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Power up your professional profile and stand out with the industry-leading Adobe Captivate Specialist recognition. Successfully complete the online assessment, get endorsed as a Specialist, and earn a certificate and badge for use in your professional and social networks. The Adobe Captivate Specialist is a full-day certificate classroom program, delivered by top Adobe Captivate experts. The post Adobe Captivate Specialist appeared first on eLearning.

Always Choose a Specialist over a Generalist


Today there are a countless number of business and service providers in the learning industry who claim that they can do it all – but is that really provide the customer with inherent value? Generalists have their place – but if you ask me, I choose specialists 10 out of 10 times.

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Specializing in the ELearning Industry


I may be bias (okay I am definitely bias) but I strongly believe that this industry has something to offer for anyone. Jumping into this industry is easy but it also means that it is easy to get “lost” in the crowd. industry).

Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

ID Reflections

I started this discussion to understand the roles (tacit and explicit) that a learning consultant plays. Sahana Chattopadhyay Senior Consultant at Zensar Technologies What does a Learning Consultant do? What are some of the primary and secondary functions that a business expects from a learning consultant? I am interested in finding out if there are any defined set of tasks that a learning consultant would do to enable organizational learning.

The Rise of LMS Specialists: A Tour of Learning Tech Innovation

Talented Learning

Welcome to the Era of LMS Specialists. Not long ago, everyone who developed learning management systems wanted to be all things to all buyers of every size, location, industry, and training challenge. LMS Specialists: Why Now? LMS Specialists: What’s So Special?

8 Advantages of Hiring an eLearning Consultant


Hiring a skilled eLearning consultant is an alternative approach that can save your business time and money in the long run. Although hiring an eLearning consultant may cost you more at the onset of the project, you will quickly come to find that it was well worth the investment when you see the outcome of the virtual training courses produced. Here are eight advantages of hiring an eLearning specialist over doing it on your own. With an eLearning specialist you can: 1.

What Factors Are Shaping the LMS Market? 2018 Learning Systems FAQ

Talented Learning

As an independent learning systems consultant , I’m often asked to share my opinion about what’s happening in the LMS market. It’s a good time to be an LMS selection consultant. Specialists are the new norm.

FAQ 107

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

Talented Learning

Rather, they are educated guesses about learning technology trends, based on our continuous market research, our consulting interactions with countless LMS buyers and sellers and more than 20 years of experience we’ve accumulated in the learning industry.

SweetRush Expands Its Organizational Transformation Services

eLearning Industry

SweetRush strengthens its world-class culture and changes consulting offerings by hiring noted change management and communications specialist Fran Willis White to help clients identify obstacles to growth, implement change efforts, and thrive.

Trending in Workplace Learning 2015….

Allison Rossett

A 16-week residential course for retirement specialists? ATD’s 2014 State of the Industry Report confirms that instructors still reign supreme in workplace learning, with 70% of formal training hours delivered by an instructor in a classroom. Blog posting Analysis evaluation instructional design performance performance consulting professional development trends

Trends 194

The Game Agency Wins at DemoFest!

The Game Agency

The Game Agency presented The Endeavor Healthcare course, designed to teach middle school students about careers in the healthcare industry. As they experience different scenarios in a health clinic, they also have the opportunity to learn more about careers in the healthcare industry.

Games 52

Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Bob Little is a writer , commentator and publicist who works globally, specializing in the corporate online learning industry. It comprises stimulating discussions with industry experts and product evangelists on emerging trends in the learning landscape. Join us on this exciting journey as we engage with thought leaders and learning innovators to see what the future of our industry looks like. What are the industry trends?

Talented Learning’s Greatest Hits: 2017 Edition

Talented Learning

Digital innovation is making it easier than ever to support commercial training strategies, so companies of every size and industry segment are discovering how learning programs can fuel growth and profitability. Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries , joined me in tackling this topic. #2

LMS Market Trends: Issues and Opportunities

Talented Learning

It’s not just because I’m a learning tech fanatic with more than 22 years of LMS/elearning industry experience. With hundreds of vendors participating in today’s LMS marketplace, we increasingly see specialist systems designed to solve “niche” problems.

Issue 89

How to get the most out of your Learning Management System


They offer not only platform/tech support but specialist knowledge and consultancy around corporate training, so you can rest assured you’ve always got the support and expertise you need! Industry learning management system learning tips lms online trainingIt can be overwhelming moving your staff training from traditional paper methods to online training platforms , however, it offers you so much opportunity to make your training even more engaging for your employees.

Insights from a presentation master: Q&A with Echo Swinford


Echo Swinford, the one-woman team behind presentation consultancy Echosvoice , has been a PowerPoint MVP since 2000. Read on to learn how Echo got started in the world of presentations, helped build the presentation community we know and love, and discuss what she thinks is next for the industry. You already had connections with people in the industry so what was important about formalising it? And remember, this is such a baby industry! Industry insights

Podcast 18: Driving SaaS Customer Success – With Samma Hafeez of Thought Industries

Talented Learning

Today, we discuss these questions and more with expert, Samma Hafeez , VP of Customer Success at Thought Industries , a learning platform provider that helps businesses educate their external audiences. It’s a mixed bag that varies by industry.

