utilitarian of them: the visual design and lesson format. Course Content – The meat of the lesson will occur here. Determine their expertise level when working with technologies.


2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

Talented Learning

This is where our knowledge and expertise are strongest. For example, customers often seek expertise in strategic marketing, curriculum and instructional design, online and mobile content development, video production and event management, as well as integration, administration and end-user support. The company combines innovative technology with expertise in instructional design and exam administration to design, deliver and interpret tests guided by psychometric science.

Free learning & development webinars for July 2020

Limestone Learning

During this session with Kassy LaBorie, Principal Consultant at Kassy LaBorie Consulting LLC, and Dan Keckan, CEO of Cinecraft Productions, you’ll learn what you can do to be successful in the virtual environment and avoid having everyone ask for a recording or a copy of the slides five minutes into your next virtual event. There’s a large need for educators in the adult training world, and your skills and expertise are valuable.

Free 54

Is L&D Ready for “The New Learning Era”?

Learning Wire

Early lessons from these turbulent times indicate that: This crisis is further driving digital transformation. In reviewing and sharing lessons on corporate learning from the previous crisis, the expected impact on financially troubled industries will be far higher. Given L&D’s expertise and agility, they can surely make this transition to deliver new solutions based on business needs. We’ve all been hit hard by this pandemic in both our personal and professional lives.

WebEx 63

Finally, I got it! I’ve tried all online learning formats!


Progression: if you answer all questions very fast, it probably means you already reached this level of expertise. Luc is an engineer and a Fellow at the Boston Consulting Group, Anne is a philologist.

How do you create a perfect blend of the various learning components?

Origin Learning

Before education moved to the confines of a traditional classroom, training was imparted through experiential learning and lessons had ‘show me’ and ‘let me’ ways of training. However, with the increasing use of technology in learning, deciding the right tool and correct instructional approach has become a major challenge, requiring the expertise of the professionals. She is a seasoned professional in the eLearning space, consults for various global organizations.

Podcast 22: Launching a Learning Portal – With DirectEmployers Association

Talented Learning

That’s why we just launched DE Academy , a learning portal that provides digital access to our expertise, on-demand. So about 18 months ago, we began talking about how we could make all their expertise more broadly available, in a convenient form where members and non-members alike could find it and use it on their time. JEN: That’s where our consultant Carla Downing came in. JEN: We offer courses, lessons and ebooks in a variety of formats.

Elearning Spotlight: Military Child Education Coalition and Blended Learning

The Learning Dispatch

Each module had lessons of approximately 15 minutes each. This allowed the learner to take the training in easily digestible “chunks” and be able to absorb and reflect on it before moving on to the next lesson. Incorporated instructional strategies and technology with expertise from in-house training resources, striving to create the best and most creative MCEC training in a different format. Blended Learning Combination Helps Support Military Kids.

Uncertainty is the key to unlocking opportunity

CLO Magazine

The difficulty involved in grappling with uncertainty means the lesson learned, knowledge gained or experience garnered will be that much more lasting. They were once consultants, managers and engineers before they became professional educators. They rely on the team around them instead of their own expertise. What DAU did instead was to redefine its purpose, moving from a model designed to deliver domain expertise to one aimed at serving customers.

Sun 51

What Employees Love in Online Training Courses


Moreover, consulting material for further reading and educational videos in real time has never been simpler. Additionally, each model should be broken down into chunks, so that the lesson takes less time to master and the information is easily absorbable. Whichever category they fall under, this opportunity gives them the time they need to completely master the lesson before proceeding on to the next module.

The 50:50 learning model

CLO Magazine

In our research conducted with participant startup entrepreneurs and consultants, we found that small businesses are invariably self-driven and social at work. For instance, if they notice a senior sharing or saving the lessons, they get the idea-sharing culture of a firm.”. Lava Infotech also relies on external expertise. “We We hire a consultant and ask him or her to guide the team to execute the project,” Potukuchi said.

7 Strategies to Facilitate “Working Out Loud”


Organizations like Google and Apple have become such talent communities attracting the best of the best in their areas of expertise. Jeff Merrell makes a very valid point in his post Working Out Loud Lesson: Ignore the Network : “ We write with the full expectation that the network will respond. Sahana Chattopadhyay is an L&D Consultant, OD Specialist, Blended Learning Architect, Social Learning Evangelist, and Blogger.

Rockstars on the Road: Hear Marty Rosenheck Speak at These Events

eLearning Brothers

Marty Rosenheck recently joined our team as the director of talent development consulting, enabling our Custom Solutions team to provide an even wider array of services to our clients. Marty brings a wealth of expertise in talent development, learning experience design, and learning technology ecosystem consulting. There are some incredibly brilliant people working to improve learning and development for companies around the world.