5 excellent learning portal examples for training employees


Learning portals are becoming an increasingly popular choice for organizations that want to get elearning content to their learners, fast. So, let’s take a look at some great examples of elearning portals to give you a clearer idea of what could best suit your learners.

7 Best Practices for Effective Custom eLearning Content Development

Obsidian Learning

In this post we’ll let you in on what we’ve discovered to be some best practices in navigating your way through custom eLearning content development. We gather content and/or arrange to interview appropriate subject matter experts to generate content. To effectively address the competency requirements, determine the appropriate delivery methods for the content. ILTs are excellent vehicles for content that involves hands-on practice. Development Phase.


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Start this 2019 by the hand of the Top eLearning Companies in India


We have prepared this list with the companies that we think, are the better options to look for training , content , development , IT solutions or eLearning matters in India. eLearning portals: you can employ customized branding for each department in your university, school, company or institutions. Competencies: Define the competencies that your students must achieve in order to develop specific skills. The Boston Group creates custom online content and courseware.

The Learning Portal – A Simple Idea That Made the World a Better Place

Growth Engineering

A learning portal is an online gateway to a better version of yourself. Once you step through that learning portal, you can gain the superpowers you need to go further, reach higher and simply become even more awesome! If that sounds too sci-fi for you, maybe you’d prefer a more practical learning portal definition. In its simplest terms, a learning portal is a website, or an online archive. Learning Portal Content. The content itself can take many forms.

Best LMS Tools to Design Interactive Training Content


From serving as a platform to deliver engaging training content across mobile devices to tracking individual performance, a modern LMS caters to the needs of all. While selecting amongst the best learning management system tools, you can either go with authoring tools to develop custom content or web-based tools to host meeting via the LMS. Training content is responsive enough to be accessible on multiple mobile devices- laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Top eLearning Content Providers For Microlearning 2019

Adobe Captivate

We can package these Microlearning solutions and strategies in a variety of multi-device formats, including Mobile Apps, short videos, Interactive Videos, whiteboard animations, kinetic text-based animations, Interactive PDFs, Infographics, eBooks, iPDFs, flip books, and micro-portals with searchable resources. The post Top eLearning Content Providers For Microlearning 2019 appeared first on eLearning.

E-Learning Innovative Products – They are Out There

eLearning 24-7

Accepts any courses built in any content authoring tools that are SCORM & AICC compliant – so you can upload and sell your courses that you built in Articulate, Captivate, even open source authoring tools (but they must be standards compliant). Especially, when they are building the course in a rapid content authoring tool. Something like my 3rd party content authoring tool. Reuse course content & comes with an integrated gradebook. I love innovation.

Advantage of Third-Person Perspective in eLearning Design

Vignettes Learning

Image Source I chanced upon an EA Sports website, a gaming portal that enables players to ‘paste’ their head shots onto the body of the player of their choice. The results of the above-mentioned research could be further applied to elearning development. gamification ray jimenez scenario-based critical thinking scenarios vignettes narrative storytelling content development Interactivity stories instructional design conversations eLearning

LMS Utility For Content Providers: Helping Content Companies Sell Better, Market Better


Within the plethora of organizations utilizing LMS for their training management needs, a large chunk of learning management system users are content companies which create and sell e-courses to other organizations. So modern LMS should build in value for learning content companies and accommodate their needs. Here are some LMS features that can create value for content development companies: Visual appeal and logical structure.

Technology Architecture

Clark Quinn

We start with the content management systems, from the delivery perspective, which maintains media assets. Above that we have the aggregation of those assets into content, whether full learning consisting of introductions, concepts, examples, practice items, all the way to the summary, or user-generated content via a variety of tools. For instance, this doesn’t represent authoring tools for aggregating media assets into content.

Training Companies and LMS

Upside Learning

For its first requirement, UpsideLMS was setup as Dillon Productions ’ learning platform with a capability to create multiple portals for its customers. UpsideLMS’s 3-tier organization fitted very well to Dillon’s first need, where an account portal was set up for each customer, with separate branding and rules. The recession of 2008 changed more than just the world economy. It changed the way Training Companies functioned.

The Definitive 2020 LMS Implementation Guide

Academy of Mine

In this hierarchy, admins have the right to access the portal and add learners to the platform. Depending on your requirements, select one portal or multiple portals. List out necessary admin, content development, and testing related tasks.

Guide 56

GDC’s Serious Games Summit

Upside Learning

We’ve been following GDC’s Serious Games Summit, and the Serious Game portal has just posted about emerging trends in the serious games market as evident from the summit presentations and discussions. We’ve been interested and dabbling in developing casual games for learning, and the information from GDC validates some of our trend spotting. The market demands lower cost of development, and we are attempting to develop games that the market can afford.

