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Is Open Source Ready for Extended Enterprise Learning?

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You may know me as an independent learning systems consultant. Open source software is a great example. 10 years ago we would occasionally cross paths with corporate LMS buyers who were evaluating commercial systems side-by-side with open source platforms.

Podcast 23: Open Source LMS Advantages – With Lars Hyland of Totara

Talented Learning

EPISODE 23 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Open source development methodologies are rapidly transforming every corner of the software community. But when should organizations choose an open source LMS platform as the backbone for extended enterprise learning ?

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Podcast 31: Inside Open Source Learning Systems – With eThink CEO Brian Carlson

Talented Learning

For example, today we welcome a leader in the open source learning community, Brian Carlson , Co-Founder and CEO of eThink Education. Join us as we discuss the latest developments in open source learning systems. Open source learning systems are widely used.

Why EasyGenerator isn’t open source

Challenge to Learn

One of them: open source. The question was: should EasyGenerator become open source or should it stay proprietary. In the end we decided not to go for the open source model en in this blog I will try to explain why. Note: With open source software you share the source code of your software with everybody and everybody can contribute to it. My open source experience is therefore mainly based on these three.

Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


As a result, the following post is Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars) Tools for e-Learning. The following list contains free and open source Web Conferencing tools that are nt in particular order. The project is hosted at Google Code.

Open Source LMS: Hidden Costs for Associations

WBT Systems

Many associations have, at some point, considered the benefits of choosing an open source LMS for delivering their education programs. Hidden Costs of an Open Source LMS. Case Study: Limitations of an Open Source LMS.

Moodle Services Provider – How would you Choose the Right One?


Moodle, one of the leading open source platforms used worldwide by numerous schools, colleges, universities, government organizations, charities and corporates alike, is an eLearning platform that has endless possibilities. Be aware of such service providers!

What You Missed at TRYxAPI – ATD ICE


Riptide Software hosted a fantastic event on Saturday for the launch of John kicked off the afternoon talking about lessons learned consulting up to senior leaders in manufacturing and tech. This was in service to leveraging Saltbox’s Learning Model Canvas. Community Experience API / "Tin Can" Open Source

Kineo Insights Webinar: Kronos Moodle Case Study

Learning Visions

Today as part of the Kineo Insights webinar series – a conversation on open source. Kronos delivers products and services to customers managing workforce. Scott and Lynn are with customer services group and deliver training to customers – through Moodle. Compared it to a # of diff open source offerings as well as large commercial systems and smaller vendors as well. Did Kronos want open source or proprietary?

UK Government G-Cloud 11 & eThink Education: Improving the Digital Marketplace for Cloud-Based eLearning Services

eThink Education

The Solution: G-Cloud Approved Open-Source eLearning. Investing in open-source learning solutions helps to drive down the cost in comparison to closed-source solutions, often lowering the cost of ownership by around 33%. Why Use G-Cloud Procurement Services.

eThink Education Named a Certified Premium Moodle Partner Eligible to Support Moodle Workplace

eThink Education

eThink Education has been named a Certified Premium Moodle Partner by Moodle HQ, making the global Moodle Partner one of the first eligible partners to host Moodle’s newest product, Moodle Workplace.

What is a Learning Management System? (2019 Update)


Sophisticated AI technology grows to understand each learner’s behaviour, creating unique, personalized learning experiences, and social learning lets learners consult peer mentors, ask questions, and collaborate. The vendor delivers support services and stores all data in the cloud.

eThink Education Earns Ellucian Ethos Connected Partner Status

eThink Education

Ellucian is the world’s leading provider of software and services designed for higher education. Ellucian Ethos unifies data from Ellucian and partner applications into a single source and powers a community of integrated solutions t hat work together for improved outcomes.

Moodle: the LMS for everyone

Course Index provide a suite of services around Moodle. Moodle (acronym for modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment) is a globally supported open-source learning management system used by schools, universities, workplaces, training organizations and other sectors.

HT2 Labs and eThink Education Partner to Bring Next-Generation Learning Software to the Workplace

HT2 Labs

Combining eThink’s high-touch and robust open-source learning platform solutions and HT2 Labs’ innovative, next-generation learning software, this collaboration equips learners with an exceptional professional learning experience. eThink Education provides fully-managed solutions for open-source Moodle and Totara Learning Management Systems (LMS) including cloud hosting, implementation, integration, consultation, and management services.


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When hosting your online course on a Learning Management System (LMS) you can gather data on your learners. For example, different versions of a course could be created for customers, employees, or service providers. And an instructor may host the online learning.

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Custom Learning Experiences: Next Commercial Training Trend?

Talented Learning

Some commercial training companies offer only one (or very few) content programs with a homogeneous learner audience, rather than an extensive library for dozens of employee types, making full service LMSs overkill from a business, fiscal and learner standpoint. An Open Source Example.

Learning Locker®’s Queen’s Awards Win Commemorated with Duke of Gloucester Visit

Learning Pool

Learning Pool’s Alan Betts, Principal Consultant (and founder of HT2 Labs) greeting His Royal Highness, The Duke of Gloucester. L-R] Local MP, Robert Courts, His Royal Highness, The Duke of Gloucester, Alan Betts, Principal Consultant and Ollie Newton, Product Designer.

