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8 Best eBook Hosting Platforms for Digital Publishing


While few have the marketing savvy required for self-publishing, choosing the right eBook hosting platform can significantly expedite the process. . Why Opt for An eBook Hosting Platform? Following are the 8 best eBook hosting platforms available today: 1.

A Practical Guide to PDF to FXL ePUB3 Conversion


That’s one of the prime reasons why the demand for PDF to FXL ( fixed layout ) ePUB3 conversion is on the rise. . Even you can transform the outreach of your eBooks with simple PDF to FXL ePUB conversions. Where is PDF to FXL Conversion Needed? Choose a Conversion Tool .

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7 Reasons Why You Must Convert Flash Games to HTML5

Hurix Digital

However, owing to glaring security gaps, performance, and stability issues that Flash games presented on mobile devices, a need for change became more pressing. The emergence of HTML5 as the alternative to Flash is supported by a host of underlying causes. Mobile Device Compatibility.

5 Best Software for Book to eBook Conversion


It makes increased business sense for publishers to digitize their library of books using eBook conversion tools and tap this additional source of revenue. . Also Read: 7 Best eBook Converters for Bulk Conversion. 5 best software for book to eBook conversion.

How Can Publishers Benefit From PDF to ePUB Conversion


Most importantly, PDF to ePUB conversion and vice versa is heavily in demand, which has given rise to several online tools. . Would it make sense to carry out PDF to ePUB conversion before publication? Converting PDF to another web-friendly layout can be a complicated process. Identifying the great demand for PDF to ePUB conversion, the International Digital Publishing Forum officially recognized and standardized ePUB as the default format for major publishers.

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10 Mobile Training Apps

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Fitting the world’s knowledge in the pocket, mobile training apps have surely won the hearts of most L&D professionals. However, with so many mobile app options on the market, it can be a little overwhelming to find the best one that suits your training needs.

4 Reasons to Convert Your Legacy E-Learning Courses Using Articulate Storyline

CommLab India

And this rapid expansion in the use of tablets PCs and other mobile devices to access learning content has pushed Adobe Flash into oblivion. Because most modern browsers – both desktop and mobile – don’t support Flash. And Articulate Storyline is one of the best tools for the conversion of Flash-based courses. Why use Articulate Storyline to convert your flash-based e-learning courses? Smartphones have become the go-to choice for learning on the go.

Why Is Online Learning Moving from Flash to HTML5?

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There are a host of tools, software, programming languages available to developers to choose from, but when it comes to creating interactive online learning solutions, the choice usually narrows down to two alternatives – Adobe Flash and HTML5. Flash To HTML5 Conversion / March 27, 2020.

Quick Tips for Large-Scale Flash to HTML5 Migration

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Why the rush to convert Flash to HTML5? You can still salvage your Flash eLearning content by converting it into HTML5. Flash has several limitations which make it incompatible for today’s needs, it is not compatible with mobiles, has several security issues and drains battery power.

Quick Tips for Large-Scale Flash to HTML5 Migration

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Why the rush to convert Flash to HTML5? You can still salvage your Flash eLearning content by converting it into HTML5. Flash has several limitations which make it incompatible for today’s needs, it is not compatible with mobiles, has several security issues and drains battery power.

5 Types of Course Conversions You Can Do with Articulate Storyline

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From simple PowerPoint to e-learning conversions, to the complex Flash to HTML5 conversions, it can handle anything you throw at it. With Storyline, we’ve created a host of solutions for our clients, here is what you can do with the tool. Convert Lengthy Courses into Interactive Microlearning Modules. Convert ILT to eLearning . You can quickly convert hundreds of PowerPoint presentations to e-Learning with this tool. Convert Flash to HTML5.

Flex to HTML5 Migration: A Quick Guide

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Would making it available on mobile devices across operating systems add more value to the business? Flex applications are notorious for being vulnerable to cross-site scripting, which exposes them to a host of security risks. How to Convert Flex to HTML5?

A Jobless Future - A New New Deal - Why Isn't eLearning Part of this Conversation?

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Last week +Jeff Jarvis posted this in Google plus and it sparked some interesting conversation. I was lurking around the conversation without offering my thoughts and then I saw this blog post from Jason Calacanis titled "A New New Deal: Adult Technical Education (or "The Jarvis Deal")". Jason's post refocused the conversation and was the driver for this post. Jeff Jarvis is a Journalist, Professor, and Show Host. don't you think WE have a role in this conversation?

