Colorful Consulting: Lessons from Larry

Allison Rossett

Today I learned about consulting from a surprising source. This consultant needs a consultant. I decided to seek out a hair color consultant. The receptionist looked stunned that I thought I could just drop by to consult with Larry. While I wait, I think about the essence of consulting. This movement to a more consistently colorful me served up reminders about consulting. It reminded me of my second consulting gig, at least thirty years ago.

Drip-Feed (Schedule) Your Lessons!


TRUE Drip-Feeding of Lessons! Now when you build out your courses in LearnDash, you have the option to sequentially deliver the lessons to your users on a pre-set schedule. Add lessons. Determine when you want the lessons to become available. For example, I set-up a course with three lessons – the first two lessons available right away, and the third lesson is set to become available one day after course enrollment/purchase.

Lesson 191

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Consultative Selling Techniques: 6 Ways to Earn Trust and Sell More

Sales Hacker

A consultative selling approach is key to running a well-oiled sales team. To me, the difference between a traditional sales process and a consultative one looks a bit like the difference between a doctor and a therapist. What Is Consultative Selling? Rather than telling your prospects what they need, consultative selling is an investigative approach by which prospects are engaged with thought-provoking questions that help them identify their own pain points.

Trust 83

Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

ID Reflections

I started this discussion to understand the roles (tacit and explicit) that a learning consultant plays. Sahana Chattopadhyay Senior Consultant at Zensar Technologies What does a Learning Consultant do? What are some of the primary and secondary functions that a business expects from a learning consultant? I am interested in finding out if there are any defined set of tasks that a learning consultant would do to enable organizational learning.

What Consultants Need to Know About Behavior Change

Innovative consultants can use an understanding of behavior change to lead the way to success. As business consultants, you observe, analyze and propose solutions for your clients’ problems. It lets people focus on their actions and draw some useful lessons. But none of that work is useful unless the client can implement the solution. And that means your clients and their employees will have to make some changes in how they work, think, and behave.

What Consultants Need to Know About Behavior Change

Innovative consultants can use an understanding of behavior change to lead the way to success. As business consultants, you observe, analyze and propose solutions for your clients’ problems. It lets people focus on their actions and draw some useful lessons. But none of that work is useful unless the client can implement the solution. And that means your clients and their employees will have to make some changes in how they work, think, and behave.

Career Lesson from Oz

Training Industry

Career growth requires COURAGE …Committed to doing the right thing Open to teaming up with others Understanding what’s required Resilient and able to bounce backAsking for help with new challenges and obstaclesGrounded in solid valuesEmbracing change and uncertainty BJ Gallagher is a consultant and author of over 30 books, including an international business bestseller, “A Peacock in the Land of Penguins: A Fable About Creativity and Courage”(Berrett-Koehler).

The Color Becomes Me: More Lessons from Larry

Allison Rossett

You met Larry, my hair color consultant, in my prior post. Blog posting consulting performance analysis performance consulting The big day arrived. The time had come for Larry to work on my hair. It had been eight days since our brief diagnostic meeting. I was concerned that he wouldn’t remember me. But he did. Larry remembered my hair, my problem, and my goals. He urged us to review them together to make certain. He proposed to do something he called low lights.

Lesson 152

Coaching vs. Consulting: Find the Perfect Balance to Get Buy-in and Results

CLO Magazine

Chief learning officers should consult as well as coach stakeholders while partnering with business units to develop learning strategies. But to improve their influence and results they’ll need to clarify the difference between coaching and consulting, and find the right balance for each initiative they lead. Both coaching and consulting begin with a well-defined problem, challenge or opportunity that is causing pain for the other party.

ID and eLearning Links (9/23/18)

Experiencing eLearning

Set LearnDash lessons to completed Storyline triggers – Building Better Courses Discussions – E-Learning Heroes. How to modify Steven Warwick’s javascript for tracking Captivate and iSpring lessons in WordPress LMSs (LearnDash and LifterLMS) so it works with Storyline. Meg Cumby Consulting. tags: consulting freelance. Bookmarks consulting freelance independent consultant LearnDash usability

In the media: 8 lessons for moving learning content online

eLearn Help

Here are 8 lessons for success. 8 lessons for moving learning content online. Founding e-learning consultancy eLearnhelp after a long career in online education and curriculum development, she has been an eye-witness to successes and mistakes as educators have moved online over the last decade. The post In the media: 8 lessons for moving learning content online appeared first on eLearnhelp. Are you creating online content?

Media 40

3 lessons from the Lloyds Bank fine


The recent FCA fine imposed on Lloyds Bank contains three key lessons for all UK financial institutions. In this article, Principal Consultant, Liz Hornby, examines the details of the fine, what it means in the context of the SMCR, and the potential implications in the current climate. There are three key lessons here for all UK financial institutions. Lesson 1: Treating Customers Fairly, Vulnerable Customers and the Conduct Rules. Lesson 3: Adequate training.