Got LMS Implementation Questions? Ask a Learning Tech Analyst

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6) As an LMS selection consultant, do you ensure that vendors deliver what they promise? But a good LMS selection consultant can restore foggy memories with thorough documentation. Some vendors rely on professional services as a money-maker.

JCA Solutions is Now Partnered with eThink Education

JCA Solutions

eThink Education provides a world-class, fully managed eLearning solution including implementation, cloud hosting, integration, consultation, and management services for open-source Moodle and Totara.

LMS Pricing: Avoiding Hidden Costs When Selecting eLearning Software

Melon Learning

If you, however, decide to dig deeper into the vast variety of feature sets, functionalities and supporting services LMS vendors offer, the task of comparing them all in order to choose the one that best suits your unique needs will be an arduous endeavour.

Covid-19 Aid: Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work

Talented Learning

While following these stories of digital transformation, we’ve discovered many valuable tools and services that are available at no cost in response to Covid-19. 3) Learning and Business Services. Moodle and Totara LMS Implementation & Hosting.

Moodle users gain bonus points with eThink Education and the Training Arcade ™

The Game Agency

With their years of experience in e-learning services, Moodle Partner eThink Education are rapidly becoming the go-to people for anyone needing help with in-house training. Partnering with the Game Agency is a natural addition to eThink Education’s fully-managed eLearning solution for open-source Moodle. The company offers cloud hosting, integration, consultation, implementation and management services.

A Conversation with Stephanie Nadda

Kapp Notes

Stephanie is a consultant based in Chicago who has worked with large organizations like W.W. Hosting platforms are more robust and the tools to create and edit video are simpler to use than they ever have been. The other day I caught up with Stephanie Nadda.

Your 2020 L&D Checklist: Top eLearning Considerations for the New Year

eThink Education

1: Increased Need for Consulting Services. Trend #4: Importance of a Service-Heavy Model. With several, disparate systems working together, getting support may mean reaching out to multiple customer service teams.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

Talented Learning

Because continuing education providers often look to technology vendors for hands-on guidance, these learning solutions usually come with professional services that are much more extensive than standard implementation and administrative support.

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How to mitigate the risk of switching your LMS provider

Learning Pool

Check out the prospect of an open-source product that facilitates customisation and offers adaptability and technical versatility. Will the provider act as a consultant to advise when business and not just technical issues arise?

Challenging Trends: Data, Learning and the LRS

HT2 Labs

How easy is it to record activity from a non xAPI source? The first is xAPI, that is the activity source is already outputting data in the xAPI format, this is known as ‘Plug and Play’ The next option is that the activity provider has an API but it doesn’t conform to the xAPI specification. xAPI won’t do a host of things (natively) that SCORM will do, typically around the sequencing and packaging of content.

xapi 50

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning


“In July 2010, Rackspace Hosting and NASA jointly launched an open-source cloud-software initiative known as OpenStack. The OpenStack project intended to help organizations offer cloud-computing services running on standard hardware.

IBM 203

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Corporate Moodle: A Tipping Point?

Learning Visions

Web conferencing services like DimDim now offer the equivalent of WebEx. I’m a recent convert, perhaps on the path to open source evangelism.) Because it’s open source, there are no licensing costs. Moodle and other open source products have huge communities behind them. Talented individuals who can program like hell and believe in the open source philosophy. But the beauty of open source is you can customize it.

3 Priority Questions for your LMS Feasibility Study

Petra Mayer

At this stage you will likely come across some gaps and open questions. Costs for consultants hired to support the project. Consulting (additional cost for consulting and implementation – may be included in licensing fee). Self-Hosted Pricing Models (all-inclusive).

Study 52

LMS Selection Roulette: Who Can You Trust?

Talented Learning

You are an association or commercial training company limping along with a graying, semi-custom open source solution and multiple manual workarounds. For example, how much did you spend annually on your LMS license, support, content, hosting or other services?

Trust 71

How to Launch Your Online Course the Easy Way with Course Maker Pro, WP Engine, and LifterLMS


While hosting can be one of the complicated aspects of course building, WP Engine makes the process of getting your website set up super easy by having a simple user interface along with live technical support. Yeah, we don’t host email, G Suite is an excellent choice.

Podcasting to Accelerate Sales for Course Creators with Craig Hewitt from Castos


Castos is a podcast hosting platform that allows you to host your audio files and create your RSS feed, and that is what can be sent out to platforms like iTunes. They have a free trial, and there is a lot of content dedicated to helping podcast hosts there as well.

L&D’s Diversity Dilemma

CLO Magazine

In fact, Chief Learning Officer data from its Talent Tracker service finds that 89 percent of learning and training managers are white. Talent Tracker, an analytics service developed by the Human Capital Media Research and Advisory Group, integrates data from open sources including the U.S. Masie said conference hosts need to reach out to a diversity of people, not necessarily to talk about D&I, but to talk about leadership and training from their point of view.

Masie 61

Free L&D webinars for December 2017

Limestone Learning

Why supporting continuous learning, open communication, and “anytime, anywhere” collaboration is critical. How the flexibility of open source allows for constant enhancement of the learning experience. But what do people actually do who work as performance consultants?

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Corporate Extended Enterprise Systems

Talented Learning

Building on a common software-as-a-service (SaaS) code infrastructure, Crowd Wisdom makes it possible to create semi-custom solutions that deliver an ultra-modern learning experience. Because this software is open source, partners can also create reusable custom code extensions.