How to Prepare for the End of the Flash

Magic EdTech

content will be usable if the Flash content is converted to some other technology. . have reached a midpoint in 2019, so companies have a mere six months to convert all Flash content. . Instead of waiting until 2020, it’s important that companies quickly step up to the plate and start converting now if they have the inhouse resources to do so. To continue to sell and host the content, they need to convert it by the Flash expiration date.

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7 Ways to Protect Your eBooks from Online Piracy Now!


Today authors and publishers can easily protect eBooks , upload, and convert their manuscripts into digital formats, avoiding the hassles involved in traditional publishing and distribution methods. A Practical Guide to PDF to FXL ePUB3 Conversion.

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Do I Need to Do Anything About Flash Going away?

Yukon Learning

If you have courses that rely on Flash animations or videos, were developed in previous versions of Articulate Storyline or Studio, use the Articulate Mobile Player, or if you haven’t yet upgraded to Articulate 360 or Storyline 3, you need to take action before January 1, 2021. Can Yukon Learning help with our conversions? How would a conversion project run with Yukon Learning? Next, we’ll work on converting one course in its entirety for your review and feedback.

Am I Ready to Move Forward with Flash Gone?

Yukon Learning

As you may know, if you’re hosting e-Learning that lives in the Articulate Mobile Player app (which runs on Flash), is a Flash-only published course, or relies on Flash animations or videos, be sure to upgrade…everyone’s doing it! How exactly does a conversion project with Yukon Learning go, you ask? Well, we’d customize your new Modern Player to your preferences and then convert one course for your review. Anchors aweigh, 2021!

Using Lectora & CourseMill to Create an Easy Access iPad Course


CourseMill LMS - Hosted. Mobile Learning. Lectora Mobile. Mobile eLearning Platform for All mLearning. -->. Lectora Mobile. Lectora Mobile. Lectora Mobile. Join the Conversation. Mobile Learning. -->. Cody Hargreaves demonstrates how to create mobile learning. Here are five ideas to consider when creating or converting an e-Learning course with Lectora and CourseMill on the iPad. 28 Mobile Learning Questions to Ask.

The 15+7 Best Webinar Platforms: Comparison Guide for 2020


7 Alternative Ways to Host a Webinar. Apart from offering remote conferencing services, it also comes with the ability to host live online meetings. It supports chat, it has mobile collaboration capabilities and its phone features allow for more communication options.

27 Best Online Learning Platforms (updated 2022)


An online course platform is a type of learning management system (LMS) that online instructors can use to create, host, deliver and sell online courses. Comes with the additional costs of a self-hosted server and its maintenance (for instructors). Supports a variety of mobile forms.

5 Ways to Share Your PowerPoint Presentation Online

DigitalChalk eLearning

Upload your presentation to a hosting service. Today, services such as iSpring Cloud (soon to be released), SlideShare , SlideBoom , and many others will host your slides on the web. Your slides can also be viewed on mobile devices. Custom converters like SlideAlloy , Movavi , Wondershare and others will enable you to turn your PowerPoint into a video (Most of these tools function as add-ins in PowerPoint, giving you an extra tab when you open the program).

10 SCORM Players

Ed App

As EdApp is a mobile-first platform, it’s best to use original content built to be utilized on mobile to ensure that the user experience won’t be affected. Features: Drag-and-drop authoring tool, template library, export SCORM feature, mobile compatibility.

Best Online eBook Authoring Software for Publishers


With a host of authoring software available nowadays, it isn’t easy to pick one that meets your needs. This cloud-based eBook authoring software lets you create mobile-ready interactive content in no time. Plain text is a thing of the past.

Best ePublishing Platforms for Large Publishers


Best-known for its slick and intuitive conversion process, Aquafadas allows you to automate almost every aspect of creating a digital publication. It allows users to enrich their converted PDFs with elements such as video, animations, pop-up media, and eCommerce hotspots.

The 5 W’s: Tips for Getting Started with Your First LMS

Absorb LMS

Some of those clunky old systems are still around (maybe with a face-lift or two), and a host of feature-simple, budget systems have come onto the market. This is actually a topic that requires much further discussion but, in general, you can think of it this way: if you want to get going quickly, you can do some basic conversions and get started with your existing content, then improve it over time. Are they mostly on mobile devices?

The Best ePUB Readers for Windows


With the proliferation of mobile devices, readers can now carry libraries in their pockets. There are alternatives through which you can convert your laptop into a reading device. Kobo is not only a remarkable ePUB reader for Windows but also an online eBook hosting platform. .