Measurement Matters: 3 Data Analytics Lessons to Remember

Talented Learning

Here are three of the most memorable examples: Lesson 1: Find Your “North Star” Metric. Lesson 2: Measurement is a Nonstop Endeavor. Which leads to my next lesson…. Lesson 3: Analysis Without Action Is Pointless. So perhaps the most important lesson of all is the hardest lesson to accept. If you have an analytics lesson to share, feel free to tell me about it at

Instructional Design Lessons from the World of Theatre

Dashe & Thomson

The stability and salary of a “regular&# job became more appealing and I quickly found myself employed by a consulting firm focused on SAP training and change management, while still doing some theatre on the side of course. What I didn’t realize was how well my theatre training would serve me in the world of consulting and instructional design for corporate training projects. I’d like to share a few of those lessons with you here.

Lesson 169

The Rise and Fall of 3D Learning – Lessons from Real Implementations

Learning Cafe

Think of the possibilities for practice sessions, in a say for negotiation, sales, or consulting skills training. Effective Learning 3D Learning Learning Lessons Learned Simulations Virtual LearningOn being asked to write a blog post on my experience with virtual learning, our near obsessive interest, few years ago, with Virtual worlds and 3D Learning comes to mind.

Relativity’s Dorie Blesoff shares lessons from her career

CLO Magazine

Prior to my role as chief people officer at Relativity, I was a strategic HR consultant there focused on establishing a foundation for workforce and leadership development, which was a long-term investment leaders saw as critical. What lessons helped get you where you are? The post Relativity’s Dorie Blesoff shares lessons from her career appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. How did you start your career in learning?

Monetization, Production, Growth, and Advertising for Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants with Michael Greenberg


We dive into monetization, production, growth, and advertising for course creators, coaches, and consultants with Michael Greenberg in this episode of LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. At Call For Content Michael works with coaches, consultants, and podcasters to help them take effective action for their businesses. And then I built that out of looking at the consulting work I was doing into this, and over the time that turned out to be good for coaches and consultants.

Training Lessons from Seinfeld: Lesson #1 – Embrace Your Creativity


I recently stumbled upon Bill Gammell’s ebook on marketing lessons learned from Seinfeld. It got me thinking: Are there any meaningful training lessons to be learned from Seinfeld? After doing a bit of what I can only loosely refer to as “research&# since it involved putting my feet up on my desk and watching clips on YouTube, I found several examples of Seinfeldian lessons we can apply to training. Training Lesson: Embrace your creativity!

Three Lessons to Beat Leadership Derailment

CLO Magazine

Proactive leaders must learn three key lessons to win in today''s competitive marketplace. Executives have reason to fear, but there may be hope if they take three leadership lessons to heart. Lesson One: Be a Student of the Game. Lesson Two: Know the Value of Employee Inclusion and Engagement. Lesson Three: Lead With Your Heart, Not Your Bank Account. Rick Conlow is CEO of WCW Partners, a global consulting and training company.

Training Lessons from Seinfeld: Lesson #3 – Do the Opposite


Training Lesson: Do the Opposite! – Trina is a learning and communications consultant with thirteen years experience designing, developing, and delivering smart, engaging training. It’s easy to get stuck in a design rut whenever there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it.

RFPs SUCK: Lessons for eLearning Managers

Web Courseworks

The client or consultant already has a favorite vendor (and it’s not you), but they are required to solicit other bids. Individuals with careers in eLearning often started out as educational technologists or programmers, writers or creative educators. Few of us started this career path with expertise in business, management, not to mention sales.

Lesson 100

10 mLearning Lessons I Learned from reading Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski [Book Review]

mLearning Revolution

There’s so much to like about this book on the mobile-first movement, but here are 10 lessons I personally found applicable to all of us in mLearning: Lesson 1: The Future is Mobile and Mobile Learning — Hopefully you aren’t too surprised by this truth but it’s worth mentioning it. ” Lesson 6: Thinking Mobile-First makes Desktop eLearning better — This is a continuation of the previous lesson. I love Mobile and everything that it represents.

Lesson 186

25 years of working experience in 8 simple lessons

Challenge to Learn

Time for a quick overview of my career so far and the lessons learned. That was the most important lesson of these 5 years; It doesn’t really matter what you do, if you work with motivated and passionate people it’s always a pleasure. That’s lesson two: You can do anything if you put your mind to it. That’s lesson three: It is great to leave something behind thats viable without you. Bearing lesson three in mind Locatienet still exists today.