Games 100

Think like a publisher

Clark Quinn

Way back when we were building the adaptive learning system tabbed Intellectricity™, we were counting on a detailed content model that carved up the overall content into discrete elements that could be served up separately to create a unique learning experience. Back then, we were thinking then as a content delivery engine, but our constraints required content produced in a particular format, and we were thinking about how we’d get content produced the way we needed.

Adaptive eLearning in Corporate Space – Opportunities and Challenges


Which in plain English translates into dynamic learning paths as per learner’s progress, presenting content in instructional format which is most suitable for the learner, and providing feedback to the learner while he/she is navigating through the course basis her navigation patterns and assessment scores etc. So it’s a win-win all the way – for technology provider, educational institute, content provider, and the student as well.

4 Secrets No One Will Tell You When Choosing Your Microlearning Platform

Obsidian Learning

Management is responsible for keeping confidential information secure, tracking course attendance and completion, and keeping content organized in a repository which hopefully also addresses version control. They drive your learners away from the very content they need.

xapi 62

Best Workplace Blended Learning Providers

Roundtable Learning

It’s common for learning and development professionals to ask us this question: “ If we don’t use Roundtable Learning, who would you recommend? Content Development. Learning & Development. Temporary Learning and Development Staffing. Training & Development.

8 Reasons Why Your Business Requires an eLearning Platform

Hurix Digital

The more a business grows, the greater is its need for streamlined professional skills and knowledge development across all functions and roles with elearning platforms and other kinds of tools. Learn which type of elearning course is best for you Custom Content or Off-the-shelf Courses.

7 Tips to Create Custom E-Learning Content on a Budget

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E-learning portals have ensured that everyone can get access to learning material irrespective of their location. Custom e-learning content takes this process one step further. Custom e-learning content doesn’t have to be expensive. Importance of Custom E-Learning Content.

Industry Happenings in 3D

Kapp Notes

This will enable faster development and subsequently lowers the development costs of immersive simulations for designers. He added: “It’s our hope that with each new release, we make it easier for content developers to create simulations more efficiently and more cost effectively and that is exactly what we believe Thinking Worlds 3.3 To survive, ProtonMedia must remain focused and continue to make smart product development decisions, while keeping its cash burn low.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

Talented Learning

For example, many top-notch solutions focus on employee compliance, talent management, academic ed tech, learning experiences, content management and authoring. For most continuing education providers, creating and selling content is their primary business, so the underlying infrastructure is absolutely mission critical. Associations and continuing education companies must attract, engage and sell to people who voluntarily choose to consume instructional content.

8 Best LMS Options to Enable Online Course Creation for your Employees

Hurix Digital

An extremely powerful and highly customisable LMS platform, TalentLMS helps organisations develop their employees into highly skilled individuals with features such as comprehensive course management and administrative management modules that are easy to navigate.

Shifting From Public to Project-Based Programmes with Instructor-led Training

Arlo Training & Events Software

This style of learning targeted employees who had a personal development budget that they were able to spend as they saw fit. In recent years, there’s been a shift in how companies approach professional development.

Commercial eBook stores offer appealing customer experiences


The rise of the eBook format and ePublishing has enabled content owners and authors to consider a series of launch strategies that would never have been possible in years past, with low overhead and an engaged install base. When it comes to commercial and trade publishing, the final portal between the consumer and the product is usually one of the major distributors' Web portals. Digital Content Development.

10 Online Training Systems

Ed App

This web-based training software features a SCORM authoring too l that anyone can use to create beautiful, engaging course content and deploy it right away. Key features : PaaS or SaaS, course building, content management, webinar, analytics, and reporting. .

Open 24/7: get quality new courses anytime with TalentLMS’ Marketplace


While learning management systems like TalentLMS have made deploying, managing and running your online training easier than ever, there’s still one aspect of the whole process that remains quite challenging: Creating great content in the first place. Sure, TalentLMS makes it easy to upload existing content of all kinds, incorporate multimedia, format it for online and mobile delivery and all that. But coming up with original content for your courses? Content a-plenty.

Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) for Managing Course Assets

Tony Karrer

I received an inquiry from a reader at a large company that is continuously working on large projects with lots of course content running around. Along the way, a lot of the LCMS products on the market have become more about a kind of authoring approached with content stored in a database that is transformed into courseware. This is valuable for large scale authoring and translation of content. These are classic requirements for learning content management.