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6 Best ePUB Viewers for eBook Lovers


Guide: How to Automate PDF to ePub3 Conversion. You can easily view, edit or convert your eBooks into a couple of other readers. Kobo hosts a vast and extensive library of classics and the latest books. Also, read : How Can Publishers Benefit From PDF to ePUB Conversion.

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The Top Email Marketing Resources List for Online Course Creators


Learn how to write conversion-optimized emails, measure and improve your email marketing results. Sarah and Jeanne offered their best tips and distilled expertise on email list building, writing high-converting emails, and setting up email sales funnels.

How To Sell Online Courses From Your Own Website


Considering the best way to sell online courses , you can either create and sell online courses from your own website or leverage a self-hosted LMS solution or use third-party marketplaces like Udemy, Coursera, etc. . Create An Attractive Conversion-driven Sales Page.

What Is SCORM and Why Is It Important?


But there is a unique challenge that occasionally arises: how can companies convert written or visual content (such as PDFs, videos, etc.) Are the courses mobile (tablet and phone) friendly?


How To Set Up Your WooCommerce Store Without a Developer

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Step 1 – Pick a Domain Name and Get Web Hosting. While WordPress and WooCommerce are free, however, getting a domain name and web hosting costs money. The overall cost will actually depend on what services you need from the hosting provider.

Different Ways Of Leveraging SCORM Cloud In e-learning


SCORM Cloud, developed by Rustici Software, is a software-as-a-Service SaaS training delivery platform that you can use to hosting online training content. You can also use it to track learners’ performances for mobile learning. With SCORM Cloud LMS, you can convert your LMS into paths that enable the handling of the request for xAPI data. Utilize For Flash to HTML5 e-learning Conversion. Image by rawpixel from Pixabay.


30 Awesome Remote Work Tools for Teams

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

the guidance, structure, routines, and side-bar conversation), it can leave us feeling a little lost. Slack offers organized conversations minus the email with channels (organized spaces) for each project, assignment, etc.

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Four Reasons you need structure for informal learning


Home > informal learning > Four Reasons you need structure for informal learning Four Reasons you need structure for informal learning November 22nd, 2010 Goto comments Leave a comment Last month, I moderated an educational webinar on mobile learning and I was fortunate enough to get some of the leading experts in the field, Judy Brown, Tyson Greer and Allison Rossett, to participate in an online panel discussion to discuss a broad range of topics around mLearning and mSupport.

Creating interactive and engaging e-content: Experiences with Articulate Storyline


The developer can simply insert images, characters or other objects and, with a few clicks, convert them to the interactivity of their choice – a drag-and-drop, a graphical multiple choice or more. A host of expressions and poses are also available to breathe in life into your chosen character. without performing complex conversions. Finally, Storyline can publish e-content to Flash, HTML5 as well as iOS, using the Articulate Mobile Player app.

10 On Demand Training Tools

Ed App

It’s a mobile-first platform which means that learners can access training materials anytime and anywhere. Key features: Mobile-first – Lessons run seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. High quality, cloud-hosted lab environment – Promotes hands-on work and activities.

How to Make a Lead Quiz Marketing Funnel


But, did you know the “You’ve Been Framed” quiz by optical company Zenni Optical generated over $1 million in revenue and 29,410 lead conversions with a 9,655% ROI in 6 months? 3- Conversion- Evaluation, Purchase. Only then can your marketing funnel earn more conversions.

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10 Restaurant Staff Training Topics

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It can convert paper checklists to digital format and it has ready-to-use templates that you can customize to suit your business’s needs. Once your restaurant inspection template is set up, you can quickly perform inspections with any mobile device even while offline. Aside from handling money, which can be unnerving for some, they also have to converse with customers at times.

9-Point Guide for Switching to ePublishing from Traditional Books


Reuse Existing Content by Converting it to ePUB. These can still be reused optimally by way of ePUB conversion. Print to digital conversion is possible, whereby you get to retain all your print documents as is in the digital format. Here’s your guide to epublishing.

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Snagit Tips for Lectora e-Learning Software


CourseMill LMS - Hosted. Mobile Learning. Lectora Mobile. Mobile eLearning Platform for All mLearning. -->. Lectora Mobile. Lectora Mobile. Lectora Mobile. Join the Conversation. Mobile Learning. -->. Use the Batch Conversion tool to simultaneously modify a group of images which drastically cuts back on production time. Here’s how: Select Convert Images from the Snagit launch screen to open the Batch Conversion Wizard.