Lesson 100

Three lessons in communication from James Bond

Saffron Interactive

Whether you consider yourself a natural communicator or not, Bond teaches us all some important lessons when it comes to communicating effectively. During a recent discussion with a disability consultant, I came to a renewed appreciation of the challenges those with diverse needs face when using computers. The lesson we can all learn here is that people are social animals; Bond recognises this fact and deploys wit to lower people’s defences.

How Visual Arts Inspire Microlearning Lessons - Tip #201

Vignettes Learning

If you have an important lesson to share with your learners, how do you ensure that it sticks to their memories? Adding One Level of Exaggeration to Your Microlearning Lessons Exaggeration is a potent method of bringing learners’ attention to an important or critical message or lesson. You might want to take a page out of the artist’s work.

Training Lessons from Seinfeld: Lesson #2 – Don’t Overwhelm Your Trainees


Training Lesson: Don’t overwhelm your trainees! – Trina is a learning and communications consultant with thirteen years experience designing, developing, and delivering smart, engaging training. As I recently watched this classic Seinfeld episode featuring George Costanza’s “morbidly obese” wallet, I immediately made a real-world training connection.

Eric Ries on 5 Lessons Companies Can Learn From Startups

General Assembly

Ries saw the necessity of this commitment when consulting with GE, famous for its Jack Welch-era Employee Management System, which influenced the corporate world with its assignment of key performance indicators (KPIs) to individual contributors. Eric Ries on 5 Lessons Companies Can Learn From Startups was originally published in The Index @ General Assembly on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Lessons I Learned From Facilitating the Foundations of Learning Experience Design (LXD) Course


Here, learners not only showed agreement with other learners’ ideas, but they also posed follow-up questions (e.g., “…maybe there aren’t sufficient LXD consultants/experts who can advocate/prove the value of project-based learning to HR?”) The post Lessons I Learned From Facilitating the Foundations of Learning Experience Design (LXD) Course appeared first on NovoEd.

Learning From the World’s Biggest Brands, How to Consult, and Scaling Up a Niche Course Subscription Platform with Gary Fox of WP Slide Sync


Learning from the world’s biggest brands, how to consult, and scaling up a niche course subscription platform with Gary Fox of WP Slide Sync in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. And I don’t do it for the whole lesson, but it means that it’s more of a … There’s more fun in it. For example, you’ve done a lot with marketing and CRM consulting.

10 lessons from Design Thinking that can be applied to digital learning

Rob Hubbard

If you haven’t heard of them before, they are a design consultancy headquartered in California but with offices throughout the world. By Tess Robinson, Director, LAS. A few weeks ago I attended a fabulous workshop by Sally Spinks from Ideo. They use the design thinking methodology to design products, services, environments, and digital experiences. We have a bit of an organisational crush on them if we’re honest.

Lesson from News Corp.: Update and Enforce Compliance and Ethics Training


She does consulting, management training, and writing to create solutions for human resources issues. Headline news scandals that include preventable employee behavior — case in point, News Corporation — are always helpful for justifying training budgets. Even if your work is far from the publishing industry, hedge fund or media arena, the very public closing of a business unit certainly supports the case for skill and knowledge reinforcement on ethics.

3 Lessons Trainers Can Learn From Marketers


Thus, it’s not without fear that I say what I’m about to say… Most of us in training could learn a few lessons from the marketing team. Fortunately for us, the marketing guys have more budget to learn from their mistakes, making it in our best interest to set aside petty jealousies and absorb some of these shared lessons the easy way. Lesson 2: Talk is cheap. Lesson take-away: Don’t fall into the trap of selling change that you can’t deliver.

Career Advice: Jesse Jackson

CLO Magazine

What lessons have brought you here? Lessons really manifested themselves at key transitions. I’ve used the deep domain expertise as those types of capabilities that’ll allow us to be much more consultative and allow us to partner with the C-suite as we attempt to understand their key performance objectives and deliver learning capabilities that allow us to progress toward them, if not exceed them. Strategy Your Career career advice CLO focused goals learning tools lessons

6 COVID-19 Lesson Templates for Your On-Demand Workforce


Below are some sample lessons you can quickly and easily create using EduMe’s simple content authoring tool to keep your frontline workers safe and successful. Lesson 1: Personal Hygiene Keeping good personal hygiene is a prerequisite for frontline workers, during COVID-19 or otherwise. Consult reliable sources such as: The CDC MayoClinic WebMD Public health authority websites N.B. To keep customers reassured and your people safe, deliver a lesson on food safety.

Making Learning Evaluation Work – Lessons from Marketing- Observations from the Webinar

Learning Cafe

Did we have some good discussion during the webinar on “Making Learning Evaluation Work – Lessons from Marketing & Elsewhere” ! Bob Spence – Director, Bob Spence Consulting. As expected we did not find any silver bullets and probably raised more questions than we answered. There was general agreement that learning evaluation could be better despite the challenges.