ROI 11

Excerpts from Experts


Over the last one year, team Raptivity delivered a plethora of exciting webinars featuring seasoned learning consultants who discussed the latest eLearning trends and technologies. Webinar - Creating Engaging eLearning for Complex Technical Topics in the Financial Industry August 2013 Jim Cannon If you can show it with a picture, do so. Webinar – Create Learning Arcs using Raptivity Linker March 2014 Shay Patel Now is the best of times to be an eLearning specialist.

Expert 100

Why You Have To Specialize


Whether you are attempting to sell online courses, offer elearning consulting, or provide development services, you will experience more growth if you specialize. Specialists always command higher fees.

Trending Jobs in the third-largest economy in 2019

Your Training Edge

The most booming industries in Japan are automobile manufacturing, optics manufacturing, and Robotics. Japan’s major competitors are China and South Korea that are pursuing similar industrial sectors. Japan is recognized as the Land of the Rising Sun and rightly so.

Job 130

Instructional Design Isn’t Dying. It’s Evolving.

Experiencing eLearning

In fact, in the Guild report mentioned above, all 13 industry thought leaders agreed that instructional design is changing rather than dying. I now call myself a “learning design consultant” rather than instructional designer.

Breakthrough eLearning: The Three Rs: Rants, Raves, and Reflections

Breakthrough eLearning

This collection of articles by training and development specialists was edited by Elliott Masie of the Masie Center and published by Pfeiffer. Some of the submissions are broad industry-wide reflections, and others have a much more personal, “here’s what we have being doing” flavour.

Why eHealth Continues to Grow

Digitec Interactive

The rise of e-commerce and e-mail has inspired industry leaders to look for ways to merge the internet with the health industry, and today patients can meet with doctors to get a diagnosis, prescription or consultation through an app on their phone or computer.

Welcome to the AXIOM Family, Sharon!

AXIOM Learning Solutions

Sharon is our new Talent Management Specialist and will work very closely with Tammy Sena in talent management and sales operations. She will handle tasks including recruiting, on-boarding new trainers, consultants, managing a variety of other system and database functions.

E-learning Solutions in the Healthcare Sector: Creating Knowledge and Enlightenment


Regulatory bodies closely scrutinize the healthcare sector to ensure that every organization is working within the guidelines of the industry. Also, any new system in a healthcare organization has to comply with certain industry norms – including the learning platform.


Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate Specialist – Give your eLearning career the edge it deserves. Power up your professional profile and stand out with the industry-leading Adobe Captivate Specialist recognition. HARD ROCK HOTEL, LAS VEGAS. October 03, 2018. 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

The differences between learning in an e-business and learning in a social business

Jane Hart

Working and learning in Stages 1-4 is based upon a Taylorist , industrial age mindset. industrial mindset). Performance consulting. Advisor/Consultant. collaboration & community skills, strong PKM skills, modelling skills, performance consulting & business skills.

The Future of Freelancing


Its roots go deeper, although no one will tell you the exact year when specialists in various fields of activity started to call themselves freelancers. But in any work, to achieve the goal, you must be very industrious.

3 Ways to Earn More Money as an Instructional Designer


Recently I received an email from someone on LinkedIn who was curious to know more about instructional design, and how to break into the industry. Specialize: Let’s face it, every year there is added competition in every industry as recent graduates come along and enter the field.

5 ELearning Career Questions and Answers


I would take the services of a specialist over a generalist any day. Work for a consulting firm that gets the projects for you. I’m not much of a tech person, is the elearning industry for me?

Chief Learning Officer Announces 2018 Learning In Practice Award Finalists

CLO Magazine

Damodar Padhi, Vice President and Global Head, Talent Development, Tata Consultancy Services. Scott Hammond, Senior Manager of Industry Programs, Autodesk. Helen Rossiter, Senior Talent Development Specialist, West Marine. CoreAxis Consulting, LLC.

Conducting a little career path research…

Coffee and Design

Instructional Consultant. Instructional Design Specialist. Instructional Specialist. Instructional Technology Consultant. Instructional Technology Specialist.

Are You Overlooking Today’s Hottest Corporate Learning Trend?

Talented Learning

We’re bombarded with “learning trend” headlines from all corners of the industry. That’s why it helps to focus on a small cross-section of industry experts. Submit the form below to schedule a free preliminary consultation at your convenience.

2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

Talented Learning

1) Industry Consolidation Rolls On. These are mostly “specialist” platforms. But the industry’s unbridled expansion started to lose steam a couple of years ago, when vendors began seeking growth through acquisition. New year. New decade.

The Augmented LMS: New Life for Talent Management Learning?

Talented Learning

Four years ago, very few consultants had sufficient knowledge or desire to match potential buyers with specialized “ extended enterprise learning ” systems. Nearly overnight, the LMS industry morphed into the talent management industry.