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Embracing long-term virtual team and leadership training

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Recently, I had a conversation with a leadership and development director that went like this: He recalled the days when you could just walk around a training room and engage, face-to-face, with learners. But a DDI study found that leaders rank virtual leadership as their weakest skill.

Accelerate the Leadership Engine

CLO Magazine

Nissan leadership has collectively said that people’s professional power comes from personal strength, creativity and dedication. These leaders, who are critical to help Nissan grow in emerging markets, need to be developed, but there were multiple challenges in doing so. But when it came to crafting a new leadership development program for the target group, whose members varied in terms of language skills and levels of expertise, it was time for a new approach.


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2019: The Year of Learning and Development

CLO Magazine

This is translating into larger investments in learning content and platforms, and more conversations about the link between learning and business outcomes, said David Mallon, vice president and chief analyst, Bersin, Deloitte Consulting. You can’t do audio first for tech skills like coding, but it works well for leadership and other soft skills.”. It’s incredibly powerful,” said DDI CEO Tacy Byham. It’s a good year for learning leaders and their vendors.

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Top 4 soft skills employees are developing in VR


Amid the clamor, Virtual Reality (VR) has emerged as a powerful tool for many L&D leaders to train their workforce in soft skills. Navigating difficult conversations. Every day, people are required to have conversations at work that often are uncomfortable or emotional. Store managers for several retailers use VR to practice having conversations with team members on a variety of difficult topics, including tardiness, incorrect customer service practices and shift changes.

Free learning & development webinars for April 2021

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Join Chris Willis, Director of Product Content at Elearning Brothers, to learn why modular development is emerging as a more efficient and effective elearning authoring technique. As L&D professionals, you can begin by developing the leadership skills that set the tone for inclusion.

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Free L&D webinars for March 2018

Limestone Learning

Identify and practise the virtues of mindful leadership. Our discussion will cover a range of topics, including identifying sales enablement’s unique purpose for your company; building consensus on goals and objectives; navigating the mandate for interlock with contributors in sales leadership, sales operations, and product marketing; and mastering the metrics that matter to your most important KPIs. What does it mean to “make leadership happen”?