LCMS 131

Innovation at Work


Innovation has been a corporate buzz word over the past several years and, in the Learning and Development (L&D) world, it has become a hallmark of cutting edge companies. They need to create solutions that deliver content and context appropriate to the specific needs of each learner. On a daily basis, CoreAxis works with clients to create flexible solutions that allow learners to engage with the content when they want and on any platform they want (pc, tablet, smartphone).

Employee Onboarding Training


It is one of the most important eLearning content the employee will work through while in your organization. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the potential of your eLearning portal. Use your eLearning portal to create a memorable onboarding training that successfully helps each participant make a smooth cross-over. Another way to ensure flexibility in design is to organize the content into independent modules.

4 Key Considerations To Think About Before Developing Your Next Website

All Roads

Whether you’re looking to update your corporate website or build a logged-in portal for your target audience (lucky them!), you’re going to have to talk about development at some point. Others, you’ll have to ask your development team. Once you have the answers to these four, you’ll be in good shape to start a website development project. If you’re developing a simple 10-15 page public website, that could take as little as two to three weeks.

Modernize your training business from public to private courses

Arlo Training & Events Software

This style of learning targeted employees who had a personal development budget that they were able to spend as they saw fit. In recent years, there’s been a shift in how companies approach professional development. Companies are realizing that having entire teams learn and develop the skills they need to thrive in their jobs is more beneficial than just having one person in a department (or the whole company) attend a training. Portal for customers’ team managers.

The Best eLearning Course to Fit Custom Requirements

Hurix Digital

Today, a lot of enterprises have dedicated portals to support eLearning. Although off-the-shelf courses do not need time and resources to be developed, this also means that employees struggle to find the right course. This is where custom eLearning content comes to play. An organization has complete ownership of any custom course it develops. There is no denying the fact that custom eLearning content development costs considerably higher than its alternatives.

5 White Label Learning Platforms to Consider for Employee Training


A white label solution refers to a product or service developed by one company and then used by another company under its own logo, brand and identity. A familiar theme, look and feel, will put your learners at ease and they will be able to complete the course content without any distraction.

The Importance of Learning Technologies

CLO Magazine

Many organizations wrap their LMS in a very user friendly portal so the actual LMS may be transparent to the user. The portal may be part of an organization-wide effort to provide access to all HR services and company information through one home page. Used in this way, portal technology increases the efficiency of the LMS. A second important learning technology is a learning content management system (LCMS) which allows content to be easily tagged, assembled, and reused.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 1 (A-L)


Accessibility: If you create online learning content, making it accessible to all learners is crucial. Accessibility means that content can be used by people with varying abilities and disabilities, from the sensory to the intellectual or technological. eLearning content developers and instructional designers should aim to make courses clear, easy to understand, and simple to use. Chunking content also helps to combat learner fatigue.

eFront at the 2017 H5P Conference


update, we didn’t just give you a few slick interactive widgets to enrich your training courses, but a set of libraries and tools to help you as content creators to create rich web-based interactions. . We hooked up eFront with a great content creation toolset, and to the even greater community behind it, opening up eFront users to H5P content creation, and H5P developers to a leading enterprise training platform. When we added support for H5P back in our 4.4

10 Web Hr Software

Ed App

Furthermore, EdApp can instantly convert PowerPoint files to eLearning to make use of previously made content. Cangaroo has several advantages, including not requiring any IT infrastructure and having fully modular portals. Content authoring.

Online Courses Are Golden: Can an LMS Help Your Business Cash In?

Talented Learning

Do you sell learning content online ? Corporations , associations, public institutions — as well as solopreneurs and subject matter experts who’ve never designed or delivered training in their lives — all are creating and selling online content at an unprecedented pace. Content quality also runs the gamut, from basic page turners to deeply immersive virtual reality. However, the cost of online training content does not always correlate with its quality.).

News: FSTP and Unicorn Deal Raises Compliance Training Bar

Unicorn Training

Leading financial services consulting and training specialists, FSTP, has joined forces with online learning and performance developers, Unicorn Training, to introduce an enhanced sector-specific compliance learning solution that includes integrated T&C guidance and CPD management. Unicorn has been creating learning and development and compliance solutions for the UK’s ever-changing FS sector for over 25 years. *As

What is SCORM & Decoding Its Importance For eLearning


SCORM is an acronym that stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”. It is a set of technical standards that were mainly developed for supporting elearning tools. Moreover, this model is responsible for determining how elearning content and a learning management system (LMS) engage in communication with each other. Basically, SCORM cover two things: content packaging and effective data exchange. Spend less time and resources on content development.